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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Sep 30, 2005

like a rolling stone

while i didn't fully understand all of the little moments and most likely resolution from the previous season, i must say that i've become hooked on the show, "veronica mars". so are you happy, e!'s kristin veitch, that i'm finally watching your favorite show. will you please leave me alone kevin smith & joss whedon because while i'll probably skip out on your latest releases (i mean, has kevin smith made anything decent since chasing amy?), but i'll watch what you consider to be the best show on television. i can honestly say that i had no clue what was going for a majority of the show, but the ending of the season premiere, i have to come back for more. literally, what a cliff hanger. sure, the show had smart writing, solid acting, cameos by steven flippin guttenberg and a outta control charisma carpenter, but what i liked the most about the show, is the fact that they actually shot exteriors in san diego. what a fucking concept. a show that takes place in suburban san diego actually shoots in san diego when they have to do big scenes in san diego. you look at the way a show like "the oc" treats location shoots, let alone, company moves, and it would seem like its the plague. making the 45 minutes to hour long drive from la down to newport beach isn't so awful and i don't think it would be that expensive either.

look at "veronica mars," a upn show, probably with no budget and is forced to hire past contentests from "america's next top model" in a bit of network syngery (how awkward was namia's performance and she was a favorite of mine), yet it manages to make the 90 minute journey down to hell diego for exteriors. dude, they even bring the gutte down to s.diego, how killer is that? the chances of like driving around newport and spotting the oh so bushy eye borrows of pete gallagher as he films a scene? probably never.

i think that remains to be my main problem with "the oc". sure, i could forgive the horrible storylines, if they just came down to orange county for a day, even with a skeleton crew and shot actual exteriors from orange county. you can't shoot the del amo fashion center and tell me it's south coast plaza; that's like saying all rap music is the same, it's like telling me its raining when really, you just have the sprinklers on. honestly, is it a matter of not getting the necessary permints to film in the orange curtain? dude, the film comission office is based out of my school or at least gets their mail there, so i can put in a good word or two when i'm there today.

for as beautiful as manhattan beach is, its nots as beautiful as newport; think about that, josh schwartz.

i got an email the other day from mikel p from most people are djs (check out the one called "half a life") and asked me about the lack of reviews for this season of "the oc". i mean, i have been vocal about the show being extremely boring this season. for example, last week, i checked out during most of the episode cause busy philipps was the one who replaced shannen doherty on some sitcom and she had dark hair, which was even weirder. then we had thursday's episode, the one where marissa enters public school. allow be the first or at least third to say, that the orange county public school system isn't as terrible as the show made it out to be. you're reading the work of a product of the system and minus a few spelling errors and run on sentences here and there, i turned out pretty okay. once in the school, marissa meets the girl gang, who come off as an after school version of jack hill's classic switchblade sisters. first off, if we're gonna have a gang, especially a girl gang and we're in the oc, why not make a mexican girls gang? and i'm not suggesting this because i would like to see an actual hispanic actresses portray a hispanic character (holla at theresa), but instead, it would be more interesting to see a mexican girl gang on tv instead of a bunch of chubby white chicks in black t-shirts. yes, they are a gang, but can't the costume department be a little more creative than "ummm, we'll just put them in a bunch of black shirts". here's the thing, if you see a bunch of people who flash mean mugs and wear pink shirts, you're gonna be more scared than you were in the first place cause those guys don't need scary colors to be scary, they can make up beat, reese witherspoon movie colors into something you see in your nightmares. so first and formost, let's just step out of the box a little bit more when it comes to costuming.

while at public school, marissa also meets up with the bizzaros. yes, people, its only the fourth episode of the third season and we're already meeting the bizzaro seth, the bizzaro summer and the bizzaro ryan. i mean we didn't meet bizzaro jerry until like the second to last season of "seinfeld" and larry david had left already by then. are these guys so out of story ideas that they're already bringing bizzaros? and it's not like these bizzaros are funny like on "sealab", they just only enchance why you hate the orignials in the first place. take that back, it just makes me hate seth cohen even more.

then the big twist that jeri ryan is a grifter, trying to scam kirsten out of some money. boring. is jeri ryan gonna run a flim flam job on julia pompernickel bread next week as well? how are you writers running out of things to do each week? do you guys spend all your time using the lot's super cool super fast wifi connection to download bob dylan albums onto your nanopods and when it comes time for a table read, all of you just pound something out as if you've just had the greatest party ever and your parents about to show up at the front doorstep? is it like that? seriously, guys, steal stuff from these guys. they're probably onto something a little more brills than what ever you got cooked from the rest of the season.

but i have to admint, the only positive about this season remains to be the performance of rachel bilson. say what you will, but she's the only one getting some what decent material on the show, and god bless her, she's actually acting her little heart out; although she could stand to eat a few sandwiches from lee's every now and then.

mark haslam told me to check out wolf parade and went on to talk about its modest mouse vibe and what have you nots. when i hear things like 'modest mouse'ish, i head to the hills. modest mouse is just a band i associate with jock guys who think they're cool jocks because they listen to modest mouse and wear hemp necklaces. i remember there used to be this weiner kid on kuci who had a show and he'd have 'mandatory modest mouse' where he'd play some song from them and that just struck me as really pretenious because what has modest mouse done to achieve mandatory marley @ 4:20 status other than having the double m's? but i'm getting away from my point about wolf parade, you see i thought i wasn't going to like them because there was a modest mouse connection, but the record while a smidge over hyped is still a good solid listen. now, i just worry that i may actually like modest mouse and soon after, i'll be wearing hemp necklaces and flip flops.

dude, what exactly happened to brooke burns? first, everybody confused with m.i.t's finest science project, brooke burke, then she hosted some lamey reality show, then she dyed her hair and dated bruce willis, then she was on "the oc: hawaiian style" then got canceled in two months and now, she just looks like felicity huffman from "desperate housewives" not actually like felicity huffman, but like the character she plays on that show; you know, always at home with the kids, driving her bonkers and she's constantly popping pills to keep it together and now she has like her daugther style her hair cause its quality mommy and me time and she goes to hiliary duff parties cause her kids would just die for an autograph from haylee (they love napoleon dnyamite).

dunno what's hotter: this girl or a kool g rap album produced entirely by dj shadow and by dj shadow, i mean, like unkle/"entroducing..." era dj shadow, none of this post "the private press" drum & bass lovin' dj shadow business; and it's not a situation where you can say, well they're both hot, you have to pick one. me? i'm just like you; it's like picking a favorite child

has anybody ever seen the rakes and art brut in the same building before? cause i think they're the same band or at least the same guys are both in bands but they muck up the line up a bit and the art brut drummer sings in the rakes cause basically, they're the same bands, right? art brut made a better album, but "strasbourg" is a great single. never the less, i don't understand the rakes' hype. steve aoki, you need to send the memo out again.

can somebody please explain to why am i not hearing "destroy everything you touch" by ladytron all over the radio, on tv and, in movie trailers? that tune is amazing and i think everybody would dig upon it; just don't use it on "the biggest loser" or any gym commercials.

okay, either remember back to school or just relate this to one of your current classes, know that guy in class who is always talking and raising his/her hand and what not and as you sit in the back of the class, you just hate on that dude from taking up the professor time, thus making you get out of class later than you would've normally? i think we can all say that we've had that guy in a class, but here's the thing, i think i've become the guy in the class who won't shut up. i always have something to say or some little comment to throw in and frankly, i'm sorta hating on myself for always been talkative. you know, i wonder if i didn't say anything, would the class go by a lot faster or would it grind to a complete hault? and i try to be quiet. i try real hard, but you know, i just feel compell to say something because nobody is talking. i also wonder, does everybody in the class hate my guts because i'm talking too much or what? occassionally, i got punchlines, but still, i dunno, if everybody else wants to hear about me talk the marriage of violence & comedy in the films of tarantino or like talking about the diplomats and how with the right marketing and single, cam can be as big as jay-z.

it should be noted, that i get star struck very easily and by the stupidest things as well. the other day, i saw 'the chainsaw' from a texas chainsaw massacre film and i was sorta speechless. i saw a bunch of guns that were probably used in mr & mrs smith, a film i never saw, yet i was still star struck by these objects. one time, i got star struck over somebody being a photojournal of the band, hellogoodbye (this was way before, they were talked about on the real world); like i knew the person for a few weeks before i realize that she was on the photojournal, then everything sorta changed or at least for half an hour, things were different. you know, i thought i was in the midst of an internet celebrity. although, over time, the star struckness fizzled out and frankly, i don't even talk to that person anymore. yet, here's my thing, if i want to work in the industry of celebrity and i get star struck by prop masters, how am i ever going to be successful? "oh man, you worked on harold & kumar? that's so cool. i never saw it, but still, very cool" everybody likes a lil' car washing now and then, but i don't think it'll give me the legs to stand. if i were to ever pitch a reality show about me, it'd basically be the orignial pitch for "seinfeld," a show about how a comedian gets his material. see that would be my show too, cept throw in random celebrity interviews. but i dunno, if i could do that. chris farley pretty much wrote the book on star struck interviews.

