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Aug 11, 2005

dracula's nightmare

rachel mcadams tries to cover up the fact that not only is everything is given away in the trailer for her new film, red eye and how much it'll probably suck by making a wacky face. yet, it only shows her fear of failure. i thought the movie or at least a majority of it would take place on a plane and it'd be this crazy claustrophobic thriller, but now that i see they're running around on miami and shooting bazookas at each other; not even gonna waste a movie pass on that business.

it's official, dudes. casey, the girl who lives in laguna beach's version of scarface's mansion and has fake hair on the new season of mtv's laguna beach does in fact have the same last night as your humble narrator (proof [via pink steel & oh they didn't]). i don't know what's worse, this or the fact that the angels' have a player in their farm league also named, doug reinhardt and sadly, he's from the greater southern orange county area as well. so now, i know how homer simpson felt.

i honestly don't know what's worse, hanging out with a bunch of smokers and having your clothes smell like smoke when you get home or doing a writing session in a starbucks and your clothes smell like starbucks when you come home. its pretty much the same thing. sure, i could've sat outside and did my writing session, but just you know that i would've been roped into helping out the lady who locked her keys in her car, if i was outside. inside, it was easier for me to quietly laugh at the situation.

it's sorta like the time this old guy asked me to help him get this cap off his engine but i had to catch a bus and the busdriver told me that'd she want for me, but i didn't want to be late because i had a test i hadn't study for yet, so i just pretended to turn the cap and just say, "oh, it's stuck on there really well. sorry, gotta go to school." it's not like i didn't want to help the guy; i just wanted to get to school and i think i had to probably buy a scantron as well.

i can't speak for everybody and their own personal scene, but out here, last summer, there were napoleon clones. honest to goodness, dudes dressed like napoleon dynamite out here. i mean, i didn't know what was worse: the constant "gosh"es or the lamey in snow boats and wrestler paints at a rilo kiley show. now, this summer it's andy milonakis core. so dudes will be out there wearing their fannels in 100 degree telling people not to call them pee head.

fuck your brangelinas, your tomkats, your bennifers, your vinnifers (that's vince vaughn & jennifer aniston), america's favorite new couple is the killer bees, mischa & rachel. the soundtrack for my fantasy is this album, in particular, "r.i.b." because it's the best song air never recorded, yet it's eon mckai[nsfw] style.

related, ever notice how you never see ben mckenzie hanging out with the killer bees and adam brody. i understand not wanting to hang around the killer bees for extended periods of time because there'll be alot of conversations about stuff in the latest issue of us weekly and this really cute thing they saw at kitson because how much you can listen to that without wanting to shove a pen into your hand? now, i'm wondering if ben mckenzie never hangs out with them because they all think that adam brody is hysterical and ben mckenzie only think he's sorta funny and when you're hanging out with adam brody, you feel force to laugh at his dennis miller esque observations about pop culture or is like adam brody basically like ryan seacrest, really self obessesed and into his things; like he'll talk your ear off about this thing he read by chuck klosterman and then how his band has a show next month and he's pumped for it and how he really wants you to be there.

i don't know, but it seems like ben mckenzie is the 'katie holmes' to adam brody & the killer bees' 'michelle williams, joshua jackson & james van deer beek' minus the whole fake marriage to tom cruise thing.

and with that folks, i'm off to watch the aristocrats.


At 9:58 AM , Blogger Dan said...

You heard the Aqua Teen Hunger Force inspired collabo between M.F. Dooom and Danger Mouse, the creatively titled Dangerdoom? It's interesting, specially the track with Ghostface.

At 10:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm all about rachel mcadams. i'm seeing that shit. also, am i the only one that notices that alex h. totally crushes on kristin?

At 11:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason that Doug Reinhardt and Casey Reinhardt both share the your last name is because they are brother and sister...I know them both personally...they live in a huge mansion in Laguna Beach and are spoiled rotten by their stepdad


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