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Aug 11, 2005

it's the week to be hated

i don't know who's more hated upon this week: the cheap skate students at uci or angels' relief pitching?

scott shields' blew it last night and as of press time, brendan donnelly blew a four run lead in the seventh again; so now, the game is in knots and oakland will probably squaek this one out as well in extra innings. i know normally it would be a smart move to turn over to the bullpen after seven innings and a decent lead, but with the angels, if one thing is cooking, something else is broken. it's been that way the whole season, but honestly, right now, everything is broken. [editor's note: the angels did in fact lose it in the bottom of the 9th, 5-4; relief pitching blows]

i dunno, what's going on, but somebody at the angels is definately fucking up.

and sincerely, if you're a current quarter student at uci, fuck you. honestly, fuck you. i tried to go to the movies today, but i couldn't find a parking spot and i'm not a person who likes to park up close or actually near the place i'm going. i park very, very far away; like people get mad at me because i park so far and they hate having to walk that far. so in anything, i want a far away parking spot that i could pull all the way through. i don't do reverse; if one is to go forward with their life, they shouldn't have to go backwards to do so.

so yeah, i'm picky at where i'm parking but that's okay because i have a fear of dinging of anybody else's car while backing out.

okay, so i'm driving where i normally park to go the movies, but the whole place is full and if you didn't know, the movie theater is right across from uci and i guess, the new quarter just started. so i'm assuming that most of the people in the parking lot are cheap ass students who can't deal with paying for parking.

here's the thing about the southern california college experince, you're allowed to complain about three things: how the governator is fucking up and fees keep going up and up each semester; how professors suck and finally, parking. the parking at everybody's school sucks, but you have to deal with it. yes, i know the price for a parking pass is shitty and for that money, we should at least get our car washed once a month while we're in class. and undoubtledly, there's probably a 'lot a' somewhere on your campus. you know what during the first month or so of each semester/quarter, make best friends with it because there'll probably be plenty of parking there. walking an extra bit to campus isn't going to kill you; sure it may make you a bit sweaty and frankly, some of y'all could use the exercise to drop those freshmen 15.

so, in the future, don't park in the parking lot of a movie theater during the day because it throws a monkey wrench in my schedule. i mean, do they even take into consideration the bizzaro cult of people featuring myself who may still be on vacation and like to go to the movies during the day? nah, they gotta get to class and park for free. bitches.

it's not like i don't understand the necessity to park at some other spot because it's easier. you always park at the raplh's on pch, in order to go taco loco in laguna because parking is always so sketchy there.

and now,there won't be a third season of ali g as well. [via thighs wide awesome]


At 11:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

CHEAPSKATE STUDENTS? LMAO... first of all...

the quarter starts september 24th... not august 11th... sorry to burst your bubble... but it may have very well been an event where STUDENTS aren't even invited, like certain shows for certain business who hold conferences at UCI...

Secondly, parking permits are $440... not something a student can afford just out of no where... if you'd like, you can give me $440, and i'll park at UCI everyday... but until you can afford parking for all of us... keep your mouth shut.


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