Sep 28, 2005

rue the weekend

just a heads up to all southern californian people....

the southbound hollywood freeway (the 101; the one you use to go to amoeba music) will be closed from this friday night at 10pm to monday oct 3 at 6am.

there were a bunch of alter routes list in the paper about the closure, but i fully don't understand them, but just in case you're out hollywood way this weekend, you may want to get alt directions miminzing your 101 usage.

and yeah, "lost" was good, but it wasn't 'dude, i have to wake you up at 8 in the morning to talk about it' good.

and for those who've been scoring, i'm finally gonna watch an episode of "veronica mars". i just hope it isn't like the time i watched "gilmore girls" cause i watched it for 15 minutes and there was some asian girl trapped in a closet (and not kells steez either) and i was just utterly confused.

rue the day

you know how paul wall is always talking about the girls from houston, you know, boppers. do you think he means these girls cause i never really thought much of them texas girls. you know everything's big in texas: big hair and big fake boobs is what i assumed. then you got texas girls like jessica simpson who has an ass chin and is super annoyning, but if like most texas girls are like this, then i'm looking for summer internships out there

as some may know about my obessesion with mtv's quest for us, the viewers to pick the next great reality show. you know, the show that we're gonna all write about how amazing it is and buy the dvd of and have viewing parties, but here's the problem, none, well i shouldn't say, but most of them are extremely boring. that miss teen usa is interesting cause she's hot or at least in her mini episodes, she's hot cause she has good hair and, we all know that nick roses is the clear winner out of all these shows. cause, dude is nick roses. like i remember there was a guy at my high school with a really cool name and i used to say it alot because, you know it was one of those great movie character names that only people in movies should have and that's what nick roses is; he's just a character from some movie we haven't seen yet. he may not be a main character, he may even be a super villian, but what ever version we got of it now, we should latch onto and watch until, well it gets canceled.

and it doesn't seem like very much effort is being put into making these mini episodes. it just feels as if raw footage was given to a junior high video production class and was instructed to go nuts with adobe premiere or like imovie. and just the show ideas seem horrible, example, the show about the girl living with her new husband above a funueral home. you know what it reminds me of a bad freddie prinze jr movie. when did anybody ever go watch a freddie prinze jr movie? well, okay, she's all that was all right, but it was only because of that scene on the beach where there's a guy playing frisbe with his german shepard and the dog won't give the frisbe back and like the part where that culkin kid yells 'sega!' cause when was that movie made? what like 1993? but that movie aside, when did you actively seek out the prinze man? never. so why would you want to watch a reality tv show about a sorta cute girl living in a bad sitcom idea. even when mtv tries to phoney up these shows with their horriblely looped lines, it still doesn't work. mtv, listen to me, we, the people can't pick a quality reality show because you gave us nothing but chicken shit to choose from.

now why can't one of the reality choices be a show like "transgeneration"? now that show is weird, but weird in a good way. half the people on the show look like the dude from le tigre. its awkward and uncomfortable, but its still compelling tv. as opposed to some hippie hanging out in nothern california telling me how i'm destroying the environment every time i drive my car.

for those keeping score, i went to the valley yesterday. i survived. i lived and oddly no panic attacks, but alot of sweaty palms though. as for the fate of the fudruckers, well that project became teen cop, a story of a 15 year old, jet clownkicker who is an undercover police officer working on a major drug ring at his high school. so if anybody wants to make a movie about a kid detective and a pesky news reporter (summer verano) and her loyal camera man (clinton arbuckle) who are always trying to bust teen cop's chops, then give me a call.

the only thing i'll say about the valley, is this, cause i went way into the valley, it's like the 2 freeway or whatever its called, begs to be speeded upon. like when you finally get onto the 2 after being in a crush of big rigs and trucks on the 5, it's like awaking heaven when you get there because there are four completely empty lanes or at least those who are in the lanes are moving at a decent speed. so you just zoom along and you're kicking yourself because you're in la county and most of the freeways and streets of la county are so fucked up that you honestly can't believe they got something right for once.

but you see, once again, for those keeping score, i went down to universal city and that whole area around the hollywood bowl and it just kicked ass, artie fufkin style. i'm getting a little better as a driver each day, but that whole area just sent me into a shame spiral, that i had to high tailed it back to the orange curtain. i just don't get the narrow two lane roads of la.

did anybody catch the american office last night? i know everybody hates nbc, mainly because of their horrible phoney radio show ad campagins as of late, but seriously, the american office has to be like the third funniest show on television right now. but back to those commercials? are they working on anybody? is anybody convienced that they gotta tuned into "surface" cause three stereotypical un morning zoo morning zoo jocks were talking like they were your friend? is it supposed to have that effect? not only is making me not want to watch these shows, but it's driving me to the point where i may have to take it out on jason lee, if i ever see him in person.

and now that the angels won the west, we have to play the no whammies game with boston. yes, red sox suck, but can you let slide missing a bunch of your shows to watch a lamey like manny ramierz run around the field like a kid who just took a dump in pants in october? no, i don't think so. boo red sox, yeah everybody else.

Sep 27, 2005

for british eyes only

as of this post. i've already watched last night's episode of "arrested development" two times already. god bless mitchell hurwitz and god bless the man who invented the dvr.

yet, the problem or at least the problems i'm running into living this dvr/digital cable lifestyle. now the whole concept behind a dvr is to watch tv on your schedule, not theirs. but when coupled in with digital cable and the extremely unnecessary 12 different hbos (i just need the one that plays c.y.e. and "extras" [although, why is hbo airing extras out of order because i wrote a paper on the show based upon the orignial bbc airing schedule and this'll probably cause some sorta confusion for the instructor grading my paper, but oh well]), basically, i'm never going to leave the house since the dvr has freed me to watch other shows. i got "prison break" on my hard drive, so i can goof off and watch something on ifc or like g4 tech tv or something else that is completely stupid. i swear that the dvr and digital cable is going to be the second cause of obesntiy in america right behind video games. why get up when you can watch troy followed by the butterfly and inbetween those two, you could catch a couple minutes of you got served. those are horrible movies that i'd probably never ever spend my time on in my life, but hey, i'm recording "laguna beach," so maybe i can afford to finally see you got served and folks, i was floored by that movie. not by how awful it was, well actually, yeah, but, i mean, like the basic editing structure of that film or at least the twenty minutes i hung around for, it was music cue of a popular song that went on for way too long. usually, a music cue should either carry one out of a scene or into a scene, like 15 to 30 seconds tops unless it's like "the oc" or something stupid. but like you got served played that ludacris song, "stand up," well i think they played the whole song and it went over at least three different scenes and it wasn't even cut like a montage or anything, it just seemed like the editor or somebody really dug that song and they had just left it in from an assembly cut of the film. but then you watch a little more of the movie and it just basically follows that formula. one or two scenes of dialogue, a bunch of shots of characters talking with some song playing in the background. and this level of filmmaking is something on par with like high school kids, yet, it's on skinamax and i have yet set up to notify me when its on again.

you know, i've been living in an hbo, skinamax free world. i miss flipping around and hearing people say, 'fuck' or the random set of fake boobies from a movie called, emmanuelle vs dracula and frankly, i think i may never leave my house again.

well, actually, i will because outside of like hbo and ifc, what else is there with digital cable? fuse? that channel never plays videos or at least they play videos, but there's shows and stupid lists built around the videos they show and the thing about the fuse network is that they relish in the whole mid 90s mtv vj with only a first name thing. "hey, it's dylan with ya on the f-list". its pretty douchey, but then again, carson daly ruined the coolness of vjs in the first place. and like none of the movie channels show the movies letterboxed; its always full frame and you know, thats not really watching the movie.

um, okay, the big fight between alex h and casey reinhardt (no, we're not related) on "laguna beach" was so lackluster; i think its pretty safe to assume we all always thought that alex h was not properly groomed, so i mean, its not big deal to get all in my pseduo sister's grill. and how sad was stephen last night? like, i felt bad for the dude cause he kept on trying and trying and trying to win over, but its a lost cause. i'm just surprised that they didn't play beck's "lost cause," cause thats the official theme song of anybody whose down in the dumps.

like for me, when i'm down in the dumps, for some reason, that song always starts to play in my head or at least after all of these years of mtv reality shows, i've been trained after years and years of corny music cues and faux drama, that when i'm sad, i need to listen to "lost cause" by beck. why can't mtv help create another association songs for me and my life? like i was playing "rudie can't fail" by the clash all day yesterday because i felt like i was gonna throw up half the day and i was worried that i insisted some form of toxic after briefly placing a piece of packing tape in my mouth and i thought i was gonna be susan on "seinfeld" status. but i'm not sure thats the right exact from that moment in my life. i mean, can't the mtv people make like wes in a fit of anger over johana, like eat duct tape and get sick from it, so when the editors slide in the music for those scenes, i'll know what songs to play on my ipod when i'm having similar feelings.

and "my super sweet 16" was just weird; like homeless guy coming out of a taping of "politically incorrect with bill maher" weird; like seeing bill maher in real life weird. its hard to explain, but for some reason, i'm gonna have nightmares because of that one.

and finally, with everybody out there looking to save gas and finacial experts and car guys are talking about the best way to save gas is to slow down. it makes sense to slow down and i'm wondering with escalating gas prices, is it possible for the speed limit to go from 65 back to 55 and more importantly, will sammy hagar return with another heater of a single entitled, "i still can't drive 55" or will the red rocker pen another tune about how all we should drive 55 because we only got one earth, brother and some how there'd be a reference to tequilla in there, i'm not sure how it would work out, but you catch my drift.

