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i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Jul 22, 2005

for those who be wearing fanny packs...

i don't watch "entourage" even though i had a let's hug it out reference the other day.

like the catch phrase.

but anyways, road rules angelra aka angela trimbur was on the show recently.

and she wasn't wearing any clothes.

and i've been getting alot hits from "angela trimbur naked" or "angela trimbur nude" or "angela trimbur topless" off of google

well here you go dude, click here(nsfw) [via uncle grambo]

umm, don't about my status for next week; probably busting out the old laptop as i just noticed a loose wire inside the new computer. so i'll be on the phone with apple care shortly. [edit note: it was just the airport connecter cable and i deleted all the bad stuff for nothing]

have a good weekend!

and if you haven't already, read the post of the year by the thigh master


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