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Aug 10, 2005

welcome to teh suck

first and foremost, does anybody know exactly when coffee bean will stop serving the redonklicously delicious banana carmel ice blended drink? they say they're making them until the end of the summer, but like on what day will they stop serving them? like august 31st? the banana carmel is like crack and sucks to be you if you don't have a coffee bean in your neck of the woods. i'd honestly plan a trip just to come out of the states where there is a coffee bean just in order to have one before the summer is over. hit up jet blue and red eye it over here and red eye it back.

secondly, while i can't forgive the red sox cap, how cool is this dude? first off, he was one of the greatest sketch comedy shows of all time. well, two actually, but then again "the ben stiller show" being great depends on how you like your ben stiller; do you like the creative, young funny guy or the college educated angry man that he plays in every other film these days, but that's beside the point. and he's one of the best sitcoms in the history of world, and now, he works at bars in new york city. but it's official, new york city just won the world's greatest city award.

and thirdly, to the hater from the other day, obviously, you're not a golfer, because you would know that this place thrives on pretension, misspelled words, piss poor sentence construction, incoherent thoughts, rambling ideas and repetation. and you know, sometimes, it's a bit more fun to talk about how the success of jessica simpson represents another giant leap to the over all general decline of western civilazation as opposed to talking about how i freaked out the other night and had to have a friend drive me to the movies because there was a bro sausage fest party happening at the end of my block and i didn't want to drive by their party at the end of the night because i had an overwhelming fear that i might scratch their gigamorous trucks when i'm passing by and not to mention, being a nervous wreck while at the movies about dinging bros' trucks and driving home. and you know, it's a bit more fun to point people in the direction of a girl from the oc on myspace who has like eight billion photos of her and her party crew than talking about the sad & patheic nature of hef's hoe train on e!'s girls next door.

and for those who aren't hip to australian's nightmare, please check out this is spinal tap

i've always been a card carrying member of the 'i hate marcos siega' fan club, but i'm sad to admint his new film, pretty persuasion looks half way decent and i actually want to see it. anybody know if it's good or not. maybe a trip out to lee's will make the film worth it.

this goes to anybody with g5, don't you just know when your computer starts to sound like a plane taking off something bad is going to happen with the computer? not like the whole thing crashes, but like safari can't handle loading a myspace profile and freaks out and in a another window, you had a good portion of your update written, but you forgot to save it and now you're back at the drawing board.

if i were to tell that this is a russian mail order bride who just so excited to come to america and make some kind and lonely man so happy, you'd believe me, right? europeans aren't the world's snappiest dressers and sometimes, they sort mash up clothing ideas (speaking of mash ups, fuck those mash ups of the day that they play on indie 103; i heard the laziest thing on there the other day; the beach boys singing over "smells like teen spirit". while mash up remixes are fairly new, haven't we reached a point in its short life span where anybody using "smells like teen spirit" just screams amateur and hack; "smells like teen spirit" is the new "smoke on the water".) so you know they'll take some cool white track pants, a cami and stuff their feet into a shoe thats at least two sizes too small. well, actually, this isn't a russian mail order bride, it's mischa barton and its probably a few years old, but seriously, she should find out whoever took this photo and just sue the pants off them.


At 10:09 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Fuck the haters. Haven't heard the new Killa Cam tracks, tried to find 'em on iTunes last night and couldn't find 'em. And I share your apprehension about the new Kanye album-- on one hand, I think it could rule the world, but then I read his whole "I want to be all things to all people" comments, and I just start thinking it's gonna be wack as fuck.

At 11:34 AM , Blogger Brian said...

Pretty Persuasion was a solid movie. Very, very dry humor - not the kind you laugh out loud to. The plot ends up being rather clever, too. I saw it a few months ago at the Seattle International Film Festival.


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