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skeet on mischa

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Jul 13, 2005

a quick one while he's away...

before i head off for comi-con & amoeba music for the next couple of days....

apparently evangeline lilly and that hobbit guy have gotten to the point in their relationship where they act like catherine o'hara & fred willard in waiting for guffman; you know a bad actor couple who only want to do projects together.

then there's this croc hunter over here whose holding onto evangeline lilly for dear life. maybe he think she's kelly monaco (i pronuce it, monknoco). i always wonder why guys glutch so tightly onto women they don't know or never will get in a million years. wait, i just answered my own question; it's the closet dudes will ever get to somebody of such a high caliber of outta controllness.

a lil nsfw anne hathaway action for y'all

anybody know if the rest of that new ladytron album is going to be as good as the single, "destroy everything you touch" (listen here) ? cause that song is killer. weird thing about ladytron, i saw one of the girls dj at club bang (i can't explain why i was there either) and she cleared the dancefloor in about 15 minutes.

and i'm out. cross your fingers that i find dario argento movie posters at the con.

and if you haven't already listen to "hope" by automato.


At 10:22 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


dude traded in for pomo-amish for the worst faux-hawk of all time.


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