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Sep 16, 2005

badd business

okay, last week, i really had nothing to say about the first episode of the new season of "the oc" because, well there was nothing to the episode whatsoever. it just sorta hung out and had a beer, then took off cause it got a text message from a buddy about some cool party going down somewhere else. there was nothing to the first episode. yet last night's episode, this season's show runner showed his or her's true colors because what the show has become or at least, what it seems it will become is merely a battle between the preppy kids and the rockers. i mean, what the fuck is this? "the outsiders"? instead of doing it for johnny, we're doing it for marissa. so we're gonna punch out the dean of discipline in his neat and prim sweater vest combo? to me, this is just weak writing. this is just an example of somebody who has made alot of money and doesn't really care about baby he made. it's rather lazy. oooooohhhhhh, taylor townshed, summer's preppy arch rivial. boring. what's next? is seth cohen going to befriend martha dumptruck and is ryan going to lead a pack of nerds on a zany quest to get laid? its becoming bad a 80s movie now. i mean, if you're gonna go this route, you know, give us the heads up and cast somebody like a andrew mccarthy type or at least c thomas howell. i mean, what happened to this show? it used to be good. it used to be funny and interesting to watch. now, everybody sits there until rachel bilson comes on because she's the only person who seems to be trying and getting half way decent lines for a change. peter gallagher is acting like his mind on the reventions he plans on making to his house once the show is wrapped for the season.

i believe that i said it last season, but frankly, i still find "laguna beach" more compelling than "the oc".

and more importantly, why does george w bush have the sixth sense to make national addresses when good tv shows would be on? the dude prempted "reunion" for a rambling speech about how he dropped the ball once again. why couldn't have he made this speech on wednesday or a tuesday night? there was nothing on at all. just a rerun of "lost". nope, can't intreputed that, but "reunion," fuck yeah, i'll ruin that shit. and the problem with bush is this, he's in the wrong industry. bush makes a habbit of hiring his friends for jobs that they're most certainly unqualified for, but you know, he's doing them a solid. that's not the way one runs the most powerful nation in the world. okay, now if bush was in the movie business, then yeah, he could give out all the jobs to his buddies he wants. look at judd apatow and the 40 year old virgin, that movie is filled with his friends and you know why because its fun to work on a movie with your friends. making a movie is one of the most boringest things in the whole wide world, but if you have your friends around to crack jokes with inbetween set ups, then it goes by a bit quicker. but you can't do that when you're the president of the united states of america. you can't have the keg meister from your frat end up some department because he speaks in a language you understand when the man's only prior experince is being a manager of a piggly wiggly. you just don't do that.

i wonder what's worse for maria menounos: hanging out with these billy goats or hanging out with billy bush? i'd probably take the billy goats cause you know, they can eat tin cans.

new hell rell mixtape you know, he chases cheese middle name nacho.

can anybody explain to me as to why the showbiz show with david spade felt forced, awkward and overall, unfunny? also, does anybody else know if david spade goes to the same stylist as meg ryan? cause i think they have the same hair do these days.

i have a mission of sorts for anybody who attends santa monica city college. actually, its a big favor and i don't know how i'd repay for it, but if you go to santa monica city college and happen to see alex m from "laguna beach" there. you know, the tall blonde skinny girl thats in love with kirstin. yeah if you see her at santa monica city college, for me, tell her that you love the character she plays on "laguna beach."

its weird the other day on campus, we had mtv people there doing a casting call. i told robin brown about it, he asked me to take a photo of them, but why do you need a photo of mtv casting guys look like. they dress like assholes with their mohawks and their collars up and their flip flops. i mean, just imagine your worst fashion nightmare and thats how mtv people dress or at least the ones down here do.

although, it should be noted, people, i've been having troubles as of late at school. not the atypical problems of me being stressed over too much work or too little work or doing well at school. my problem, and well, to some, they may not even consider it a problem. you see, i thought we had moved forward as people. i thought we were making a conscious effort to avoid such things these days. i honestly thought we had brought an end to the day of the exposed thong/crack, but sadly, its crept back into my life at school. there are just certain mysteries that i'd like to never solve, but whether i like it or not, i'm gonna know how well groomed people are. i thought we moved past this; you know we put an end to low rise jeans and dudes are making a collective effort to pull the undershorts up a bit, but some people just don't get the memos. it wouldn't a bad situation if it was the only time i saw these people, but you know i see 'em once or twice a week and i dunno, it just feels a bit too personal. you know, i feel as if i owe them a meal or something. now, i'm not saying don't dress sexy or wear jeans or whatever, i'm just saying, think it all the way through. i tend to shit upon the whole concept of designer sweat pants, but you know what, maybe the situation calls for some sweat pants.


At 2:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your take on "The Showbiz Show" (or the SBS as Spade seems to be referring to it already). The whole show was read off the teleprompter, including the anchor-correspondent banter. Lame. And the jokes weren't biting enough. I was hoping that Spade could make a return to his Hollwood Minute form, but I now think he's just too much of an insider to pull that off.

At 7:22 AM , Blogger Dan said...

I haven't heard that Hell Rell mixtape yet, but I did hear that song he did with Cam, "Bird Call," and I wasn't that impressed. In general, I haven't been majorly impressed with Hell Rell really ever, but I'll still peep the tape.

At 10:18 AM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

The thing that worked about Hollywood Minute was that it was only a minute. It was fast-paced and quick. It felt like we were watching someone on a roll--just coming up with these on the spot. Even if everybody knew it was scripted and rehearsed.

And there's a reason why it was only a "minute" and why it never came on *each* Saturday. Its tough to come up with that type of material--basically flipping through a magazine and ripping on celebrities' photos--to fill a whole 30-minute show.

But its only the 1st show. Remember how forced the Daily Show used to be? Plus, kudos for hiring the raised by wolves guy from those car commercials.

At 9:53 PM , Anonymous Cara said...

I saw Jason from Laguna Beach at Amoeba on Saturday. He was buying the LCD Soundsystem CD. I think a little piece of me died inside.


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