Sep 26, 2005

big brat

this is not a still from an upcoming episode of ""arrested development" even though george michael (aka michael cera) is in it; it's actually from one of the best films i've seen so far this year (right behind broken flowers and a lil bit in front of the island) entitled, darling, darling. i believe it's making the festival circuit, just had a screening at the palm springs film festival, but this film is simply amazing; it just blew me away. so either email the people who run the site and ask them to put a trailer or like bug your local film festivals to show it or like your local ifc to show it cause this thing, like one minute of it is way funnier than three episodes of "the festival".

the "desperate housewives" backlash which in a small way had started before last night's episode, but after last night's episode, the backlash is going full steam ahead; talk about boring and uninteresting. frankly, its going to be a sad day on campus as our golden graduate, marc cherry struck out and struck out hard. its like him and the dude who co wrote pirates of the caribbean gave our school some cred, but now, i dunno, if we have any more cred and frankly, i'm not the one to bring any school cred, i just bring the sports teams bad luck. sorry charlie.

although, it should be noted: that the paradoy of "the oc" on "the simpsons" was the only funny thing on that whole show; i really wish they, being the oc kids would go to knotts on an episode. and much like the musicial montage on "the oc," the 'like the time, i...' bit on "family guy" is getting a bit worn out or they just over did it to make fum of themselves, either way, need to cut back a bit.

does anybody else feel like they have to either buy or watch the bob dylan/scorsese documentary, no direction home? for like cred reasons or simply for the fact, that you want to seem either cool or intelligent. the bob dylan documentary would make for sharper (if that's even a word) dinner party conversation as opposed your theory about the secret life of the featured extras on "saved by the bell". i was going to buy the dvd the other day, but then i saw a copy of zardoz for like ten bucks, so i was like, this movie is far moore goofy and weirdly, charolette rampling looks hot in it. and it's like, yeah, i like bob dylan, but i only own one album ("blonde on blonde") and like my favorite song of his is "like a rolling stone," so maybe it's not a smart idea to invest three hours of me and my dvr's time on this documentary or wait until christmas break (sadly, i'm already counting down the days until the semester is over), listen to more bob records, then watch the documentary.

of course, we've all seen the video for dre & snoop's way beyond classic, "nuthin' but a g thang", right? okay, remember that girl in the video that shows up to the basement party and they pour all that liquor all over her? doesn't this girl remind you of that girl? if like some young enterprising rock band was clever and did a paradoy of that dre video, they should hire this girl to be in it

yeah, "we got it 4 cheap volume 2" is nice, but when pharrell comes on over the "elevators" beat, the whole thing looses grinds to a complete hault. i like clipse. i like the re-up gang. i don't like to hear raps about how your favorite bands is the white stripes & r kelly or stupid chains or fucking models or skateboarding. thats the only thing i don't understand about pharrell or should i say, skateboard p; he complains about how nobody played anything from the last n.e.r.d record, maybe its cause half of the album was about skateboarding. why is he so obessesed with skateboarding? yes, we all have our obessession and frankly, its what got us our shine, but skateboarding, come on? i mean, how old is pharrell? like 30? unless he's a pro or is the manager of a skate shop, i don't understand the obessession. was he picked upon in high school for being a skater in high school? isn't this the same guy who wrote a verse or two on "rump shaker" while he was in high school? so why is he still reliving high school fantasies? i've heard a bit of his solo single with gwen stepahnie, it's pretty blah; is the rest of the album any good or is it gonna be the soundtrack for the next commercial from the sk8 park of nebraska?

okay, now this was a while back, but did anybody see that episode of "taraside lost" where she went to italy with her parents and they're making pizza at some traditional italian pizza place? okay, so remember the part where tara, her mother and her father are walking out of the resturant with their pizzas in hand and all of sudden, her father yells, "ah, you stupid jerk" (mind in you, in a bad italian accent)? let's be honest, you thought he was calling his daugther a stupid jerk and not the thing he ran into. there has to be some point in being the father of tara reid where you're embarrassed by what she has done with her career. there has to be a point where he has to have said, "where did i go wrong?" after he saw her with those gigantic basketballs inserted into her chest. or do you just let shit slide and hope maybe she'll get on a series that'll get pick up and there'll be a new house in it for you some where down the road?

well, this certainly puts a dent in my proposed spring break script, the fudruckers, a collection of rag tagged kids who wear alot of hawaiin shirts and have to travel back in time for some reason to save spring break; cause now the ying yang twins are making a spring break movie. i mean, what would you rather see 86 minutes of dudes making camel noises or 89 minutes of a chubby kid in a hawaiian shirt talking to himself(but from 5 days into the past version of himself) about not bombing some test cause it'll ruin the fudruckers' spring break.

the new mandy moore or at least mandy moore's new look or mandy moore's return to her old look or however my main man, billy bush spins it, is sorta like when you see your high school's female p.e. teacher at like taco loco with her partner. yeah, it makes sense, but its still a little weird. to me, the blonde strikes me as an act of desperation, then again, mandy moore always seemed desperate to me; like she'd call people up and ask them to go to her new movie and how much it'd mean to her and probably how she'll make you some cookies if you did. i bet you mandy moore has said, "but, i'll be your best friend," way too many times in her lifetime.

that or maybe zach braff makes chicks weird. after they break up, mandy moore will show up to premieres wearing an army jacket and grateful dead shirts.

i briefly watched the show, "extreme make over: home edition" the other night, and the show made me feel bad about myself. bad because here i am complaining and bitching about how i have to drive out to the valley later this week for a school project where as there's this guy who lost his leg in the iraq war and he's not complaining about anything. that guy has the right to complain anything and everything, yet there he is, living his life to the fullest. sure, i don't want to waste the gas on a trip out to the valley, but then again, i had steak & lobster for dinner the other night and an outta control latina was my waitress; i can't complain. wow, i have to go the valley and take pictures of movie props where are they are people right behind working a boring job or doing even more awful things. and i have to watch a ricky gervais show for homework as well as study larry david cause he's a central figure in my spec script.

Sep 23, 2005

neva eva

dude, they should've never gave me a working dvr cause i'm affraid that i'll never leave my house again. just push a few buttons and magically the whole season of "arrested development" is being recorded. its amazing. oh, you want to record the whole season of "lost," just press this button. how amazing is it.

to make matters worse, they gave me digital cable too. so now or at least for a few months, i have forty five versions of hbo and they were showing career oppurtunities on one of them and i was like, dude if i had know, i would've totally watched, but i'm busy watching napoleon dynmaite and not laughing at all.

and this is a sticky situation

we want in

first and formost, does anybody in the greater la area who works in the film industry know of a decent costume shop as well as prop house that is open on the weekends? i have a project due next week and from my research, all of the prop houses are only open during the work week and that only leaves me like a day to get down to the valley and find props & costumes for my phoney movie, fuddruckers (no relation to the resturant of the same name) which is either about and depending on the time of you ask me about it, it's either a movie about a group of crazy friends named 'the fuddruckers' who have to travel back in time to save spring break or its about a group of wacky friends named 'the fuddruckers' who try to save spring break, but a dario argento film breaks out in the process or its about a rag tagged, scrappy 5th graders who play soccer and their lovable loser of a coach; but i think mostly it's a movie about kids who have to travel back in time for some reason to save spring break and basically, the only props & costuming stuff i'd need (i'm just asking for like a photo, a business card from the establishment and like rental rates): a hawaiin shirt, some parachute pants, a keg, an apple 2 e, and a 80s style toaster (the time machine would be the computer, which the fudds would spend half their time playing "oregon trail" on and like the toaster hooked up to the floopy disk drive). so if you know of anyway, i can get a hold of these things from a legit prop house this weekend, i'd be your best friend and buy you two sandwiches of your choice from lee's

speaking of movies that don't make any sense, howard stern, the other day was talking about jon heder being in that new reese witherspoon and how nobody cares about him being in, then stern went off about how heder should just keep on making napoleon dynamite movies, like you know napoleon VS the terminator. okay, now as we all know hated napoleon, but frankly, i'd love to see napoleon VS the terminator movie. do you know how funny that would be? and from a governator prespective, doing a film like that, could be a great way to win back voters. or at least, make up some crazy back end deal like nicholson did with batman and pump the money back into the schools. just imagine teachers rallying around movie that will most certainly be consider one of the final pieces in the decline of the western civilazation, but you know, it'll help out the kids.

simple record reviews:
-the new ladytron album, "witching hour," oddly compelling. alot better than i thought it was going to be.
-the new franz ferninand album is only okay; the only interesting song is the last one cause it doesn't sound too poppy.

