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Jul 12, 2005

home sweet home

first and foremost, i must extended an apologzie for me slipping the past couple of days without posting anything. i needed a bit of decompression from writing this treatment for my summer class and i've been busy tinkering around with my new G5 as well. it's so postmodern and cool and sterile. i can already see a giant coaster stain on top of it.

for a while, i used to be up on my shit with the new bands in the la scene. i was the asshole that was like, 'oh yeah, i saw such and such band openning with the moving units at the smell' or you know something of that nature. i used to be in the know, but nowadays, all i know about is killa cam's new chain that has a motor in it, so it can spin and how during the bet awards, all of houston came out for "still tippin'". i'm not necessarily asking myself what happened, but am i asking, what's the deal with she wants revenge? it just seems like these guys popped out of nowhere with a half way decent tune and a bunch of arrogant press releases stating how they grew up listening to the smiths and prince and how they're not a phoney nu wave band that got singed because they sound sorta like the killers and interpol. i mean i want to like this band; i sorta like the single thats getting some spins from my man, nic hardcourt on kcrw, but you know, i just want to say this, is this band going to be a cool band that sounds like a cross between the kills and the killers or is it going to be a cross between the bravery and louis xiv? i mean, they're already on that louis xiv path; they do have some cute girls in their video. i just need to know if these guys played a few shows before getting signed to geffen records or did jordan schur create them in a lab?

man, that argument me and robin brown got into a year ago in a foot locker while looking at g-unit sneakers about corporate indie rock was sorta spot on. he was right, i was wrong.

speaking about slow things, i have to say that the music writers for the la times are about as slow as moslases when it comes to the next big things in music. like two weeks, they were writing about mp3 blogs. i thought that was common knowledge already, then like a week before that, they were still writing about the new crop of british bands like bloc party, kasabian, kasier chiefs, and yadda yadda. i don't know about you, but frankly, i'm sick of british bands unless it's bloc party or kano (but more on kano in a minute). who gives a fuck about kaiser chiefs, one single and they're done. who really cares if kasabian has a future? do you know anybody who bought their album? me either. i downloaded their song when it was a free itunes download, but i mean i haven't listened to it since april. then there's chief critic robert hilburn. yes, he's written some strong pieces here and there, but to do an editiorial blasting mtv's horrible coverage of live8 is like taking sand to the beach. it's a mute point; everybody knows mtv is an awful channel when it comes to music, but if you're looking for 19 years old in tube tops talking to some dude in abercombie gear about hooking up, then mtv is your crack. honestly, it's probably been 10 or 12 years since mtv actually had music orienated programming. and whenever i read any review he's written on something either related to jack black or conor obsert, i start to hear that aurora snow quacking sound from the stern show. the dude had such a hard on for those two guys and i don't get it. given that "i'm wide awake, it's morning" is an above average record, but "digital ash" was just a snoozer of radiohead impression. "get behind me satan" is a good record too, but it's not the best album of the year so far. his perspective on music is so narrow and it only seems he reviews albums unless it's so grandioso dylan-esque romp. i mean flip the script and write a negative review every now and then.

so i'm just saying this la times, get some new music critics even though most music critics are snobs and dicks. or at least, get some guy who'll do a story on the best producer in california or at least best producer in oxnard.

speaking of the best album of the year, so far, i have to put my two cents behind kano's "home sweet home". it's the first rap album from the uk that actually feels like a rap album. it's got the club bangers, it's got the slow jams and it's even got a conscious song. kano doesn't wear you out with his lyrics like dizzee rascal does; you don't feel as if you've heard everything he has to say after a couple of songs and there's a degree of diversity in the production as well.

what did samaire armstrong do to her hair? is natalie portman starting some bizzaro trend where girls are shaving their heads nowadays? and if so, why couldn't jessica simpson have jumped on the trend and not samaire armstrong. i mean, how funny would jessica simpson look with her head bic'ed? i'd pay 10 bucks to see that

while the new season of "laguna beach: the real orange county" looks great, isn't anybody else worried that the show is going to suffer from a lack of lo, l.c.'s friend? lo made lc bearable, but if season 2 is gonna be lc pining away for stephen without the ocassional pearl of winsdom for lo, then i'm just going to go to the bathroom during those parts.

