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Aug 5, 2005

2000 man

does anybody else remember that brief period in time when you thought that weird al was the most talneted musician all of time? way better than anything those guys in the beatles ever did. also, remember that time when the most scandalous thing you ever heard in a song was, "stupid dumb shit god damn motherfucker," from that offsrpring song?


what are we too cool for school?

were we youngsters bumping "superthug" off the radio rested on the handle bars of your bike, already claming that the neptunes were overrated?

if you can't tell, i'm trying to go the whole week with a rachel bilson photo every day. how cute does she look? eating on an ice cream cone, while adam brody just looks he's playing secret service or at least undercover cop. i bet at one point in the day, he pulled out his cell phone and spoke into it like it was a walkie talkie and said, "the coast is clear."

a thing i don't understand is this, why is the dukes of hazard the only major wide release this weekend? sure, wkw's 2046 is out this weekend, but if you're cool, you've already seen it and if you're really cool, you already own it on dvd and if you're beyond cool, then you're already over the film and already complaining that the new wkw film sucks and one single frame hasn't even been shot. and there's the new bill murray/jim jarmusch film, broken flowers, but that's only playing at the laemmles and you'll end up spending like 40 bucks and you thought were seeing a matinee. and honestly, are you going to watch the dukes of hazard? do you know a single person who'se been looking forward to that movie and filled with antipaction that it'll be a good movie. i can see 12 year old girls be stoking on the movie, but the movie going public at large? come on, why not wide release a bill murray film.

bill murray is an icon, jessica simpson is just a fad. a blimp on "i love the '00s". where as bill murray is a god. jessica simpson is the reason why every girl has to have a louis vutton bag. bill murray has made never you want to have anything other than a good time and a smile and probably a laugh.

so in other words, i don't understand the popularity of jessica simpson. i don't think i'll ever will. to me, she's just an girl with a chin like kirk douglas from texas that whines alot.

thank goodness, there's a marathon of "arrested development" on fox tonight. it'd be cooler if fox just actually showed regular reruns of arrested, then maybe they'd be able to establish a regular audience as opposed to the cultish audience including myself.


At 12:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

tivo picking up 4 episodes of arrested development last wek was a totally unexpected gift.

i've been eyeing the 2046 dvd in random stores for months now, but someone said the subbing was bad. which is probably a lie (and the dialogue is not, like, that tricky to decipher in any case), but i've never seen WKW on a big screen, so i figure the time is now.


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