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Jul 21, 2005

freelove freeway

it should noted that i'm still working out the kinks of new my computer set up. i don't really like the room that i'm writing in that much. so i'm learning to like it. love the computer, just not the location.

so i'm a bit hestiant to write something; so i just sit around watching "the office" instead. which also could be consider prep work for a class of mine next semester. i'm taking a sitcom writing class and i'm just wondering, do we write our own sitcom pilot script or do we write an episode of a pre establish sitcom that could potentially be sent out as a spec script. and what else do we do? is the homework, watch "seinfeld" and "arrested development" ?

if we get to write our own thing, i think i'm gonna write a sitcom about a guy who lives in la and takes pictures of people at parties. not too terriblely orignial, but you know, it's a start. or what if i have to write an episode of like "will & grace"? or what if we have to watch "everybody loves raymond"? ugh. you know, i tried to watch that show numerous time and all i got was the same episode each time.

um, hopefully, y'all got the email the other day about bloc party and m.i.a. coming back to town. bloc party at the palladuim goes on sale today, but remember, kroq sponsors bloc party shows nowadays. so if you want to dance to the tunes, watch out for elbows from dudes in incubus hoodies.

and m.i.a. is rocktober 4th at the fonda. bigger venue, but i'm not sure she was the reason why the el rey was sold out last time around. i think my man, james murphy had a little something to do with that.

dudes, i gotta take back what i said about mtv's the 70s show. it's not half bad and the girls sorta make up for the half that's bad. holla at linda

and on the real, mtv needs to 'bottle rocket' their shit up a bit. not all of the world uses p.c.s and it's not the end of the world if people link to a person's bio from one of your numerous reality shows or heaven forbid, saves a picture onto their hard drive. and ps. real media blows.

i know that everybody including me is getting hip to the houston scene these days, but i'm still unclear about what the term, "chuckin' a deuce" means. i heard paul wall say something about it, but when i hear chuckin' a deuce, i'm thinking about when i throw a baggie filled with dog business into the trash can; not sayin' hey to my buddies on the corner.

my favorite video these days is natasha bedingfield's "these words," but that pussycat dolls' one is a close second. does anybody watch that video and think about jonathan antin off camera getting upset that the girls are wearing hats and hoodies and messing up his beautiful hair creations or we all just distracted by the tummy of that one girl from eden's crush?

speaking of jonathan antin, i have to say the would be rock stars of cbs' rock star are more ego manical than jonathan antin. yet the reason to watch the show is to see the world's first living successful robot in action, brooke burke. i mean listen to the way she speaks, there's no pauses. there's no emotion, there's no passion, it's just weird. i honestly would love to see a reality show about brooke burke. i need to know if she's capable of emotions. like how does she interact with her children?

the other thing that's bizzare about the show is inxs themselves. can anybody explain to me, why men who are probably old enough to be my father are dressed like justin timberlake from the "like i love you" video that came out two years ago. this is the curse of the stylist. if anything, the whole show is a one big statement against stylists in general. everybody on this show dresses like an australian's nightmare or a wealthy russian.

it seems a rather easy job to be a stylist. you're paid by someone who is so self concious of how they look and dress, that you could basically dress somebody up in mickey mouse pants and say it's hot shit. i mean, you could buy everything from the salavation army and save the rest for a flat screen tv. it's such a racket.

and finally, i'm pretty upset about jude law cheating on siena miller. not because infidelity isn't a cool thing, but because i try to get my haircut like jude law's on ocassion and i don't want to have the haircut of a cheater or as mike binder would say, a sex monster. wonder if eric benet sent over a note, yet.


At 8:38 PM , Blogger Mike said...

Chuckin a deuce... cracka read your urban dictionary. lamo.. jk

It's throwin that peace sign up backwards. What you know about chuckin' a deuce.


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