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Aug 3, 2005

the day after yesterday

excuse me for a minute while i'm not necessarily suffering from jet lag nor time zone problems, i'm just suffering from this horrible condition where you just sit around all day reading chuck klosterman books and you lose track what day of the week it is and to me, wednesday feels like a tuesday.

okay, remember how last week, i was all excited about how much fun it must be to party with the killer bees, rachel & mischa, but looking at these two after a party, i dunno or it's just that mischa b keeps on asking to go to mel's, but not the one on highland ave, but the one on sunset cause that's the real mel's and rachel b is just like, i can't deal with this bitch and now, i gotta go home and put up with some rambling monologue about intersting adam's day was, when it just amounts to him toking and going to band practice. [photo via rachel bilson(dot)com]

i guess i only like to talk about baseball when my team, the anaheim angels are doing well, but as of late, they've been fading out about as quickly as the cast of e!'s "kill reality"'s celebrity is (although, they beat up on the orioless last night). speaking of the orioles, while raffi viagra is busted for steriod use, why hasn't anybody done a drug test on jason giambi, yet? okay, so for the first two months of the season, the dude, most likely without the aid of roids, hits about 9 dingers and in the month of july, he has 14 home runs (chek the stats). i'm sorry but i just don't see how it's possible for giambi to finally get equally footing in a post steriod game of baseball; maybe the dude went and got some contacts that allows him to see the ball as big as a nerf ball, but it just seems so out of nowhere that he's become a home run machine. sure, his home run slump at the start of the season most likely is related to the overall slump that the ruiners of major league baseball were going through in the first half of the season, but still to go from one single home run in the month of june to 14 just doesn't make any sense unless if giambi holla'ed at blanco for a quick pick me up.

and i don't think it's a matter of a tarnished image for giambi, because he's a yankee, so his image is already tarnished. it's like what lil scrappy said, "if you gonna rap about it, be trill about it and don't say shit if you can't be real about it" .

note to the reader: to get that lil scrappy line correct, i had to go from listening to the smiths to lil scrappy. oh man, i got an ecletic taste, yet, why do i often feel like i got nothing to listen on my ipod?

so howard stern is taking his e! show to pay per view in january. is anybody else getting the impression that's going to cost way too much to keep up with stern and for what? just to hear him say, "shit" and see the boobies of some girl you're too lazy to google. don't get me wrong, i'm a sternaholic and most likely, i'll be going to sirius in january, but here's the thing, i worship the ground that larry david walks upon, but i don't get hbo. i just live off the dvd releases of "curb...," so what makes you think i'm going to drop 10 bucks to see stern when i don't even get hbo. now if stern would get off his high horse and do some dvds of his show, then we'll talk, but an adam carolla morning show is sounding better and better.

sometimes hollywood needs to realize that not everybody loves a high concept film, the rock & ryan reynolds in a buddy cop movie in the vein of lethal weapon set in san fran; so you know it'll have a car chase that the filmmakers will compare to the one in the steve mcqueen film, bullit but it'll be really bad and probably have cgi car effects. boring.

better film news is that the criteron collection is releasing jean piere melville's le samourai on dvd in october. a film that i've been dying to see since i saw a trailer for it at the nuart in the lates 90s and i'm teased by it every time i see the poster for it at the new beverly. [heads up courtsey davis dvd]

and dudes, don't forget, tonight at 8pm, it's return of jonathan antin and his bangin' hair on the blow out reunion special; just live with the thought that probably next summer, we'll be talking about the new season of blow out where jonathan is upset because his kid is still bald and can't have bangin' hair. and if jonathan antin really does have a hair cutting school, i may have to take a class, undercover steez, but then again, i once said, i'm gonna sign up for a sciencetology reading and blow the lid off with woodward & bernstein style reporting, but you know, i took a look at the local sciencetology center parking lot (yes, we have one in the oc. it's in tustin/santa ana) and said no way. no panic attack is worth enlightment and the ablitiy to call matt lauer "glib".

and if you haven't already, listen to the dj honda/mos def song, "traveling man" at least once in your life.

people are acting like it's truely miraclious thing that kate hudson is back on the scene making movies again. frankly, it's not a good thing. can you name one kate hudson movie that you sent to see and was not forced to watch on an airplane to prague? she had a movie out last summer that nobody went to see. if it wasn't for cameron crowe and the fact she's the daugther of a famous actress, kate hudson would probably be waiting on mary kate olsen & whoever her boyfriend is that week at fred 62 on a saturday afternoon. there's nothing remotely special about her. any blonde girl with just a smidgen of personality can light up a room because in general, men are more attracted to girls with yellow hair, dyed or real. that's why the second season of "laguna beach," isn't working so far. when it's focused on kirsten's blonde, yet un-charsmatic friends, i'm turning the dial. so please don't support kate hudson because i don't want to see her face around these parts anymore. if anything, kate hudson or at least, we have to deal with her celebrity due to circumstance. we're just victims of circumstance and hopefully, the movie police will lock her up after this stinker. i mean, how dare the marketing department of universal to compare skeleton key to the work of roman polanski in his prime? i've seen the trailer and it just looks like a spooky version of an oprah tv movie or at least, something to flip by on lifetime while getting to comedy centeral.


At 1:33 AM , Blogger Brooks said...

SOOO agreed on that Mos Def jam. It may very well be my all-time favorite rap song.

At 1:44 AM , Blogger MitzieBitchie said...

uhmmm..you got me thinkin bout that huh?..catch me in my profile.. gimme some smart kick-ass comments sweetie!..

At 7:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Giambi has been tested several times throughout the season. More then the avergae player.He admitted to using them. Raffy did not and then went on to attack Canseco and governement. Give the guy a break.

At 7:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Giambi has been tested several times throughout the season. More then the avergae player.He admitted to using them. Raffy did not and then went on to attack Canseco and governement. Give the guy a break.

At 12:04 PM , Anonymous feaverish said...

My local library has Le samourai on VHS, and I've probably seen it half a dozen times. It's pretty good. Not as good as Le cercle rouge, or even Le doulos, but good nonetheless. Alain Delon is awesome, as usual.

At 3:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"almost famous" with kate hudson, billy crudup, the scary chick from "the craft", and that fargo lady is the only kate hudson movie i like. but i'm willing to concede it may be for the music and era going on rather than her.


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