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Aug 12, 2005

these words

this is the last rachel bilson photo for at least a week.

this is new photos of keyra augustina aka that girl with the backdoor which bangs like a bengie(nsfw) [via double viking & fleshbot]

this could be one of the funniest casts in motion picture history: will farrell & sacha baron cohen together in the same movie, crazy

this is supposed to be read while listening to either natasha bedingfield's "these words," or young jeezy's "thug motivation 101"; you know whichever one helps you get your rocks off.

this is a nsfw photo of diora baird that reminds me of catherine deneuve in bunuel's belle de jour [via jaggle]

this is why bill murray gets to make quality movies more often

this is taylor nergon and along with gilbert gottfried and sarah silverman had me laughing the most during the aristocrats; highly recommended.

this is an ad for coffee bean; the caramel ice blended coffee drinks at both starbucks & dierichs coffee are horrible and appear to have no caramel in them whatsoever; while the coffee bean ice blended caramel mocha is packed to the top with gooey goodness.

this is not a love song, but i think i could find one for her

this is my favorite video to watch while listening to air.

this is the blog you need to read at least 10 times a day because it's that good.

this is the dumbest movie idea ever, but if it got the dude a bit closer to drew, then coming soon to a local film fest, t and me; my quest to hang out with mr. t or suicide doors: my quest to date a suicide girl or deceptacon: my quest to date kathleen hannah.

this is the guy you want to bring in if you want to blow the lead in a game against your divison's arch rivals.

this guy too.


At 8:18 AM , Blogger Dan said...

No pic of Molina or K-Rod after yesterday? Although Shields definitely sucked ass on Wednesday night, tis true.

At 11:48 AM , Anonymous Peter said...

J'Adore Diora


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