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Jul 26, 2005

story of a prostitue

i'm sure we've all had the feeling of that we're being followed by somebody one point or another in our driving career or we're making somebody else comfortable because they think we're following them. okay, so i'm leaving the movies after the devil's rejects and i'm listening to some goblin and i check my rearview mirror and i see a hearse right behind me. so i just finished watching a horror movie and i'm listening to scary movie music and i got a hearse slowly trailing behind me. for a minute, i thought i was in the movie, phantasm and the tall man was pop up at the next light, screaming, "boy!" i mean to be stalked by hearse is beyond creepy; you're justified to run a few red lights or at least thats what all the horror movies i've seen told me. i lost the hearst, but i didn't see where it went. it just sorta disappeared.

as for the devil's rejects, i liked it, quite a bit, actually. the film is violent, but i wouldn't say it's as shocking and distrubing as critics are saying; shocking & distrubing is miike's audition (avaiable on august 23rd on dvd). i just wonder one thing, did rob zombie use slow motion only to make the film longer? the film has a nice length, a decent length, but in parts, he over did the slow motion and freeze frames. it just seems like, ah fuck, the film is like 89 minutes long, well, why don't we slow mo here and do a bunch of freeze frames up front.

i think i was right about the new season of "laguna beach". yeah, kirstin is still fun to watch, but her friends, jessica & alex h are as dull as well, me. while at first, i thought that the new oily bohunk, jason was james caan's son, scott caan, but i just believe he's a long lost federline, dirt bagging it, south coast plaza steez and i'm just saying that these kids are sorta boring and i don't know if it was smart of me to set my fall class schedule around watching this show. i mean, up the casey factor. she's interesting. she's got fake hair, probably on trek to get fake boobs and a giant house. if i were to play the laguna beach drinking game, where i took a drink even time, a girl said something stupid, i'd be drunk in about 4 minutes if the focus was on casey. and kirsten's rivals seem more entertaining or at least, i greatly admire their ablity to drop money on shoes.

i always seem to say that i'm out on show after a couple of episodes, but i think i really mean it with laguna beach, if the show continues to be about kirsten's boring b.f.e.s and how her federline-esque boyfriend fucks around on her. dude, he looks like k.fed, so you know, he's sorta sketchy. i can deal with the puppy dog eyes of l.c. whenever she's around with stephen, but i just can't deal with boring people on tv.

but probably the best part of the premiere of "laguna beach" was the trailer for the second season of my super sweet 16. holy shit! insanely self centered bratty girls dropping money like they were michael jackson in a tacky statue store in vegas. yet, with the new corp of kids, i think they're over doing the bitchyness of the situation, just so they could be on tv. how geninue is their assholery or these kids just about as good as the kids on an episode of "fight for fame"? i also like that l.b. and sweet 16 are on the same night, but let's just hope l.b. gets more interesting.

first, there was the road rules/real world challenges, then the surreal life, and we have bravo's battle of the network reality tv stars and e!'s kill reality. why can't there be a show called, former reality tv shows all jump off a cliff together because somebody told them there's a camera crew at the bottom?

pharrell of the neptunes is gonna produce a movie version of "voltron"; here's the thing, why doesn't pharrell solve the clipse label drama before tackling a big budget movie that with have costumes designed by nigo

somebody is telling a really funny story or do an outstanding impression of james van der beek in varsity blues

and finally, i've been going to the movies quite a bit lately and it's only made me wish that i was rich enough to have my own movie theater. i slow too early to movies, get the best seat and wait and wait and wait for my theater going experince to be ulimately ruin by some woman behind me who came in about 10 minutes before the film starts and proceeds to clear her throat throughout the whole film as well as make noises at each moment of tension or action in the film. or i'll have my feet up on the seat in front for the whole time, but then a couple will snake in and take away my foot rest and shoot dirty looks when my sneaker slightly nudges their seat.

honestly, the photo above is my only moment of happiness at the movies cause for some reason, the optimism instilled in me by jenny lewis, wants me to believe that in from 40 minutes now, the theater will remain empty and it'll just be me. sure, i could get a nice home theater set up, but that shit is expensive. you know, why not drop 10 bucks every now and then instead of making debts on the old credit card. so in a perfect world and when i'm rich and famous, i'll own my movie theater. it won't be a vanity, let's give back to the community thing like magic johnson's theater, it'd be more like the arclight, but only reasonable. you won't have to take a student loan to go there.

but i know what you're saying, but, doug, you hate people and right now, it sounds like your movie theater is open to the public.

this is true, but only because it needs to make a profit, but here's the advantage, basically, any time i wanted to see a movie that we were screening (i'd get an 10plex; 8 screens of current releases and 2 decidated to revivals), i'd close a particular screening off to the public. so it would be me, all alone watching the island for the second time or whatevs. i don't know why but i can just see myself being so unbelievabley happy doing that. running a movie theater and booking midnight movies and being upset briefly that nobody came out to watch scanners, but then i'd just watch the movie myself and probably fall asleep during it again.

jeeper creepers, g5s make whatever rooms they're in very hot. not because they're cool computers or anything. i think there's a potential weight loss craze there. dropping the lbs with g5s. its like a technologic shauna


At 8:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's "hearse", my friend, it's a hearse.

At 12:13 PM , Blogger Dan said...

Speaking of Clipse label drama and what not, you heard "Zen" yet? Shit is fire.


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