when i haven't been bugging mark haslam of hella awful about watching the "lost" season openner, i busy bugging him about the success of the new term, 'sticky situation'. he said that it needed some sorta visual defination of it, but frankly, defining a stick situation is rather hard because it's a bit more outta hand than 'outta hand' is its self but nowhere as outta control as 'outta control' is. you know, like a sticky situation is something that has got a little past outta hand, now its become a situation, and frankly, i dunno about you, but situations, especially the sticky kind can get way outta control. so like, sticky situation is the middle ground between outta hand & outta control or should it be somewhere else? i dunno. this however is a sticky situation because i think they're about 11teen and that jock guy behind them in the ugly shirt is about to hit on them

um, here are my trademark statements about last night's episode of "the oc" sucked; well it didn't really suck, it was just really boring; the only interesting thing is pending storyline about taylor tompkins (whose last name seems to change each time its mentioned) and the dean of discpline porkin'. as for everything else, it seems boring. and why can't marissa get jumped by a mexican girl gang at her new school, instead of a bunch of burn out white girls and a dude with shaggy hair? that seems infintely more believable than that. i mean, if the show is gonna take the marissa character to a sketchy school, then its probably in some place like garden grove or santa ana and a tall white girl would get jump all the time, unless she assimilated really quickly. that would be better tv. and can we please get a trial seperation from the musicial montages on this show? every three scenes, its another montage set to death cab or some other sleepy tyme tea rock act. yes, we all know the power of music, but you know what else doing a musicial montage means? lazy writing or you don't know how to convey the emotion you want to get across without using somebody's else words. sure, scorsese does it alot, but he earned that right. so when you guys making something that surpasses the brilliance of goodfellas knock yourself the fork out.

and no matter how good the beat for "ligthers up" is, let's keep lil' kim locked up forever and ever.

Sep 21, 2005


did you catch the "lost" season premiere?





damn you, damon lindelof for actually caring about the quality of your show and working really hard to an amazing season premiere and probably crafting a really follow up and not being on snooze control and letting somebody else run the show because you're off partying with rock stars and court side seats at lakers game and like all too busy preping your feature length directional debut, um josh schwartz.

and why are suicide girls quitting and being kicked off their website left and right as of late?

let's get known

anybody else wonder what sexy thing mischa b just told rachel b? probably involves mischa b dancin' in some underoos, cammy d steez lip syncing that new ashlee simpson and fed exing the video over to adam brody, cause you know mischa b didn't steal anybody's girlfriend. by the by, you know me and rachel b, but i have to say, that was not a good dress for her.

i have to ask how many people actually watched "my name is earl" last night? honestly, how could nobody know about this show being on last night? from the beyond awful 'phoney' anti morning zoo morning zoo radio banter comercials to the infamous talking ad in entertainment weekly. i honestly thought that nbc would reach beyond the desperation with promoting this thing that i'd hear jason lee say, "my name is earl," every time i left up the toliet seat. now, i have to ask, did anybody watch and more importantly, did anybody laugh? i know that pilot episodes are pretty rough when it comes to yokes cause they're too busy establishing the characters and the world of the show, but at least there could've been a decent one liner here or there. earl was not funny, but it was really weird seeing dan the del taco guy playing a gay character.

side note: one of the happiest days of my life was when i witnessed the filming of a del taco commercial at one of my area's five del taco (for every starbucks we have, we at least one del taco) and i got see to dan running around. it was weird cause i was going to in-n-out and on my way to in-n-out, i saw the whole thing going on, so i call robin brown and break the news. and he was like, dude, i know. i'm at the wendy's across the way. okay, maybe it wasn't weird for you, but it was weird for me because one of the few people i'd call about such a matter (although, with this incident, i called everybody i knew at the time) and for that person to be basically across the street from said thing. its sorta trippy.

and i'm probably in the minority with this because the america "office" was amazing last night. yeah, its not going to be as good as the uk version, but i think the show is going to establish its own office with the next couple of episodes.

another side note, my homework yesterday was to watch "extras" and i realize my life isn't so bad after all.

tarantino spills the bean on his team up flick with rodriguez, grindhouse; rodriguez is doing a zombie movie and it seems like tarantino is doing a retread on carpenter's christine, but at least tarantino is making something

like some of the time, i really don't think about the photo i'm picking to do a caption on. you know, it's i got a good joke idea and maybe it'll work for a caption and i just run with it, without really think if it'll hurt anybody. then you see girls like this, then you're like, um, i think they'd probably forget my name even if i tatattoo it to their right arm, cause you know, they have better places to go and hotter people to hang out with. ever run into a person like that at a party? they're so put off to be at the party and you're start to rap with them, but then you really can't hang cause they're smoking and they're talking about lame everybody is and like right after you leave, they're gonna talk about how lame you are, don't you hate that? well, most people that i run who are like that don't look as good as these girls, so they've sorta earned the right to be put off. or some random dude just came up and scream or said something to them and they went, 'okay,' and that dude's best friend is laughins his ass off in the corner, saying, "i can't believe he did that. he's got balls, dude, balls"

okay, i'm a day behind on things, so bear with me. okay, first off, "arrested development" on monday night was brills as was suspected, yet, i wasn't too impressed with the divo on "my super sweet 16" nor the throwdown in cabo wabo on "laguna beach. now if the red rocker, sammy hagar made a cameo on "laguna beach" and screamed something about not being able to rock at 55, then i would've been holy shit, best shit ever, fuck you very much cox for fucking my whole shit cause i don't have either a vcr or dvr to capture that moment forever and ever. maybe it was the mood i was in (full blown meltdown), but you know the scripted excitement of mtv reality was not doing it for me that night.

then you look at real world: austin, which basically has become real world san diego minus the definative outta controlness of one jamie chung, the drunken charm of b.rad and the ran man, the goofy green jeans of jacquesse and the ball punching of cameron. did the producers say to the real world kids, yeah, you're season is boring, like hanging out with a married couple while sober at a raging christmas party boring, so spice things up and get arrested, then like the two most drunken, stereotypical american males try to get arrested and be with the other one while in jail. its ridicilously uninteresting as well as uninspired. and i've been back and forth with this season for two reasons, there's a girl in a class of mine that sorta looks like melinda and it sorta weirds me out because i start to wonder does the girl who looks like melinda act like melinda in real life? then there's johanna. i've been on both sides of the fence with johanna; she's been hot, then she's not hot and now, i just came to the conclusion, she's just a kooky dresser. look at me, i wear leg warmers and my parka hood when i'm at resturant cause i'm so unique and different. if anything, johanna is basically the manager of an urban outfitters minus the shelve of tats.

then there's mtv's reality show where we the viewers get to pick the next great reality show. okay, a premise that sounds like great chicken salad, but what it has become nothing more than chicken shit. we watch mtv reality shows because they're phoney and they're scripted and they're carefully choregraphed and the best part about it, is that we don't have to decide who we are going to follow, the leg work has done by people who dress like assholes and ask you if you want to be on their lame dating shows. even if one of these potential shows seem interesting (nick roses, cause dude is named nick roses and that miss teen usa cause she's not quite outta control, but she's a little more than outta hand, if anything, she's a sticky situation) gets choosen, it's going to be boring after a single episode. and the rest of the potential shows are just utterly stupid: some guido whose allerigic to shelves gives advice to his nephew; i'm a ditzy young married woman like jessica simpson who lives in a funueral home like "six feet under," you know, i'm making myself mental over this. and andy dick is involved with this show and i'm just wondering, why no "the assitant" season 2? that was hiliarious. now i have to deal with the nasaly, pat o'brienish voice of dan levy who wears pee stained jeans way too much.

i know it's a bit adult contemporay, but how good is the song, "my name is love" by rob dickinson? when the podcast first started to download onto my itunes, i thought it was the guy from iron maiden, then i listened to it and i was like, oh wait, this was the music i had on when i was on hold with tech support the other day, it sorta mellowed me out.

a general heads up for the rain season or for any season if you live in washington state (haha), driving in the rain and sigur ros go hand in hand with each other. take it from me as i drove home the other night in the freak thunderstorm we had out here the other day.

if anybody is going to the palm springs film festival on thursday, september 21st, please check out colter freeman's, facility 4. now my opinion may be a bisased towards this film since i worked on (if you call eating red starbursts and ocassionally moving an apple box around, work), but seriously, its a really great film; really well made and what not.

and finally, back to the show, "laguna beach," over the past month or so, we've been learning more and more details about the new girl on the block, casey. you know, the goofy blonde with fake hair. its been revealed that me and her share a last name, but yesterday, i learned that casey reinhardt also has a brother, whose name happens to be doug as well. so please, let me put this out there, i am in no way related to casey reinhardt from the television program, "laguna beach". yes, she probably has an older brother named doug reinhardt, but believe me, kids, i'm not releated to her at all. i mean, check the technique, he goes by doug where as i'm douglas. although, if you know on a one on one level, you'd end up calling me doug and frankly, it doesn't matter too much unless its not written correctly on a paycheck.

and for christmas, i want to learn how to proof read.

