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Jul 6, 2005

run the road

without a doubt, probably my favorite thing about 2005, so far. some say the odds on favorite for babe of the year in '05.

i don't know how many of you have been in a hot tub situation like this, but i have. while it was as drunken or as sexual, but never the less, it was on par with this moment. it was at wild rivers and the whole scene was weird because it was a night for those who just graduated the 8th grade or some sorta undergrad night thing. does anybody else have that in their town? undergrad night or is that just a saddleback church thing? anyways, so it was a church sponspored event and basically there are two hot tub/jacuzzi areas at wild rivers and basically every single 8th grader was in the two hot tubs and it was crazy. or at least, i assumed it was crazy. you'd probably want to yell "hands" in the popular kids direction but that wasn't me. you know not too many girls were into guys with backne who were obsessed with quentin tarantino. seriously, everybody needs to have a great hot tub story. or at least, to keep those everything but water stores in business.

everybody's favorite robot from music for robots, mark breaks down the clap your hands say yeah hype for y'all. i'm still out to lunch on these guys. like i tried to get a copy of their album the wrong way and i got burned. a bunch of mp3s that got off half way through.

while this photo doesn't fully illustrate the hi-larity of the situation, but "blow out"'s scott getting ready for his party in his tiny studio apartment probably was the funniest thing since the end of the second season of "arrested development". bravo, i smell spin offf, "the adventures of scott in weho!"

the other day, somebody asked me about the show, "beauty & the geek" and i have to say this, i really haven't been watching it that much. what i saw, i sorta dug. but i have two problems with the show. one, i remember hearing some critical prasie for the show and this horrible critic called ashton kutcher the savior of comedy on television, which i took immeditae offense to. i dunno about you, but ashton kutcher, if anything has ruined comedy. sure, every now and then, a bit on "punk'd" is funny, but can you actually sit through a whole episode? does anybody laugh during the monologues/rants inbetween bits? me, i want to hang myself while those things are on. sure, people like jonathan antin and barry bonds and julia roberts and oprah winfrey are stark raving mad ego manics, but ashton kutcher has to be the worst one of all. to inject footage of you screaming about how kirsten dunst didn't return your phone call every two minutes, i mean, come on, let shit slide. and more over, it's not funny. it wasn't funny the first time, so why do you believe its going to work the next 28 times? so i have this fear with "beauty & the geek" that ashton kutcher is pop up somewhere wearing a red string and screaming about something that isn't funny.

kutcher's sense of humor is the type that if you knew him and you were on his payroll, it'd be funnier than steve martin's performance in the jerk. it's a cross between drunk funny and here's 200 bucks, now please laugh at my jokes.

and the second thing that kept me away from "beauty & the geek" is brian mcfadden's hair. can anybody actually explain that to me? it has this post modern amish vibe.

although it should be noted that probably the girl we would've pulled for on the show was lauren. i know, i don't like blondes, but there's this thing about her.

and seriously, the wb needs better web designers.


At 1:03 PM , Anonymous robot mark said...

thanks for the plug.

hit me up at markwillett @ gmail and we'll talk about a CD.

At 2:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was me who asked about B&tG, and pretty much everything you said was true. the show is oddly sweet-natured for reality tv, though.

but mcfadden's hair is a nightmare. someone i was watching the show with shouted, "brian mcfadden -- WHA' HAPPENED?" the first time he appeared.

At 10:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the first girl looks kind of like a young cross dressed john kerry, but I think maybe she's just uncomfortable...



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