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Aug 23, 2005

set us free

i'm sorry, but i have to officially say that if i actually put a bit of effort, just a little bit of effort into it and you know, learn how to parallel park (my driving instructor said that they don't test on it, so we didn't have to learn it) and maybe for once, shed this howard hughes persona i'm trying so hard to have, i could probably get with samaire armstrong yes, she was on "the oc" and "entourage" and she's in the next lindsay lohan film and probably, a million other dudes who are devendrabees (i dunno what else to call those dudes who dress like devendra banhart) are putting out the vibe and the moves, but the fact is this, samaire armstrong is partying at hanging jury on free booze night. free booze night, all right? so that says something about her. no, not that she's a cheap skate. we all love free booze. i remember this one time i went to a baseball game with this large group of people because somebody's dad worked for the miller brewing company and it was miller brewing company night or something, so they had a private little picnic area set up and basically, free beer and food. sure we ate, but mostly we drank all the free beer we could, because it was free beer. you see everybody loves free booze, so even if samaire armstrong dresses like that girl at urban outfitters you're affraid to talk about a particular brand of jeans for fear of feeling uncool and unhip, but you have to realize, samaire armstrong is like you and me, she likes to get fucked up and if at all possible for free. so if you see samaire armstrong somewhere in la and it's a bar and it's not free drinks night at hanging jury, buy her a drink or maybe a plate of nachos, she'll probably be grateful.

snakes on planes! snakes on planes who attack fat albert

anybody know what's up with rachel-bilson (dot)com? the site has been down for a few days and well, the people are getting anxious for a new photo.

let's face facts, people. i sweat. alot. either chalk it up to my anxiety issues, the heat or both, but alof the summer time i feel like i'm in sauna. so my shirt shelves are consistently wet and i'm always drinking water. i probably have a medical condition, but you know sweating is natural, right? but here's my thing, world, i'm asking you something. can you please be a bit nicer to us sweaty guys? we try extra hard with our deodorent, but the fact is that, we don't want our shirts to be covered with deodorent stains and frankly, the biggest bullshit ever is this '24 hour protection' business. so please be a bit more considerate of us at school, you know we gotta park in the boonies for the first coupla weeks and it's a long walk from lot g to campus and well. we got all over our water bottles (which would only be two bottles instead of four if smart & final would carry the liter bottles of fiji water again) and books and ipods in our backpack, so please don't make snide remarks if some dude has a big sweat stain on his back after he takes off his backpack. you know, we don't laugh at you guys when your piss your pants, so don't laugh at us. sweaty guys are people, too.

wait, i think i just killed my chances with samiare armstrong.

i think right now, all i can say about anything is that i'm having buyer's remorse. a week or two ago, i couldn't wait to get back to school. flashforward to yesterday, i'm driving around for 40 minutes to find a parking spot and i actually went to school early since i knew parking was going to be that outta hand, but its like, learning isn't fun when you have to show up 2 hours before your class starts, just to grab a spot. i mean, it's the downfall of college really, parking, but to complain about it, is like spitting in the rain. if anything, it just reminds me of when i used to take the bus to school. you'd get there at an hour before class but only because there was no bus in your time wheel house, if you will. and frankly, public transporation isn't always the fastest way to go.

so, i just hope that my new favorite people in the whole wide world start doing their jobs. so, college dropouts, start dropping out and making more in the parking lots for us weiner kids that want to learn.

although, with all of the free time i had, i gave a good listen to the new kanye album. no review, just a quick coupla snaps:
-the production, for the most part, is excellent. jon brion & kanye make an good team, but ?uestlove of the roots had the idea first.
-the song, "crack music," great beat, but a complete waste of the game. i mean, the game has more to say than, "it's crack music"
-"we major" is major and probably the best track on the album; its interesting to see a nas track after a jay track
-correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought i heard a ma$e diss in cam'ron's verse on "gone" or am i just imagining ma$e disses in my head.

but that dangerdoom album is as nice as a cool breeze on a hot august afternoon.