look at the dude in the cabbie hat. i point this out because he's done the perfect job being the jerky dude in the background of your family photo.i mean look at this one here. he's so on point, it's beyond perfection. i bet if you look through your photos at coachella, that dude is bound to show up at least 10 times. also, the girl in the green is pretty killer as well. like her facial expression, she's totally having a good time.

and for those who need a babe fix, holla!

a word to the wise, if you're going to amoeba music on sunset at all this week, could you please hold off on buying any goblin soundtracks they might have in stock, especially the ones for tenebre and profondo rosso. i'm going up on friday afternoon and i mean, it's going to make sitting in gridlock on the way home even more terrible if i don't find any goblin soundtracks.

has anybody else noticed the alarming and scary differences amongst celebrity/reality tv parents this summer? on one channel, you have the over protective, over bearing, chastiy belt purchasing parenting from the spokesperson of fanny packs manufactures of america, hulk hogan, then on the next channel, there' the forgetfull parenting styles of one bobby brown. and like somewhere between those two, you got mtv's the barkers. i would almost want to suggest that e! does a father swap show with the browns and the hogans. so that the hogan kids could breathe for a minute without the fear of being forced to wear matching zumba pants out in public while on a trip to cold stone and you know, maybe bobbi kristina could have some sembelnce of parental supervision. doesn't she just seem like an afterthought to them? for as funny as the scene was when she asked to go in the bedroom with her parents after bobby came home from jail, it's incredibly sad. i'd say more about the barkers but i don't want anymore death threats cause one was way too many from the last time.

speaking of horrible shows, i highly recommend e!'s fight for fame. probably my favorite people in the whole wide world are aspiring actors. they have some hope and optimism; that ocassional it even rubs off a mean person such as myself. but the actors on this show are just some of the worst i've ever seen and i've seen myself act and that's rather scary. my favorite part of the show has to be the initial auditioning process cause auditioning actors is an extremely funny power trip. i can't describe it, but the first i was watching an actor in an audition, i want to bust up laughing in front of the actor's face; mainly because he was so wrong for the part. so if you ever know a friend making a movie, get in on their auditions because you'll have a great time, but bring some snacks.

with tonight being all star night, i must say that i'm extremely disapointed by the anaheim angels as of late. i've been wanting to write something to the affect of what's it going to take for the angels to get decent press and coverage out here. the dodgers are tanking as per usual, but you know the angels are in first place and their pitching is pretty much there and their hitting is solid and their fielding is good and they're in first place. i've been dying to brag about it, but the supersitious side of me just said no because it'll be a jinx. but the facts is this, i went to see them on thursday night against the mariners, who are in last place and the angels' ace, bartolo colon was pitching. dude gives up 7 runs in two innings and the angels barely squeeze two runs. i just don't understand this completely flop-a-roo and of course, now they'll probably get more press for the recent backslide probably into second place. so, if team has an extra good pitcher hanging around, send them over to the angels because it's needed desperately.

related, terry francona needs to ligthen up just a smidge and needs to spread the red sox all through out the line up instead of all in a row during the all star. i don't have the patience to wait around for probably the third inning to see vlad bat. let's get it over with him. and the same goes for tony la russa and the nl team, start willis, man; fuck your own pitcher.

and finally, i'd just like to point out that today is skeet on mischa's first birthday. i've been doing this mess for one whole year, which is really odd, but i guess people dig what i do. so i must extend a series of thanks to anybody whose stopped by and read something every now and then and send a shout out to anybody who has left a comment. another shout out to anybody whose linked to us. a further thanks to uncle grambo, the thigh master, mark cobrasnake, vice magazine, spencer sloan, catch dubs, tony danza for having a daugther who was out of control, the girl who made me say, she's outta control in the very first place, rachel bilson, james murphy, any girl i shouted out, and of course, mischa barton.

so, i'll keep on pumpin' out the jams and you keep on reading them, deal?


At 9:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday, skeetonmischa! you've made me feel so wonderfully socially inadequate.


At 12:24 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

I hope you cleaned up the cup stain on the G5 by now.

At 12:57 PM , Blogger Dan said...

Happy birthday, homie. And ya know, every team needs a strong pitcher (my Mets could use about 3), it ain't just the Angels bro. Otherwise, keep pumpin' out the jams bro.

At 5:27 PM , Anonymous Jp said...

Happy B-Day yo. Keep it coming.


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