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Jul 19, 2005

wrong 'em, boyo

it's safe to say that we all hate jamster or at least hate their commercials. but these dudes have taken their awful commericals too far. to have the audicity to say that cassidy turned a jay-z line into a hot song. sure, when we all hear cassidy say that in the song, we can't stop ourselves from giggling, but what gives the right for the jamster guy to say cassidy made it a hot jam.

sometimes, i find it difficult to write about things only because i have nothin really to say. i just don't know how exciting or interesting it is to talk about sitting on a couch for three hours watching "the office" the other night and the problems that come with using laura scutter's old time peanut butter to help give my dog her medicine and all the while, i'm waiting for a electrician to show up.

anybody ever see that episode of letterman where he taped from his house because he was waiting for the cable guy to show up?


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