Sep 19, 2005

bad things...

while the premiere of "arrested development" was all sorts of brills, your humble narrator is going through some major computer problems as of late. like my g5 has been booting up for over two hours now and i'm back on the laptop to internerd stuff.

but like my internerd stuff is only going to be for school stuff. so, i'll probably won't be around for the rest of the week.

this whole situation just makes me want the fact that our life is based around the internet and computers. its really frustrating because if you can't maintain a internet connection, you are basically nothing. i mean, remember when we were human beings?


good things & bad things

um, this should be pretty self explanatory. it's a list of good things and bad things, so happy rachel bilson equals good times where as mad rachel bilson equals bad times.

good things:
-mike mills' thumbsucker; don't take your time, we need another film from you, mike mills as soon as humanly possible and when are we gonna get a director's label dvd of your shorts and videos and how does one get an internship at the director's bureau?
-the idea of mariska hargitay playing janine lindemulder in a movie.
-the korean bell of friendship in san pedro. it's a sketchy drive, but the view is amazing. so you know if you're in the area and it's the weekend and its good weather. grab a couple of sandwiches and a blanket and just sorta vibe out. but don't be weird and like take off your shirt and make phone calls using your speaker phone, so everybody has to hear about how excited you are about your new job.
-latino 96.3, which i believe is southern california's first all or at least mostly reggaeton radio station.
-"across 110th street" by bobby womack
-these girls
-paul epworth remixes
-all dip set related records as of late; from juelz & cam's "murda murda" ('some good coke dawg/go get your base pipe/put on my laker jersey/and go rape white (number 8)') to the hell rell mix tape; it's strictly redicly from those dudes.
-new episodes of the best show ever, "arrested development" start at 8pm. don't forget. hopefully y'all set your dvrs up, i would set up my dvr, but cox communications sucks and this is exactly why i wanted to get a dvr in the first place, to record "arrested development" but i can't, oh well. tell a friend with a ratings box cause that would be amazing.
-conversations in parking lots late at night; doesn't it seem like the most meaningful conversations you have with people are at right after you say you have to take off but somebody brings up something and you keep on talking until there's no cars left in the parking lot and its really cold?
-doing a solid; whether it be flashing your brights to help a lost kitty kat find its way in the night or driving a friend to the dealership to pick up their car; its good karma. and you know, they owe you a solid back.
-tommy's mega combos (triple chilli cheeseburger, chilli fries and a 44 oz drink, if you go to one where you can sit down; if you go to the original location, its a 20oz drink)
-these girls, again

bad things:
-terri hatcher; what the heck happened to the girl who once told the world: "they're real and they're spectular" and nowadays, she looks as if she's been running from johnny law with doc gooden
-first celebrity sighting since june of this year, if you even want to call it a celeb sighting. i was at the angels game on sunday afternoon and guess who sits in my section? shavonda from the real world: philly. so yeah for like an inning or two, i was distracted by the question, is it the girl from real world or not. and you know, it's one of thos situations where i can yell out the person's name to see if they turn around. the one time i did that, me and this guy thought we saw rob halford at a faint show and we just yelled "halford" a bunch of times, then ran away cause it was a show and you know, how many old bald dudes in leather are there at faint shows (bear in mind, i haven't been to a faint show in two years, so i'm not up to snuff). so i wasn't in a situation where i could yell out, "shavonda" then duck and ask some body if she looked in my general direction. then at the same time, it's like why am i getting so worked up over a girl who was on a season of the real world that was absolutely the pits? but if anybody cares, she came late and left early.
-if the degree of my celeb sighting wasn't bad enough, angels stadium ran out of dippin' dots. the whole reason why i wanted to go to the game was to get some dippin' dots. i could care less if the angels won, i just wanted some mint cholocate dots. dippin' dots are sold at the most randomest places like only at county fairs and water parks, which are only open during the summer, which in a way, makes sense because dippin dots make for the ideal summer treat, but this is southern california and most of the time, the weather is right for dippin' dots, so why not create a more permanent home in the ice cream world? also, i'm looking at the people who order food for angels stadium; how do you run out of stuff at a stadium that big? i was never an economics major, but i have a vague understanding of supply & demand (i have no understanding of correct spelling, though). clearly, there's a demand for ice cream of the future beyond the third inning of a baseball game, so why not stock enough to last a whole game?
-cox cable..yadda yadda fuckers said it would be easy to install, but after the inital instillation process, i'm watching dvds in my kitchen.
-the carver from "nip/tuck". i've never watched a single episode of this show and probably never will, but like the one time i flip by, i catch the carver about to carve somebody right before i go to bed. so i gotta walk down a darken hallway with images of the carver floating around my mind.
-whatever awards "arrested development" lost to "everybody loves raymond". i only watched that show two times and it was the same episode each time, so i have no understanding as to why this show is so beloved. i think that's why i'm having problems in my sitcom class because i don't watch most sitcoms. i didn't watch raymond, i don't watch two and half men, and i'm going to write a spec script for "extras". i'm a comedy outcast in this class.
-the thought that i ran over a squirel the other night with my car while listening to a song with lyrics like "we don't want to kill"

Sep 16, 2005

badd business

okay, last week, i really had nothing to say about the first episode of the new season of "the oc" because, well there was nothing to the episode whatsoever. it just sorta hung out and had a beer, then took off cause it got a text message from a buddy about some cool party going down somewhere else. there was nothing to the first episode. yet last night's episode, this season's show runner showed his or her's true colors because what the show has become or at least, what it seems it will become is merely a battle between the preppy kids and the rockers. i mean, what the fuck is this? "the outsiders"? instead of doing it for johnny, we're doing it for marissa. so we're gonna punch out the dean of discipline in his neat and prim sweater vest combo? to me, this is just weak writing. this is just an example of somebody who has made alot of money and doesn't really care about baby he made. it's rather lazy. oooooohhhhhh, taylor townshed, summer's preppy arch rivial. boring. what's next? is seth cohen going to befriend martha dumptruck and is ryan going to lead a pack of nerds on a zany quest to get laid? its becoming bad a 80s movie now. i mean, if you're gonna go this route, you know, give us the heads up and cast somebody like a andrew mccarthy type or at least c thomas howell. i mean, what happened to this show? it used to be good. it used to be funny and interesting to watch. now, everybody sits there until rachel bilson comes on because she's the only person who seems to be trying and getting half way decent lines for a change. peter gallagher is acting like his mind on the reventions he plans on making to his house once the show is wrapped for the season.

i believe that i said it last season, but frankly, i still find "laguna beach" more compelling than "the oc".

and more importantly, why does george w bush have the sixth sense to make national addresses when good tv shows would be on? the dude prempted "reunion" for a rambling speech about how he dropped the ball once again. why couldn't have he made this speech on wednesday or a tuesday night? there was nothing on at all. just a rerun of "lost". nope, can't intreputed that, but "reunion," fuck yeah, i'll ruin that shit. and the problem with bush is this, he's in the wrong industry. bush makes a habbit of hiring his friends for jobs that they're most certainly unqualified for, but you know, he's doing them a solid. that's not the way one runs the most powerful nation in the world. okay, now if bush was in the movie business, then yeah, he could give out all the jobs to his buddies he wants. look at judd apatow and the 40 year old virgin, that movie is filled with his friends and you know why because its fun to work on a movie with your friends. making a movie is one of the most boringest things in the whole wide world, but if you have your friends around to crack jokes with inbetween set ups, then it goes by a bit quicker. but you can't do that when you're the president of the united states of america. you can't have the keg meister from your frat end up some department because he speaks in a language you understand when the man's only prior experince is being a manager of a piggly wiggly. you just don't do that.

i wonder what's worse for maria menounos: hanging out with these billy goats or hanging out with billy bush? i'd probably take the billy goats cause you know, they can eat tin cans.

new hell rell mixtape you know, he chases cheese middle name nacho.

can anybody explain to me as to why the showbiz show with david spade felt forced, awkward and overall, unfunny? also, does anybody else know if david spade goes to the same stylist as meg ryan? cause i think they have the same hair do these days.

i have a mission of sorts for anybody who attends santa monica city college. actually, its a big favor and i don't know how i'd repay for it, but if you go to santa monica city college and happen to see alex m from "laguna beach" there. you know, the tall blonde skinny girl thats in love with kirstin. yeah if you see her at santa monica city college, for me, tell her that you love the character she plays on "laguna beach."

its weird the other day on campus, we had mtv people there doing a casting call. i told robin brown about it, he asked me to take a photo of them, but why do you need a photo of mtv casting guys look like. they dress like assholes with their mohawks and their collars up and their flip flops. i mean, just imagine your worst fashion nightmare and thats how mtv people dress or at least the ones down here do.

although, it should be noted, people, i've been having troubles as of late at school. not the atypical problems of me being stressed over too much work or too little work or doing well at school. my problem, and well, to some, they may not even consider it a problem. you see, i thought we had moved forward as people. i thought we were making a conscious effort to avoid such things these days. i honestly thought we had brought an end to the day of the exposed thong/crack, but sadly, its crept back into my life at school. there are just certain mysteries that i'd like to never solve, but whether i like it or not, i'm gonna know how well groomed people are. i thought we moved past this; you know we put an end to low rise jeans and dudes are making a collective effort to pull the undershorts up a bit, but some people just don't get the memos. it wouldn't a bad situation if it was the only time i saw these people, but you know i see 'em once or twice a week and i dunno, it just feels a bit too personal. you know, i feel as if i owe them a meal or something. now, i'm not saying don't dress sexy or wear jeans or whatever, i'm just saying, think it all the way through. i tend to shit upon the whole concept of designer sweat pants, but you know what, maybe the situation calls for some sweat pants.

