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Jul 25, 2005

gate of flesh

its amazing how losing 200 lbs of greasy trust fund baby can do you for your general disposition; not for nothing, but mischa b looks kinda killer these days and can you imagine the fun that these two are having together? it's probably on par with the first time you ever listened to "enter the wu tang (36 chambers)" by wu tang or at least the first time in a couple of years. mischa b should be the subject of a reality show or at least a special. why can't we get diary of mischa b? you know, young, sexy, rich and full of coke. i'm sorry thats infintely more interesting than shakira doing press junkets in columbia. or why can't mischa b be the new bachelorette and instead of dating a bunch of dudes who work out too much from like the midwest, her pool of potential beaus should come from the industry; like aspiring actors and out of workers and like agents and young producers and like musicians. to me, that would be exciting tv, you know mischa b out on a date with some young & restlesser. [photo via rachel-bilson(dot)com]

and on the real, if you haven't listened to "enter the wu tang (36 chambers)" in a while, do so, but start at the end, with "7th chamber part 2" and you'll realize why they were never ever able to top that.

seriously, i'm running out of ideas for babe of the week, so if you got any suggestions, drop a line

paulthomasanderson.com confirms pt anderson working on the new altman film and puts to rest my worries that pta is still with fiona apple; he's not and he knocked maya rudolph, so there you go

i'm sorry, but honestly, my favorite movie i've seen all year has to be michael bay's the island. now hear me out, it's everything you could want from a summer movie. it's got sexy people, car chases and big explosions. but here's the kicker, while at first, the island plays out like an interesting, steriods injected of lucas' technically brilliant, but still a snoozer thx 1138, it's the second half, that's more entertaining and interesting because it plays like one big homage to wong kar wai, fallen angels era wkw. the film even has jump cuts, honestly when have you seen jump cuts in a summer tentpole film? and the cinematography? its breathtaking. mauro fiore deserves an award for his work and seriously, him and michael bay should stick together as a team and become the big budgeted version of wkw/doyle.

and you know, everybody, well let me rephrase, all the lamey girls on "date my mom" tell their moms to tell the guy that she has a j.lo booty when they're about as flat as a stack of paper plates and the lamey dude gets excited about j.lo booty. well, here's the thing the days of being stoked on a j.lo booty are over, it's all about scarlett johansson booty nowadays. sure, we all noticed it in lost in translation, but in the island, it finally becomes a super star. maybe, it's the white pants, but that things is way, way, way, way, way, outta control. so if you wanna impress me when i'm on date my mom, say that you look like scarlett johansson.

speaking of wkw, anybody read the la times article on him? his next film will the one with nicole kidman. good piece. but you know what sucks? robert hilburn's piece on record execs having boners for usher & alicia keys; what dude loves usher?

why did they blur out paul wall's 'free pimp c,' shirt in the "sittin' sidewayz," video? what's so bad about that? i can understand blurring out nike logos and what not, but at the same time, they should blur out in 50 in all of his videos because aren't they just one big comercial from g-unit sneakers in the first place?

new mixtape from capo status, the one eyed willy of the dip set, jim jones; any good?

mary elizabeth winstead didn't know what to do when dealing with the paparazzi, so she just posed as if she was in the bathroom taking a picture for her myspace profile.

why can't the people who bug me to sign petentions look this? in my case, i get some dude whose probably getting paid money to ask kids on campus to sign it and they don't even tell what you're signing, they're just like sign this, it's for like making professors more easily fired or something and after the first thing you sign, they sneak in, twenty more things, so in theory, you could be contradicting yourself; you signed one petention, but voted the other way. or the complete opposite happens with petentions, like some extremist guy will be doing them and yell at people, like vicously yell at people to sign them. they'll scream, "oh, so you don't like firemen? and you don't care about them?" and the guy's table right near a parking lot, so he had extra ammuninton; he would say, "sure, i'd love to go home and get high, but i just care too much abot fire figthers' right." basically, i signed the petention only because i was fearful for my own life. but you see this girl, she'll probably cruise up, asking if you want to and if you said no, she'd be like whatevs, but since she's killer, dudes will sign just about anything to get on her good side. you know there's that stigma that if i sign it, maybe she'll go out with me, but has it ever worked?

