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Jul 26, 2005

tito's way

if you haven't heard it already, i highly suggest checking out the juan maclean player, skip right over to track 4 and get the party started post haste. the album hits the states in a couple.

motely crue is in town today. wonder if i should cruise over and play "tito's way" and get the party started with tommy & the boys. they're at the meadows tonight and i'm probably gonna leave here in a couple to catch hustle & flow at the spectrum, which is basically right across the street from the meadows, so i'm wondering, well, i run into the crue while i'm at jamba or something. will the guys who aren't dating that avril girl in sum41 be at the urban outfitters trying to get free clothes because they're the guys from sum41, even though, they would have better luck at hot topic, but how many napoleon bonerapart shirts can one man have?

michael bay shouldn't be so upset about the failure of the island; he should only look at the positives of the situation, like the product placement in the film. while not being extremely subtle as in other films, but not at the same time as ironic as david fincher in fight club, bay's product placement was brilliant and hilarious. so don't be too hard on yourself, michael bay.

anybody else notice that the article on aicn on problems with the upcoming transformers movie michael bay is directing just disappeared?

and if you have a picture of cameron giles on your myspace profile, you're gonna get alot of friend requests from goofy white girls. just letting you know in advance.

chris parnell finally got the memo that said he hasn't made anybody laugh in past 5 years unless he's merv the perv. anybody else get really mad at the guy who was voted class clown of their high school in senior year? i remember the guy who won it at our school and he wasn't funny at all. he was just really big and loud and could do a wicked impression of ace ventura. i guess the student population didn't find it funny when i wore name tags with the names of famous people written on them.


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