Sep 14, 2005

long distance lovers make long distance calls

to whom ever the over anixous sales guy that conn'ed me into getting a dvr cable reciever with your statements of: "its easier to set up than a vcr," fuck you. no seriously, fuck you. and to cox cable as a whole, fuck you as well cept for the dude in tech support who said, "sched" and said that their customer service blows; he's cool but as for the rest of you, nah, you all suck. honestly, i don't know what it is, but for some reason, modern technologic breakthroughs and advancements, just don't seem to get along. first, there's the g5 problems, then there's the networking fiasco and now this dvr reciever business. perhaps this is a sign that maybe i'm meant to go the way of the unabomber. i'm meant to live in the backwoods with my books, the only true art form man has ever created and my typewriter, so i can write cranky old guy letters to big business and evil coroprations about how much they suck and stuff.

i can set up a vcr and i can even program it, so what kind of moron does it make me because i can't set up a dvr reciever without cutting myself? (and a blister, too).

even ashlee simpson can set up a dvr reciever, but not little old me. and it's pretty shitters because i can't get a cable guy to come out until like friday morning of next week. that's how awful cox cable is. for the absolute worse in cable, call up cox cable.

side note: is it me or is ashlee simpson trying to be like kate hudson these days? i wouldn't be surprised if she's dating one of the dudes from kings of leon in like three years from now or whatever the most black crowes esque band out there these days.

i sorta hope that the cobrasnake comes back to la pretty soon because its more fun to write about hot girls from out here as opposed to new york city. yeah, they won, but it's not as fun as talk about how much you'd love to see this girl in a bath tub of dippin' dots and how much even more fun it would be to eat all those dippin dots with her while she's in the tub. i mean, yeah, the chances of ever running into the person are pretty slim to nill, which for some, i guess is a good thing. but i dunno, i like that added rush of running into somebody you wrote a caption about while at amoeba and wondering if they read it (probaby not)

i don't watch "entourage" and probably will never ever watch "entourage," so to me, seeing jeremy piven not at john cusack's side is sorta sketchy. dare i even say, a bit creepy. i feel that he's up to something and frankly, when all is said and done, nothing good is going to come out of it. like some poor girl whose been living in either la or nyc for a few months, will do the walk of shame but with like tears running down her face and like a ripped top; well actually, it'll look like that part in the commercial for that movie, the excorism of emily rose where that girl is crying, running around in the rain and everybody's face turns into demons or something like that; yeah, that's what i imagine will happen after jeremy piven is done for the evening. some poor defenseless girl will be infected by devils. that and jeremy piven with his hair plugs looks like fabain from "flithy rich: cattle drive"'s older brother

this week, a couple of albums came out by some local all girl groups; one by go betty go and the other by the like. completely different styles of music, you know go betty go is that mid 90s feel good punk sound like save ferriss minus the ska; where as the like is like the diet cola version of rilo kiley. and it's weird how each group is presented or at least photographed; looking at the like, these are the girls who are going to be on an episode of "my super sweet 16,"; these are the popular girls in school who'll never give you the time of day and if they do give you the time of day, you end up talking about politics or really boring books. yet, with go betty go, they seem like a bunch of cool girls who'll tell that alan moore's "the watchmen" is probably the best comic book ever, but you should really check out love & rockets and then they'll also tell you about some crazy sandwich shop. but, this stuck up rich girls who rock, which is sorta half true about the like, doesn't really fit them. i heard the like's interview with nic hardcourt the other day and they said only one of them can drive on the freeways.

okay, i thought that i had a point, but clearly i don't. i'll just say this about the like and i'll shut up; their album artwork makes them seem really stuck up and their album while being pretty good is a tad over produced, but then again, i was in a bad mood while listening to it. not a them issue, but more of a me situation.

has anybody been able to find the neon blonde album yet? i know it just came out yesterday and all, but you know with dim mak; it's all about the promotion but getting those records on store shelves is another situation.

Sep 13, 2005

nobody likes a neck beard

supposedly, this is a photo of ashanti (awww, baby) performing somewhere, but frankly, i just think its a canid snap of shanti and her party crew dancing to kris kross' "jump, jump." i remember at my class's 5th grade christmas party dancing to that song, but like when the janitor walked by, for some reason, i stopped dancing.

if its not one thing with my schedule, its another thing. all of last week, i was in a funk because i had a five day weekend, now i'm sorta inbetween power naps or at least something like that for past five days as well. up early to beat traffic one day. up early the next day to go down to the school to pick up equipment and early again, to shoot stuff with the equipment a day later and yesterday, up early again to return the equipment and to kill time before class starts, i figure out how i could get to disneyland from my school (i think its only like a 20 minute drive). and you know, this extremely sexy body clock of mine is tuned to go to bed by 1 and be up by 9. not in bed by 11 and up by 7; well, i just feel extremely tired coupled in with the anixety of using the school's equipment.

honestly, i do not know how i continue to survive in today's world with my overwhelming fear that i'm gonna break something one of these days. i guess i don't have a delicate touch and the equipment i'm using from the school has been around since the stone age and i just worried that i'm going to tap something and it'll fall apart and i'm out three grand or something like that. let alone the stress that comes from the issues surrounding, did i load the camera correctly; was the film exposed properly; was everything in focus when it needed to be; where do i keep my exposed film. in a weird way, i'm learning that cinematography, is not for me.

i don't know if its the sleep deprevation or the bad beard i'm trying to grow, but have you ever had one of those moments where you felt somebody was just staring at you for no reason whatsoever? perhaps it was a bit of revenge from all the girls i stared at, but you know, it's rather uncomfortable and frankly, to any girl, i creeped over the years, i must aplogozie. i try, key word, try to lead a low key existence where nobody notices me and i don't bother anybody, but its just weird to look over in a direction and see some one looking right back at you. and its not a fun awkward situation like when the girl you recently accused of having fake breasts almost sits next to you in class.

so the new devendra banhart album is out today and from what i've heard of it, i've liked. yet, it also worries me. i worry that devenbra banhart has created a cult and he and his followers might end up on the news some time real soon. it just scares me a little, that's all. also, to me, devendra banhart seems like the kinda guy who'd never ever have a tv in his house; you know he could give some half way decent bullshirt about television is a tool of the devil (along with various other tips towards enligthenment in his pamphlet), yet i heard he watched some movie as inspiration for a song on the new album. now, i'm not saying that the dude isn't allowed to watch movies, but i mean, where would he watch it? does he have like a rinky dinky 13 inch tv hooked up to an old vcr or does he have like a plasma screen and the full fledge home theater experince? these are things that i'm interested in learning about musicians or famous people; i don't care about their latest project or their craft unless like they're pt anderson or dario argento. i want to know if devendra banhart ever had dippin dots and what he thought of 'em, if he did.

question, who all saw probably the best episode of the second season of "laguna beach" last night? the only thing that really stuck out to me was how tall alex h is. does anybody know if all of that overdrive mumbo jumbo on mtv.com will work on macs yet or is it still real media and pc format?

and can anybody explain why on "my super sweet 16" last night there was a midget freaking dancing on the stage?

Sep 12, 2005

light sleeper

ah, umm, new york won. there wasn't a contest or anything this past weekend, but for whatever as well as all intensive purposes, new york won something. where else are you gonna see outta hand hot girls spitting free becks beer all over the place? at a deltas keggers in topenka? hell no unless the girl was sick or something. i mean, it's official, new york won. frankly, we all should quit what we're doing and move there immediately. i know that apartments are hard to find, but you know, if we all throw in together, we could find a place with a nice view and a decent co-op board

this is not mischa barton

and this will only be an okay movie; technicaly, breathetaking, but acting wise, um, not so much; i just don't see nor do i want to accept di caprio as the new de niro. i finally watched the avaitor a month ago and the film is extremely well made; beautifully shot and amazing production design, but a wee bit too long and the best performance was by alan alada and he was barely in the damn thing. i guess, its good for a director to have some consistence with his actors, but i'm just asking for a little space between scorsese and di caprio. take a picture off or something. mr. scorsese, i heard ed norton is a very good actor and he might be in need of some quality work.

anybody else getting kinda bum about the new cameron crowe film elizabethtown after reading jeffrey wells' review of it? i love cameron crowe's work so much, but to hear, that he's scrambling to recut less than a month before its release, i don't know, i'm worried. i'm jus wondering what exactly happened to the cameron crowe who right around the release of almost famous said to charlie rose that william miller was his antoine doinel and he wanted to do another movie about william miller further along in his life? what happened to that idea? i sat through vanilla sky and i'll go see elizabethtown, but when's the next william miller movie coming along?

its really weird because as of late, i've been flying under the radar at school because i've been wearing shorts and not the goofy scenester shorts that look like golf pants, but just plain old regular shorts. and you know wearing a shorts and a regular old t-shirt has allowed me to sneak into this group called, 'regular guys' where nobody assumes anything out of you. you don't have to be up on your shit in any way, shape or form; it's just assumed that you have a passing knowledge of things and ocassionally, people will ask you questions. i like being a regular dude, but at the same time, there are some pressures or at least pressures i assume to being a regular dude. first off, you can't have panic attacks as a regular dude; just gotta let shit roll over off your back like water off of a duck, so there i'm already in trouble and secondly, i think you have to care about football. dudes, i don't care about football. sure, i'll watch the post season stuff because it's interesting, but getting all excited about it, right now? it can't be done. not even for college football, i can't get excited for. maybe, cause my school doesn't have a team, but even during, baseball season, i couldn't get excited for baseball and we're like one of the top 5 baseball schools in the nation. i just don't get the appeal of football, for me, in the beginning of the season, football is very much like soccer. a bunch of people running around a field, some people score and like four hours later, the thing is finally over. so i'm saying that i think i'm going to be kick out of the world of 'regular dudes' and i was wondering if there's still a spot for me in the world of fringe scene kids; we're chubby, but we try to wear the tight jeans.

