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Aug 9, 2005


these girls got the memo about having a wet hot american summer and i bet you still haven't even watched it, yet. netflix it, dudes.

you know me, i totally love the killer bees; they make such a cute couple and they should sincerely consider giving up on dudes all together and get married in vermount one of these days. yet there's a problem, when they're together, they dress like an australian's nightmare. unless these two have a time machine that they're not sharing with the world or at least the delorean can only fit three people (them & doc brown, natch) and they're going back to '83 to see a "too fast for love" era motley crue concert, there's no reason they should be dressed like that. isn't this why we pay our stylists all that money in the first place?

i once knew a dude in high school who had his older sister act as his stylist and according to a friend of a friend, he still has her on the payroll as a stylist to this day.

anybody else think that young jeezy ripped off common & kanye on the song, "go crazy"? the beat sounds awfully alot like "the food" and even jeezy's rhymes or at least the flow sounds awfully alot like common's on "the food". i'm not saying anything, but i'm just saying it's weird to hear somebody ripped off common, that's all.

don't you wish that you had the ablitiy to tell people things without the getting offend. like people you don't know at all, but you want to tell them certain things without them getting all upset and actually listening to what you have to say; you know, no, 'okay, thanks' bullshit, but you know they'll at least taking it under serious consideration. cause all i'm saying is that, baby, your head shots make you look like you're in 30s, when you're not and they make you look like the trainer from "the biggest loser".

its fair to share that i've grossly underestimated the critical eye of the american movie going public as the dukes of hazard opened extremely well this past weekend. did you read ebert's review? sure, the dude has given a bit too many raves this year, but he's clearly on point when he talks about jessica simpson; "Maybe she isn't even smart enough to wear shorts." you know, who are the people who thought to themselves, let's drop 50 bucks on friday night. first we'll watch that jessica simpson movie, then cruise over to applebees afterwards. we always ask ourselves who exactly voted george w bush last november and now we're asking ourselves who exactly went to see the dukes of hazard and folks, we're entering a new form of entertainment, red states cinema. first there was the passion, now the dukes, and what's next? better yet, what's going to happen to people like you and me, well hopefully you have a somewhat similar film taste as me, but anyways, how are we, you know, normal people, going to watch our movies. so far, red state cinema has proven to be a bonafide money maker, so where does that leave room at the mutliplex for movies like the devil's rejects and sin city? films that are chock full of violence and nudity; they're already put into the tiniest theaters already.

it's not red state related, but over the past years, the movies have been lacking in nudity and violence, unless you saw a film like van wilder; you know, it's this pressure to be commercially vaiable, which is good and all; because it is an industry, but you know, with the succes or at least, what i precieve to be the success of red state cinema, is there going to be a shift to more bullshit movies with nascar ties in and religious themes?

i'm just gland that i didn't make a bet about the dukes being number 1 because if i did, i wouldn't have been able to mention dario argento for the whole week, well unless the extremely lovely and awesome and cool and rad people over at anchor bay entertainment wanted to send me promo copies of their upcoming argento dvd releases: the card player and trauma; both available on august 23rd at your local dvd store as well as amazon and deep discount dvd.

now, maybe i'll get something for free.

samaire armstrong also dresses like an australian's nightmare, but she looks better with longer & darker hair.[photo via samairearmstrong (dot)net]

i don't know what's more boring: making a movie (there's alot of down time) or listening to a podcast about the making of a spike lee movie hosted by a guy named human newman?

and seriously, you owe to yourself to listen at least one gogogo airheart song in your life. may i suggest, "last goodbye".


At 7:33 AM , Anonymous Jack said...

Do you ever read your own writing and think, "God, I'm a pretentious douchebag." Cause that's my reaction. I used to dig your site, but now you can't get out of your own way. Sure, Dukes of Hazzard wasn't very good, but then neither was The Devil's Rejects or over HALF of Dario Argento's films. I get it, you're in film school. That's just my opinion and you have yours, but that's all it is. "The Dukes" isn't a red state conspiracy to take over the multiplex, Jim Jarmusch will be ok. You've lost at least one reader.

At 11:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo, tagging red states to dukes of hazzard's box office makes no sense. i liken it more to that one comment chris rock made while hosting the mtv vmas about the spice girls selling millions of records but no one copping to it.

same thing w/dukes of hazzards.

At 12:25 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

I don't get the first comment. If you're not allowed to be pretentious on a blog, then what's the point of having a blog? Blogs are pretentious in their existence. I don't know why you would come to a blog, something in its essence specifically devoted to the person's thoughts and opinions, and expect humility and acquiescence. Otherwise they'd be very boring to read.

To me anyway, you're complaining about the very essence of what it is to have a blog, but unleashing it on one person. Its a pretentious notion to even have a blog, so why are you so upset when the writing is self-assured and self-confident?

At 8:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm new to your blog and australian and am fond of samaire armstrong , could you explain the ' australian nightmare ' reference ?

At 8:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's wrong with nascar?


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