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Jul 18, 2005

let's hug it out part 2

at the tail end of "let's hug it out" (pt.1), i mentioned the rather ludacris thing known as parking in downtown san diego. this is another reason why i should become replacement mayor of that hell hole. my first act as mayor of san diego would be to remove all the cool people and cool stores and the convention center from the city. then my second act as mayor would be to blow up the rest of the city.

outside of cameron crowe, what good has the city of san diego give to the world? i'm honestly asking you what good has come out of that town? who really wants to live in a city that charges people 26 bucks to park in a structure for 4 hours. for 26 bucks, i'm hoping its valvet parking and i get it washed & waxed as well. that fee is on par with a semester long parking pass at most junior colleges.

not to mention, the whole structure smells like a toliet and since it's the summer time, you have no jacket or extra shelve length to use to cover up your hands while walking down the stairs. god knows what other treasures that could be found in the elevators.

so a word to the wise, if you ever have to go to san diego for some god forsaken reason, avoid horton plaza like the plague. and seriously, if you're a dude and you just met a girl you like or recently started dating and you like the way things are going, watch out, she'll probably end up moving to san diego in two weeks. it's where romantic interludes go to die.

while i was in hell diego, i went to the comic con and i didn't see any famous people like naomii watts and natalie portman. the most famous person i saw there probably was the black guy from the orignial dawn of the dead and the guy who played r2d2. and there was a playmate as well, but i've already seen a playmate in real life. seven in fact (hef's hoe train in the early 2000s and i got to be a lighting stand in for one of them). i don't know what this says about me but i was more into finding bootleg movies than i was oogling a playmate. you know, do i check out this copy of blade runner with narration and the happy ending or do i go over and look at fake boobies in person?

but the weird thing about the whole thing was that nobody went over there. dudes were stoked on the girl dressed kinda like princess leia from return of the jedi wandering around. or maybe they weren't having it because it costed a pretty penny to have a photo with her where as princess leia girl is for free.

what's going on at trl these dadys?

has anybody seen the video for olivia's "twist it", yet? umm, 50 is on some rick james in the video for eddie murphy's "she wants to party all the time". i mean the game could take all the pot shots at g-unit he wants, but this video does more damage to g-unit than any 18 minute repeative diss record could. why is lloyd banks doing choregraphed dance moves? is m.o.p. going to have dance in their videos now since they're on g-unit? btw, what's up with the ultra protective big brother videos these days? there's that teairra marĂ­ where she's just walking around and like freeway pops out of nowhere and yells at some dude whose trying to talk to her. i understand that these girls are the first female singers on their respective labels, but you have to help them establish their own identity as an artist.

i have little social skills. not because i stay inside my house all day and only leave to go to tommy's or something like that. it's just that i don't have anything to talk about with normal, regular people. now, i can't see myself carrying a conversation with these girls because all i would want to talk about is the movie, el topo or like dario argento's opera. you know nobody has seen these movies and frankly, it's the fucked up way i judge people. i don't judge you on your looks (although, some may consider me a bit of a lookist) or on your personality, but it's on the movies you watch. so either more 'obscure' movies have to become widely avaiable or i have to rethink what exactly i look for in a person

please add opera to your netflix list and make life much easier for me. seriously, the movie makes no sense whatsoever, but it's really awesome.

i believe i stated before that the reason why everybody hates upon l.a. is because there's only three lanes on its busiest freeway, the 5. but i have discovered another reason why people hate upon l.a., while it may appear to be three lanes on any given street, but actually, there's only two. sure, i live in the orange curtain, so i'm used to a couple of lanes on each side of the road. the far right lane, paritculary on the westside, is used primarily for parking and fed ex trucks making deleveries. there are signs that say no stopping, but that doesn't stop big brown for parking in the middle road so somebody could get their copy of the half blood prince. while there are only two lanes on any given street, at least parking structures are reasonable in la. only 4.50 at the one across the street from amoeba. still alot, but in comparsion to 26 bucks, it's like a free hand job from alessandra ambrassio.

sir bob geldof got nominated for the nobel prize for organizing live8, but shouldn't by the same defination, the fine folks at goldenvoice get nominated for organizing coachella each year? i mean, if you slap on some political meaning behind the show, it's the same thing. i respect the significance and meaning of the live8 concerts, i just don't get bob geldof and why he's the crucical figure in a movement.

seriously, do they even tell the vjs that they're on the air anymore? or as on air flirting gonna into some bizzaro world where somebody as outta hand as vannessa manillo is trying to get at somebody as crazy as billy bob thornton?

now, i must tell you a tale about seeing charlie & the chocolate factory the other night on the imax screen. btw, i liked the film; thought it was better than the one from the 70s but they are two completely different films. for some reason, i always manage to sit near weird people at the movies or they sit near me. so, it's the midnight showing on thursday night and the crowd is mostly young people with some small children here and there. which only makes sense. so the party crew next to me starts up a conversation about oral sex. i sorta zoning out on the details of their conversation because i don't want to picture the members of this particular party crew without their pants on; you know, i was thinking about el topo. i assume that the convo got a bit raunchy or at least raunchy enough for a woman in the row in front to ask them to stop because her 5 year old daugther doesn't need to hear that. apparently, this pissed off the guy next to me, who happened to be right behind the woman who told them to stop talking, that he for probably ten minutes slammed a water bottle in a large tub of popcorn he was holding inbetween his legs.

yes, its a kids movie, but at the same time, what is a kid doing a midnight movie? i've been to many a midnight movie where i fell asleep during it; so wouldn't one assume that there's a great chance that a 5 year old would fall asleep as well?

(editor's note: updates will probably becoming a later times in the day as opposed to early in the morning)


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