Sep 9, 2005

sailin' on

i think i'm starting a one man campagin against these stuff magazine parties because every time, i see the 'celebs' at their functions, i start to wonder, is it really a party? i mean honestly, who would you rather party with?

a washed up musician who'll keep chattin' in your ear about his band just made the heaviest fucking album of all time and how mainstream radio and mtv is just affraid to touch because you know, it's so heavy and too intense for trl.


a bunch of teens who are probably skipping out on college or at least the first two years of college to give the acting thing, 'the old college try,' if you will. yet, we all know that these kids will probably be on the third season of bravo's battle of the network reality stars or making out with david spade after he just got dissed by courtney semel at the spider club at like one in the morning.

i bounced once at a party, it wasn't too bad. all be it, i just kicked out chubby girls who were probably 14 and smoked alot of cigarettes and when things got rough, i hid behind a giant green fence and said, we're closing shop and the cops are apparently on their way. i mean, stuff magazine, if you guys don't want the likes of fred durst there, give me the job to kick him out. i'll just tell him that morrisey is in the back alley and would love to have a conversation with him, then once fred durst is outside, we hit him with waterballons with pee. that'll totally ruin his night and he'll wanna take the bus home, cause i heard he had to sell all his cars and he's rollin' rollin' rollin' quarters for bus fare.

and if you wanna kick out l.c. out of your party, just tell her that stephen is outside and he wants to talk to her even though, he really wants to talk with kristin.

a thing that has been urking me as of late has been these weiner kids flooding the itunes imix section with their redonklicous mixes shouting: "we want the beatles on itunes". umm, yeah, so does apple, but it's not their decision. do you honestly picture the itunes guys sitting around saying to each other, "yeah, we have the rights to sell the beatles catalog on line, but we're gonna totally keep it for ourselves and our special nano-nano ipods that are 100gb and play movies." of course, apple wants to sell the world's most popular band, but it's not their issue. if anything, flood paul and ringo with emails asking for their stuff to be on itunes. i mean, there's like a million things in this world i want, but you don't seem make utterly stupid and patheic imixes about it. sure, i want to a lee's sandwiches shop across the street from me, but i don't think i create a playlist that screams "WE WANT MORE LEE'S SANDWICHES" and it's just a bunch of le tigre and bloc party songs. that's not going to do anything. you know, i want to see an episode of "laguna beach," where alex h finally admints her undying love for kristin and they totally make out and it's either shot like andrew blake steez with "only this moment" by royskopp playing or eon mckai steez with bad brains' "sailin' on" playing, but you know, i don't think a simple two song playlist is going to rally up the moral support i need for my campagin. i sorta hope that apple goes the other way and refuses to add the beatles catalog to spite those weiner kids.

although, it should be noted that i've become the ulimate cynic because i recently went into the store, build a bear workshop and my cold, cold, heart could not be melted by all of the whimscal elements in the store. in fact, i'm surprised that they didn't ask me to leave the store. yet at the same time, you have to wonder about the people who work there because they have to be so on and so upbeat and so charming and make kids smile that they themselves have to reach some boiling point and just snap and become more jade than myself. i wonder for my own well being, that if this is a sign, that i couldn't crack a smile in build a bear workshop, that maybe, i have no soul whatsoever. i've been having trouble activing those hand motion sinks at school the past couple of days. and is this a sign of things to come or am i just trying too hard to be like larry david. well, actually, the only time i cracked a smile there at build a bear was when i thought, what happened if larry david went to build a bear.

speaking of kids, well cause kids are supposed to enjoy build a bear, but anyways, the kids today, well at least the kids in my town definately run the spectrum of cool. there's that one kid whose probably in the 5th grade already going through his smiths phase and then, there are the square kids. think about though, being square and prim & proper is a new form of rebellion. i've said it countless times, what once was counter culture and rebellion are now marketing tools and basically at hot topic, you can pick up a lil' rebel kit which includes the crass bum flag for 14.99. so in a way, to be rebelious, you gotta act straight and play tag with your friends while the boombox is blasting out billy joel's "piano man". tucked in shirts with khakis are the new mohawks and talking about how you're not allowed to hit girls is the new middle finger. and sometimes, these street toughs play frampton comes alive while riding around on bikes.

if anybody has myspace'd me in the past couple of days, you'd have better luck reaching me if you just email me directly. i've sorta quit myspace cold turkey and i'm loving not having to worry about it. so maybe like in another week or two, i'll be back, but i dunno.

now, i know some people are expecting some big thing about last night's season premiere of "the oc," but honestly, i didn't think much of it. it was what it was. it wasn't awful, but it wasn't good either. it was just sorta there with some bizzare editing in the begnning and during the beach super terrific calm before the shitstorm montage. you know, it's just sorta eh. but i can say this, i can't stand adam brody. my level of dislike for him is on par with my disliking of the governator and slow drivers in the fast lane.

i dug "reunion". the characters are pretty standard, but there's just something compelling about this show. i don't know why but i really got into it and got upset at characters. on the surface, "reunion" is pretty bad; it feels awkward and forced but i think that's the charm of the show. to believe amanda righetti, all be it in flash backs as a high school student is a great leap, but it's like, i guess it works for the show's design. get some actors who can play the older stuff really well and some youngsters to do the young stuff really well; chyler leigh is the only one who can actually pull both looks and do it well. although, there's a great deal of annoyance with the show and i believe it'll be there for a well as the detective will undoubtledly refer to the murder victim not by their name, but by "your friend" every single time and that'll drive me batty.

that bloc party remix album gets the thumbs up from me. its the complete opposite of that awful faint remix ablum, which i want to place the blame on for me not being a fan of the faint anymore. that jason clark remix of "positive tension" as well as his remix on the neon blonde ep; if anybody knows jason clark, can you please get him to remix my life because it might sound good for once.

and finally, dudes, i think i may have bitten more off than i can chew this semester at school. its only 4 classes, but for some reason, i think it's gonna be one helluva of a test, "across 110th street" style. a lot of work is ahead of me in the coming weeks and i have this built in pressure, all put on by myself to do as well as i did in the spring time and if i don't do as well, i'm not going to be satifished or happy with myself. so, if updates just stop coming even at a every other day pace, don't worry, it's just that classes are really crazy right now and i'll be back as soon as i can. this is the only thing that is keeping me sane and i'll definately be going crazy. so i'm giving an advance warning that maybe a month or two from now that things may slow down a bit and don't worry there won't be any guest writers; if i can't update, then there will be no updates. so hold tight and you know, after a thing like this, i'll probably be back to cranking five days worth of material next week. so you never know.

well wait, does anybody know anybody whose looking to invest some money in the resturant biz? i keeping have a vision of a roscoe's house of chicken & waffles openning somewhere in costa mesa and it being a grand success. serious, if the oc needs anything, it's a roscoe's and frankly, money peeps, let's get rich.

Sep 7, 2005

taradise lost

it's really weird these days or at least this week and please before i go along any further, break out your teeny tiny violins to play while you read this, but it's like my whole schedule is thrown off for this week. i had a 5 day holiday weekend, starting last friday and ending yesterday (no classes on fridays, natch, and on tuesday as well) and like my first class for today has been canceled, so i'm just sorta confused right now. do i go to campus early and take a few practice rounds at loading the old 16mm camera.

so i feel so out of the loop because, it's like do i go to school now and deal with parking or just leave a bit later and deal with traffic.

i know, y'all wish you had the same problem as me.

you know on american's funniest home videos, there'd the video with a bird who had gotten into the house and start to slam into the windows as it was trying to get out. okay, who has the time to say, "oh snaps, there's a bird in my house, better get the camcorder cause nobody will believe me when i tell this story" i had a bird flew into my house this morning and the first thought was, how do i get this thing out of my house, then secondly, why didn't my dog try to attack this thing and thirdly, where did this thing take a shit in my house. oddly, the concept of videotaping never came up. sure, maybe taking a photo came up, but not the video camera. the situation with the bird is a win-win because as much as you want it out of the house, it wants out of the house equally as much as well.

a note to the people who do the road rules/real world challenges, you guys should stop producing them because you don't know what you're doing. the people who produced "the 70s house" should do because it would be actually interesting and for once, entertaining. i dunno, how many of you caught the finale of "the 70s house" but it had to be one of the funniest things i'd see in a long time because it was so anti climatic. it was pretty much perfect.

and frankly, jay leno should just quit today because he's the world's worst inteviewer. the dude had on rachel bilson and just stared at his note cards waiting for her to stop talking, then he'd ask some lame question. everything just felt really awkward and uncomfortable. that and samuel l jackson was hearing panjama pants next to her.