this past weekend, the angels played the yankees at home and at times, the yankee fans could be heard chanting "let's go yankees" over the angels fan. and if you ever run into somebody whose from new york living out here, they'll go off about how much they hate living out here. so my thing is, why are out here in the first place? why aren't you back in new york or new jersey or whenever, you know? there has to be something that attracted you to the west coast and made you stay out here for a while. and you can't say the weather because you could go to flordia and get the same weather, if not better weather down there. and you can't say that your job brought out here because if you really loved thing out there, then you'd find another job that would allow you to stay out there.

all i'm saying is that you can afford to move out here, then you can probably afford to move back. i believe that you have to earn your rights to complain about a city. if you're born in la, then you automatically have the rights to complain about it, but you know, if you've only been here 6 months, you can't complain. you gotta earn your stripes. i mean, like if i went to nyc, i wouldn't complain, not because i can't find a thing to complain, honestly, i can complain about anything, um, hello, you've read this mess, so you know i can complain about anything, but my point is, that i can't complain because i haven't been in the city for a while. although, it should be noted, while i hate the freeways and streets of the greater l.a. area, i seem to love it because all the girls give me compliments.

and speaking of the angels/yankees series, if i went to any of those games, i would've probably gotten arrested. not because of fighting with a yankees fan or for throwing things at derek jeter & afraud, but for spilling a beer on kobe bryant. if i sat behind him, the whole game i would've talked about how much the lakers sucked last season and how the new center who looks like the guy good burger won't do shit. actually, no i wouldn't do it, but i'd think about it. and i'd seriously consider making noises at kobe's wife whenever she walked by or at least, i hope that one of my loud mouth, drunken shirtless brothers from the o.c. did that, but probably one of the parents of the kids from mtv's "laguna beach" sat near kobe and said something, good luck next season.

and once again speaking of laguna beach, mtv's laguna beach is back tonight. while i'm excited about the show's return, i'm extremely disapointed that my favorite cast member from the first season, lo isn't back. i assume that drama between kirstin's party crew and the other popular girls crew will be good, but you know, are these girls going to have clever and cute one liners like lo did? how classic was the line, "doesn't my phone know i need to make a call?" or remember when lo told l.c. shouldn't be failing high school, classic. but these new girls, i dunno. it just seems all they want to talk about is how they're fighting with this set of girls and how they think this one guy is cute; it's like when me and my friend, mark hang out, cept all we talk about is like alejandro jodorowsky, dario argento and comic books.

on the topic of comic books, anybody know of any good comics to read? like cool indie comics to read? cause sadly, the only thing i'm capable of reading outside of blogs and the journals of various suicide girls, is comic books. the problem is like, i can read the whole thing, being graphic novels in like three hours, so i need something lengthy and cool.

busdriver made it on to cobra snake; he's totally blowing up. first, a lunch time concert at fullerton, now this, what's next? a star on the walk of fame next to ryan seacrest?

and finally, today marks the second full week of a new era for the howard stern show, the e! show less era. i got into the show through the e! show when i was in junior high, but you know, without the e! show, what's the point of the show anymore? i know stern is spinning wheels until january and the move to sirius, but the show pretty much has become let's have sal the stockbroker and richard christy come in and gay off or they bring in some horrible comic in for the news. last week, they had in carlos menica, whose style of comedy is basically yelling and at the end of it, he'll say something about hope you weren't offended or i can't wait to see the hate mail or the dude says the hate mail/offensive business way up in front in his act/show; here's the thing, if you tell people it's going to be controversay and shocking and offensive, for me, it totally negates it actually being offensive and shocking. you know, if comics like carlos menica are going to become regulars on the sirius version of stern, then i probably won't be switching over and honestly, the la replacement for stern, adam carolla sounds like it actually will be funny.

i wish they would take off stern now, you know let him do his bullshit week of farewell shows, but bring out the replacements, so we the audience can figure out if we wanna drop money on sirius or stick it out with the new guys.


At 11:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

bilson needs to cool it with the slimming. her calfs are skinnier than the bot's ankles, and mb has never exactly been a mountain of flesh.

also, there seems to be a cultural divide here. if you grow up in the northeast, you're entitled to bitch about everywhere else; it sounds from you like the west coast has the opposite mentality. i suppose this makes sense given the migration patterns.


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