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Aug 4, 2005

certain songs

it's like, sometimes, i can't write anything cause like the cobrasnake doesn't have any good photos up there or it's like same 8 people who are always on there or it's like pictures of what i precieve to be the cobra snake's old lady, whose probably younger than me, but that's beside the point. but, it's like la girls, be a bit more creative and exciting when you're at loose tooth on cinescape tuesdays. sure, you probably won't read the write up about you in this blog or any other blog that writes goofy captions, but you know, you're doing something that's beneficial to a dude who lives in wisconsin whose bored at his job and looking to kill sometime. so let's not make the amelie face for like the eight millionth time. this isn't livejournal or myspace, it's the cobrasnake and with that top like that, she would be more outgoing or something. make me wanna holla or whatever marvin gaye once said.

my main concern isn't who could mischa b possibly be on the phone with while hangin' out with rachel b; probably calling her assitant to pick up some al kapone mix tapes or playing phone tag with lohan; but my concern is why is rachel bilson dressed like mrs. ropper from "three's company"? sure, she could be just coming back from the beach or a refreshing dip in the pool, but to be all mrs. ropper steez at such young age, i dunno. i mean, joanna newsom dresses pretty crazy, but even she would say, "that's a bit too old looking for me."

i remember the days when at like shows, it just like the cobrasnake, before he was the cobrasnake; he was just another dude with a headband on and like there would be some random member from one of the following l.a. bands: rooney, phantom planet and rilo kiley there and if you're lucky, there'd be two. and then there'd be the girls who went to the show because they hope they run into one of the hot boyz from either phantom planet or rooney at the show. there'd be the dudes, like myself who went to amajority of their shows because they were in love with the girls and then there were the girls who actually just liked the band for writing decent songs, and of course, the like's parents were always there and sometimes, videotaping like it was the school play or something. but nowadays, everybody in la is at the shows and the like probably has nic hardcourt's email address and they're talking to roman coppola about directing their video. i don't want to sound like a classic wu tang song, but can't it be all so simple again? can't it be a few cool kids at the echo trying to be seen and firmly believing that maybe, the girls in the band will think you're cool because you go to all of their shows and you sing along with the songs and buy merch; 2002/2003 exoticness

did anybody else feel uncomfortable during the blow out reunion special? i don't know if it was the awkward interview skills of jonathan antin's sister, robin or the flop sweat of former chippendale dancer/hair stylist, bobby after every one of his jokes bombed; but it just felt too weird. i almost want to say that it was a post modern jonathan antin; post modern in the sense that he knew what the producers of the show wanted to hear from and he just acted his whole way through the thing. i honestly believe that jonathan antin would've said that his hair had never been that banging even without a camera crew in front of him, but what he said on the reunion special was just like, 'i hope i make it out on the soup with this one'. although, i was shocked by two things on the reunion special, one, scott's, the shampooist/assitant, new g.i. jane look and secondly, that kimberely no longer works at the salon. now hear me out, people, of anybody on reality tv, i think i probably had the best shot with kimberely from "blow out." i don't know why, but i think what charm i have could've probably worked on her. i know when talking with kimberely from "blow out," not to mention dario argento films and talk about how this author wrote a really funny passage in a book dissing her favorite band. kimberely just reminded me of this one girl who cut my hair once and i thought there was a bit of chemistry going on between us. so it's like, okay, if i can do this with one stylist, i think i could pull it off with another.

btw, that kathy griffin reality show is about half hour too long and it's probably what lisa kudrow wanted to do with her horrible hbo show in the first place. it took me a while to realize, but lisa kudrow wants to be kathy griffin on her show; i mean look at it, kathy griffin is trying get to free stuff and in the episode of "the comeback," lisa kudrow was trying to get a free suv and the most damning evidence, lisa kudrow has red hair. scandalous yes, but still, just look at it. or maybe, i'm wrong, i could only get through about 10 minutes of "the comeback".

whatever happened to city high?

and where the hell is dan the automator? yes, there was a handsome boy modeling school record last november, but that was kind of meh with only one good song ("greatest mistake"), but i mean, like where's a real automator record? hasn't kool keith made like 29 albums since the lovage album?

and does anybody know if big tigga is going to be the permant replacement for a.j. on 106 & park; it's a smart move to keep julissa around cause i'll sit through a horrible bow wow video for her; ps. anybody notice that bow wow has bo derek hair these days?

and can somebody explain why tommy lee made a record with the guy from something corporate as well as a good charolette dude and like nick carter and like the guy from nickelback? i thought tommy lee was a rocker, but here he is making ballads with weiner kids. what's next? tommy lee gonna try and do something with the animal collective guys. "dude, after every show on the crue reunion tour, i'd light up a spliff and just zone out with "young prayer" record, man."

and if you haven't heard "ellwood area" by crime mob before, you don't know what you're missing.


At 6:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

make me wanna holla or whatever marvin gaye once said.

great line.

rachel b. and the bot are spending a lot of time together. the mysterious thing about that photo is that there appears to be a banana under the bot's right arm. isn't it? is it really some high-concept purse? they don't have that sort of thing this far north.

At 6:25 PM , Blogger Dan said...

I actually liked the Cat Power song and the Del/Barton Levy song from White People, and really really hated Greatest Mistake. Interesting...

At 6:37 PM , Blogger Dan said...

You're totally right. Maroon5 do totally wish they had wrote "Greatest Mistake."
(BTW, I totally dig the whole cross-blog comment thing) Still doesn't necessarily mean I necessarily want to listen to it, as Maroon 5 don't exactly do it for me (and btw, Maroon 5 and Ying Yang Twins? What A&R guy was high enough to think of that one!?!)

At 11:33 PM , Blogger diane said...

yes, i miss those old show days too. i was a mix between seeing a hot boy and actually liking the band girl. but anyway, all that is gone and the shows are boring.

At 2:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

City High graduate Ryan Toby has been writing songs for Usher, including the ultra-mega-hit "Caught Up."


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