Sep 6, 2005

in search of...

i should admint that i spent a good part of the holiday in front of my tv, watching the "saved by the bell" marathon. i caught most of the miss bliss era episodes and wonder why or how t.k. carter got on the show? i know he was in john carpenter's the thing and "punky brewster," but you know, how do you end up on a show like "good morning, miss bliss"?

then i got to wondering, where is he now? then basically, i thought, man, i should try to write something to put him in, then i thought, i don't know if i could afford him for a student film. i mean, shit, i can barely afford film stock its self, so how am i going to get the guy who was in a john carpenter movie? then i talked about with mark and we just came to the conclusion that the script we're currently working on together, we'll just write a part for t.k. carter in there. may not be a big part and frankly, the script may not even be one that sells, but where ever you are, t.k. carter, just know that there's a part out for you in basically anything that i make. post film school, cause i can't even afford actors to work for starbucks gift cards.

and, hilary duff is beginning to look like cheryl david. so either we could cast hills as a young cheryl in a "curb" flashback moment or as a long lost daugther. also, we could cast cheryl david as hills' mom in some movie nobody but a bunch of tweens will watch, although, i did see the lizzie mcguire movie in theaters. or we could just cast them in the movie we want to see, they could both play that monster at the end of evil dead 2, you know the one that says, "i'll swallow your soul!"

how to use hardbody in a sentence

i've sorta lay lowed on this particular subject matter, but now i must say something. for a while, i honestly believe people have been ripping me off, not in the blogosphere, cause, well, we're all guilty of ripping somebody else off in this little world. but, other forms of media, case in point, the latest issue of people magazine, i'm sorry, but frankly, i want to believe that i was the first to write about america's favorite new couple, the killer bees. i'm not asking for any money, but you know, a correction or an acknowledgement that they stole the story from me. i don't mean sound like howard stern or like glen close, fatal attraction steez, but you know, i'd like a simple shout out.

i know that everybody or at least most of everybody speaks less than favorablely about bottle blondes, but what about bottle redheads? how killer are they? they make the conscious decision to be the most depised hair color in the whole world, freak dance to elliott smith and will tell you that a tribe called quest is the most overrated rap group of all time and you'll just stand at the end of the night, dumbfounded and mumbling, "good bye my love" as they leave your life forever and ever.

and if i've said that before, i'm sorry. i can't keep track all of the things i've said in the past. much like the babe of the week, it's hard to keep track of what has been said or done already. let alone come up with stuff to say. to quote my man, cheester cheetah, it aint easy being cheesey.

keira knightley and like late 90s/early 2000s jennifer aniston hair don't go together. either chalk it up to my anticaption to see her in domino , but keira seems to be better suit for short hair; it's sorta like winona ryder with blonde hair. you know, it's natural, but it's still weird.

did i space out, but it seems like they took out ma$e's verse on '300 shots' on the new g unit mixtape. i heard his verse on the copy of it taken off sirius radio and it makes sense that they removed mase's verse because 1, it was horrible and b, it was the phoniest shit since burt reynolds' hair piece. basically, mase is michael caine in jaws: the revenge; mase's wife has been nagging him to remodel the bathroom, so here he is trying to rap again and picking fights with people who can't really rap that well. first, there's g.o.b.iddy, who probably hasn't written a rhyme since, well, i don't think ever, so there's no struggle there and he's picking a fight with jim jones. while i do love the dip set's fonzarelli, jim jones can't really rap that well. so, it's not really that great of a beef all together. you have marble mouth mase and jim jones, boring.

as for that mixtape, m.o.p. gets the shaft again. we get like eighty five awful tony yayo tracks and a bunch of lame young buck freestyles over kanye beats (although, young buck is nice on 300 shots) and two m.o.p tracks that are maybe a minute and half each. it doesn't matter if the brownsville bullies cameo in the g-unit videos, their album will probably be pushed again and again and again, until their scary manager lady beats up 50. if anybody can take on 50, physcialy, it's definately her. and on the real, "don't body yourself" by nas is the best diss track out all of this mess.

as i was driving around over this extended, trying to make less than half a gallon last for a few more days, i saw this guy in one of those gigantic trucks with tires bigger than toddlers driving out of his way to avoid going through a little puddle. you know, just a little spill off from sprinklers. yet, this guy in his truck surved out of his lane to avoid getting a little splash on his truck. as the day went on, i noticed more and more weiner dudes in their trucks that were spotless and shiny. i'm sorry, but did i miss the point of having a truck? isn't a truck supposed to be used to carry heavy things and go off roading in? so why are these dudes taking such good care of their trucks? geez, i've seen 16 year old girls with dirtier trucks than these lameys. you have a truck, it doesn't matter if it has a fucking hemi or not, you have an official license to get your shirt dirty and get away with it. me and my car, i can't get away with dirt on it, but you guys, hell yeah. i mean, what is this, queer eye for the truck guy? frankly, a dirty truck tells people that you've been places and probably have alot of fun on the weekend where as if your truck is really clean, it probably means you're in the middle of a mid life crisis and without the aid of a couple of phone books, you can't see over the steering wheel.

also, i've been dodging myspace lately. not because i want to get over my space addiction, it's because i got a message and i don't know how to respond to it. and it's one of those situations where i need female advice, but the females i talk with, we just end up talking about curb your enthusansim and how much they hate their job. so it's like, maybe i should delete my account all together, so i don't have to deal with a potential awkward situation. honestly, that's how i get out of most situations, just delete an account and start fresh again; it's that witness protection program mantality.

so who's seen the new show, "prison break"? it's pretty okay, right now. it has its moments, but it also has alot of cringe worth elements. first and formost, and for those who didn't see last night's episode yet, sorry for the spoiler, you may just want to move along, but anyways, the set backs that happen to our hero as he struggles to get out of the prison is all too convient; oh, the new cellmate, yeah, he's got a problem, he can't sleep at all, ever, so that sets the hero back even further. i understand its a tv series, but at the same time, that's alot of bullshit to handle. in a way, it's the reverse compliant about most tv shows, where most of the good that happens is all to convient; alll of the bad is way too scripted and not organic to the storyline; it feels very, very forced. also, i feel the producers or casting directors missed the boat when they cast the southern gay white power guy; johnny knoxville would've been a million times better in that role. when that breakdown came across your desk, how could you not think of johnny knoxville? sure, he's on amphetamines, but it doesn't mean he can't bring the funny as a prison convinct. and perhaps the most thing about the show, aside the icky feeling you get after seeing "executive producer: brett ratner", is the little interstital bumpers before the commercial break. how repeative and annoyning are those? we get it, it's a jail break show, so don't shove it down our throat every 12 minutes or so.

although, i'm pretty much in for the rest of this season because i've already invested three hours of my time, but see ya later on season two.

while on tv shows, okay, who else was really happy that jason & jessica finally broke up on last week's episode of "laguna beach"? i know i was. they were destroying the show, but what happened on last night's episode, jessica still ruins the show with her moping all around about jason and how she's still about jason. it's like they never broke up in the first place because we all know that jason was hooking up with alex on the side before hand, but now it's just official and there's a label on their situation. good gosh almighty, why can't we focus in on interesting things like what exactly did l.c. do the whole time she was in mamoth? was she really howard hughes steez or did she and her buddy have random dudes cruise and you know, party however people in cold environments party. i know the show is on the same level of phoneness as ma$e is, but come on, flying stephen down just for a few hours to goat along the kirsting & stephen love line. lame. why not focus in on alex h's undying crush for kirstin and how can she stay so skinny or at least she's really into baggy sweat pants.

and dude, it should be known since about mid august, i had ended my campagin of disdain against san diego and turned it towards the city of irvine. it had been an unsuccessful 4 year campagin where i did not stop tourism and on rare moments, had a good time there, like the time as the casbah, at the first ever postal service show where jenny lewis sorta stood near me and robin brown, looking at us like she wanted to talk, but we didn't know what to say cause it was jenny lewis and frankly, what do you say to jenny lewis other than you write amazing songs. and well, at the time, i was just upset at irvine because i wanted to go to the movies and get a sandwich from lee's that one day and i couldn't cause all these uci weiners took up the good spots. since then, i've been to lee's and had my sandwich, in other words, me and irvine squashed our beef. but now, after last night's "my super sweet 16" and the ltd crew, my disdain for s.diego has returned in large heaping amounts. perhaps the girl from last week's episode put a majority of the nails in the coffin for me and the show, but the ltd crew just slammed the last one in there without any real care in the world. uf.

does anybody know how to set up a home network using linksys equipment on a mac or am i just fucked from the getting go?