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i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Jul 1, 2005

from the wrtier of "the ring"

i don't know where exactly to pinpoint what may have cause my moments of illness last night. it either was bobby brown talking about how he helped whitney houston take a dump or that i probably ate pizza after giving my dog her eye cream. you know one of those two things could've caused me to throw just a lil' bit in my mouth. maybe both things. i'm still out to lunch on that.

you know that song, "good weekend" by the best new british band since franz ferdinand of the year of the month of the week of the day, art brut? like i know that the guy who wrote the song probably never been to la or hung out at these steve aoki dance parties, but i think he wrote about if this girl being his girlfriend. i mean, wouldn't you be sending out text messages and emails to all your friends saying in all caps, naturally that you've seen her naked twice with an attached photo or something. it's like this one story a professor told me about getting revenage of an ex girlfriend by hanging around tom selleck; the girl didn't believe he'd make it in the industry and you know it was the 80s; telling people that you've seen that girl naked twice is the best form of revenage since beatrix kiddo made a list.

and what was written above, goes for this girl as well; i mean, she's the nike swoosh of the hipsters

umm, be back tuesday. i have 99 problems and mainly, it's chuck taylor and how i got a nickel stuck in my new balances and that missy/m.i.a. track is barely even banannas; it's like a red/green combo apple. diplo remix asap!


At 12:59 PM , Blogger Joe John said...

For real! That M.I.A. and Missy track did NOT live up to my expectations. I had high hopes for this Missy record too...


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