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Jul 13, 2005

soda pop smash

as some of you may have noticed with the old computer, from time to time, a key on the keyboard would stick, so ocassional, a word would be missing an 's' or you know, 't'. and with the new computer, new problems arise, the mouse sorta sticks. or maybe it's just me not being used to it. all of these modern machines surround me, i still use a britney spears sticker as a coaster.

i'm not sure if this applies to anybody but writers, but you know whatever. i like to think of myself as writer, even though i can't haven't really got paid for anything yet nor had anything published. you know that song, "dem boyz" by boyz n da hood? it's nothing ground breaking, but i like it's the only song out there right now that i can honestly relate to. in "dem boyz," they're talking about how they're always on the block clockin' and trying to make money. and as a writer, it's like, yeah, i understand because i'm always writing. you know stuck in traffic, i'm thinking of storylines and funny things to write about (although, i can just see the comments from the peanut gallery about this one); so it's like i'm always clockin'. you know as writers, we're either hustling for paychecks or As on things we write. i'm not sure if we, being writers are at the point where it's if we don't write, we don't eat. i don't think as writers, we could reach that point because there's bound to be jobs avaiable at borders or barnes & nobles or gigs as substitue english teachers at some high school. i mean, writers and rappers on the grind, not really that different. sure, rappers drive nice cars where as writers hang out in starbucks and perfectly plan out the trips up to the counter, so they could be behind the x_hardcore_x girl wearing a baggy pair of dickies and getting excited over a lower back tattoo.

does anybody know why the new crop of reality shows are either about horrible celebrity parents or tattoo palors? is that going to be interesting enough to watch for 45 minutes? sure on paper, "blow out" doesn't sound too exciting, but jonathan antin is such an ego tripper that he makes things interesting every week. does the tattoo industry have a jonathan antin? sure, every industry has their people who take want they do way too seriously.

i don't know why but this photo makes me want to have a drink. i always find excuses as to why i can't drink. oh, i gotta get up early tomorrow morning so i can go to comi-con or it's like the first sign of alcoholism is drinking by yourself or i gotta drive home. here, drinking is presented as a grand old time. get a brew, strike up a cool conversation about me and you and everybody we know is now your favorite movie of all time and just relax for a change. i need a drinking buddy or at least somebody whose willing to drive for a change.

umm, sorry, no updates tomorrow. getting up way too early in order to attend the first day of the san diego comic con. yeah, i won't be there for anything cool, but you know, gotta go.


At 6:25 PM , Anonymous Cocosauve said...

I think that I very well may be in love with you.


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