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Aug 31, 2005

you know you can own this world, child

i'm just wondering if there's a proper way to rock out to suff off of the def jux label? cause i'm standing in my living room, holding a remote control while i lip sync to mr lif verses and i believe that's not the right way to do things.

ghost unit: best mixtape artwork of the year, hands down; over at black wallstreet, if you buy the game's album again, and mail the receipt and cover, he'll autograph it and send ya a copy of ghost unit or you could just wait until the thing hits the torrent circuit.

dear willowz,

if i was rich, desperate for attention & approval by people i don't know and had an mtv camera crew following me as i planned my super sweet 16 birthday party, i'd have you play. it'd be killer. you could play "keep on looking" as i'm escorted into the party by trixie teen[nsfw]. seriously, it'd be amazing. you'd sell so many records after being on mtv and all.

it'll never happen, but if you guys need to somebody to buy your beer and i happen to be in the greater anaheim area at the time, hit me on the low.


douglas reinhardt

ps. is michel gondry as cool as he seems?

dear trixie teen,

well, it'd be a bit redunant if i wrote another open letter, but i wanted to use it as a jumping off point. okay, last week, i mentioned something about a girl from my school being naked on the internet, but this isn't the first time that i know of, that somebody from my school has been naked for the whole internerd community to gawk it. maybe this one only applies to southern californias, but i want to say in the late 90s/early '00s, there was a girl who ran track at school, that worked as a stripper on the side and she was in playboy after she got kicked out of school. so with that said, i must admint that there's this weird sexual undertone at my school nowadays. at times, i feel like if i spent enough time snooping around, i could probably turn something up and be like, 'booya!' then again, who else am i going to tell about my grand discovery other than a text message to my friend mark? this is another reason why i need to have a camera crew following me around.

yet my consistent pleas for a reality show hopefully are not coming off like those weiner kids on that upcoming mtv show about reality tv. you know that my life is beyond boring and i'm repeating myself again, but i don't think i'm funny and i don't think i have a unique & interesting prespective on life. i just want people to come to school with me a couple of days, see all the things i see and be inside the car as i have my panic attacks. its one thing for me to tell you about the bros in the giganmrous trucks with tires that are taller than eva longoria, but it's another thing to see them in their uniform (giantic dickies shorts, which are more like shants), boat size black skate shoes with tiny black socks, and if they're super cool, a basketball jersey that says something about pimping on it or west coast customs.

fuck, what we need is like video blogging. so if any industrious young come getter in the computer industry with loads of money lying, tom from myspace, i looking in your direction, wants to help develop the future of blogging, then holla at me. although, it should be noted that the whole concept of video blogging sounds unique and interesting, but actually what it will amount to, is a bunch of shaky camera by yours truly and zoom ins on indie girls as they walk to class.


At 7:00 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Have you heard that mixtape yet? I heard that new song featuring Dr. Dre last night (it's ok), but what I'm really wondering about is that Crack Music remix and whether the Game says more than three words. I'm imagine he does, seeing as how it's his mixtape and all, but ya never know with these things...

At 12:58 PM , Anonymous Pedro said...

Please, Douglas, please 86 Courtney Semel. Chick has No Buzz.

At 6:09 PM , Anonymous mark said...

I'd totally like to get that text though.


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