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Aug 30, 2005

holdin' a jar

has anybody else been a victim of this go to the gap and try on a pair of awful jeans and get a free itunes download business? you see, since i'm not too terriblely bright, i thought from the comercials, that for every pair of jeans you try, you get an itunes download. call me a jeans snob, but i only rock levis these days and if i was a rich man, a pair of citizens of humanity, so i'd never be caught dead wearing a pair of jeans from the gap. but if trying on a pair or two, lets me download a couple of kelly clarkson jams free of charge, then baby, you caught me red headed. so when i was in there, i took five pairs of jeans, went into the dress room and really did every pair i brought with me. you know, i didn't want to seem like some weirdo just hanging out in a dressing room for a minute or two. so i finish up with the jeans and hand them over to the lady, whose job is perhaps the creepiest job ever cause she hangs out in the dressing room. what a perv, but anyways, i hand over the jeans and say, i tried on 5 pairs, then the woman hands me one measy download card, "sorry, it's only one per customer." if its going to be one download per customer than say on your stupid inside store adverts, 'one per customer.' don't fill people with false hope that they may have found a way to beat the system and score most of the new death cab record free of charge. you know why not instead of joss stone butchering a classic, she sings, "one download card per customer." i call bullshit on the gap and i'd call bullshit on apple, but i figure they'd destroy my computer from the inside out.

wouldn't it be weird if like joana newsom and antony of antony & the johnsons had a kid and it sang like bo bice or something? in a perfect world, that would happen.

i dunno who actually has been watching the show, "kill reality," but apparently shit is getting interesting[via defamer]. yet, i have a problem with this show and perhaps, the 14:59 party crew. can anybody explain as to why all these women are having sex with johnny fairplay? if it wasn't for his awful collection shirts from miller's outpost with wacky zingers, i'd think johnny fairplay is a homeless man. he's malnurioused, consistently drunk and look as if he hasn't washed his hair since he was on "survivor". is johnny fairplay so dependent upon alcohol in order to get laid? i just can't wrap my head around this concept and there's apart of me that doesn't want to actually understand why. you know, honestly, i just want johnny fairplay out of my life all together. i wish i could not be upset about this whole matter, i just wish i could flip by the show and continue on past it, but, no, i have to wonder why women are willing to sleep with johnny fairplay. no i have to worry if people like trishelle are actually aware of what they're doing when they're with johnny fairplay; i have to worry if they've had too much drink and that they shouldn't be walking off with a individual like johnny fairplay. am i missing something? does he have a nice personality? or is his personality even nicer after about 5 or 6 shots of tequilla? does johnny fairplay have a monster in his pants?

and you see, this is why i think i'm becoming stupid because i can not get over my issues with a reality tv has been.

don't you hate it when the only people you can talk to about other people in your class is women? now, in certain situations, there are cool girls that you could probably say, "hey, you know that one girl in the front, is it me or does she wear sweat pants every day?" but other girls, i don't think you could have that degree of openness with them. and this is the current situation i'm stuck in. seriously, i'm thinking of having a camera crew follow me around for a week or two, then making another public access show out of it. not to show how boring my life is, you know that already, but to show exactly how weird everything else is around me.

i have a problem with the kids who bring their laptops to class. you see, i hear them banging away on their keyboard while i'm just listening to the lecture, which makes me feel bad because i'm not taking notes for this lecture. you know, should i be taking notes or did i already miss alot? then you get a look at these kids' laptops and they're just goofing on myspace and buying tickets for gwen stefani concerts.

ps. anybody going to that gwen stefani at the pon with m.i.a. openning? i'd go to see m.i.a. cause it's m.i.a. on my home court but at the same time, do you know how many 12 years old are going to be there? although, it may be the spot to pick upon ladies, if you're a dude who can act. i'd assume you'd have to win over the gwen-a-bes with your extensive knowledge of everything gwen. me, i'd just quit after a minute or two and just say, "yeah, i just came to see m.i.a.. i wanted to know if she has any new songs and i totally slept on her show in la last month."

and finally, a frequent collobatoer of mine, mark haslam has started a blog about how much it sucks in nothern california even though they have two amoeba musics. so check out hella awful


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