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Jul 25, 2005

maggie's farm

i'm looking over the list of nominees for the mtv videos and i'm wondering why do people, well, mtv have tunnel vision when it comes to missy elliott.

the video for "loose control" is awful, say for one shot and there's nothing 'breakthrough' about it. it's just another video with awful editing. you can totally see ciara wearing sneakers during the old timey dance sequence. it seems people, well mainstream critics just do backflips when missy elliott does anything, but the thing is she's rather inconsistent. she's about as consistent as i am when comes to funny things to say. on her albums, there's maybe like one or two songs and the rest of a bunch of clunkers with awkward cameos for the latest mostest popularest rapper of the moment. her stuff, quite often is a waste of a halfway decent timbaland beat (apparently, timbo is dropping the lbs). so i don't understand this tunnel vision about her work.

yeah, "gossip folks" is a great track, but did you rest of the album more than once? probably not.

and i know, it's so pointless to complain about mtv in the first place because we all know that its gonna suck.

does anybody else feel out of the world's loop because they don't know who or how jesse mccarthey became famous? i went to the movies the other day and i'll probably see the ad again when i go to the movies later today, but there's an ad for concert with him playing and i feel like i should know who he is, but i don't and its really bothering me that i don't know. he must be famous for something because he got punk'd and i guess he was on a wb show because i saw a clip of it on the soup, but i mean, there's tons of people on the wb who aren't famous enough to get punk'd, let alone recongize at the supermarket. so can anybody help me out here?

dark horizons has news on sofia coppola's latest. i admire that she says her film will not be historically accurate, but i'm just worried that marie antoinette will talk to louis xiv about how there's an awful band named after him and if he wants to cruise around france, taking pictures of old door knobs.


At 7:22 PM , Anonymous Mimi said...

hell I thought I was just too old to get the shitty music phenomenon.


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