and why is diddy shouting all over on "what you drinkin' on?" paul wall doesn't have to shout and he gets his point across just fine.

back to school quickly, i'll say this because i still have a couple more days left of the first week. in my sitcom class, only me and one other guy seemed to be disapointed when the professor told us we couldn't write spec scripts for "arrested development." then like four other guys seemed disapointed about not being able to write "curb your enthunasim" spec scripts as well. it's like those are the two comedy shows i watch on a regular basis. i mean, i'd love to write an "zoey 101" spec script, but i'd probably have to make my professor watch that show and i'd get hated upon because it's "zoey 101" and they're not 11 years old.

heard black mountain playing at irvine meadows from my house the other night. sounded pretty killer. anybody seen them live before? i just assumed they'd play like 5 songs over the span of an hour or so.

the toolbox murders is playing at the new grindhouse beverly tonight.

two more snaps and then, i'm done:
-i finally figured out why i'm not enjoying the new season of "laguna beach" as much. sure, the lack of lo is definately no help. but it's like this, everybody seems to have that one set of friends who is a couple or at least has a friend involved with someone and it's like every time or at least every other time you hang out with that couple, they get into a fight about something and now, you sit around, pretending to comfortable while these two argue some rather dumb shit. and that's what this whole season of "laguna beach" has been, we have to week after week awkwardly sit there as jason and jessica fight and fight again over stupid bullshit. you know, i thought "laguna beach" was a show about goofy hot girls hooking up with 28 year old guys who are still in high school; not the same boring fights each week. you know, why can't we have a great shot of kristin & alex sticking their head out of the limo's moon roof? yet, we get a terrance malick like shot of jason and jessica fighting in a limo. first off, who the fuck crashes in a limo after it's done for the night? sure, the driver is paid for the whole night, but isn't there a certain point where he wants to go home and sleep? "sorry hun, can't leave yet. there's some drunk kid asleep in the back and they sliped me an extra 20 to let him crash there a while longer. i mean if "laguna beach" is going to continue this charade as a reality show, they set up more interesting or at least more believable phoney situations. let's have a scene where alex tries to make out with kristin or at least brings some awkward up in the conversation.
-okay, who saw "my super sweet 16" last night with the triplets? remember the dream boat guy, michael born and how excited the triplets were to invite him to their party? then at their party, they all sorta lose interest in michael born because he couldn't remember their names or at least tell them apart, which is utter bullshit. those girls lost interest in him because he came to the party dressed like a njguido; i mean, whose going to be into a guy who wears a shirt that even simon cowell says is too tiny and tight even for him? these triplets realize that even a dude is a dreamboat, he may still dress like a guido's nightmare and frankly, that's not attractive to anybody.


At 6:41 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Think Cam is dissin' Mase with that churchboy line? Or something else? Especially given what Jim Jones recently had to say about Mase possibly joining G-Unit (what the fuck is that about?), I wouldn't be surprised. Then again, 'Ye isn't exactly on the beef tip and has gone on record as saying that Mase was like his favorite rapper ever (and him on the Jesus Walks remix), so I dunno.

And hey, how bout the mixtape kingpin Saigon starting his 3 episode guest run on Entourage on Sunday? Ain't that some shit...

At 10:00 PM , Anonymous Danielle said...

I went to the Irvine Meadows show on Sunday! I missed Black Mountain, although on the way I could hear them too and they sounded very good. Coldplay were awesome. That's really cool that you can hear the music from concerts... except that I know System Of A Down are going to perform there soon. That's not bound to be very fun for you, haha.

By the way, I love your blog! You sound very down to earth and honest. And about Laguna Beach, i agree. Those fights are getting pretty annoying, Jessica needs to stop pouting and being so obnoxious.

At 9:57 AM , Blogger The Unknown WAFS Editor said...

Samaire Armstrong is a total hottie. I think thats what I like about her....she just dresses casual, doesn't really give a shit, and she's hot doing it.

At 11:26 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought they tested on parallel parking. i got tested on that mess.


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