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Sep 26, 2005

big brat

this is not a still from an upcoming episode of ""arrested development" even though george michael (aka michael cera) is in it; it's actually from one of the best films i've seen so far this year (right behind broken flowers and a lil bit in front of the island) entitled, darling, darling. i believe it's making the festival circuit, just had a screening at the palm springs film festival, but this film is simply amazing; it just blew me away. so either email the people who run the site and ask them to put a trailer or like bug your local film festivals to show it or like your local ifc to show it cause this thing, like one minute of it is way funnier than three episodes of "the festival".

the "desperate housewives" backlash which in a small way had started before last night's episode, but after last night's episode, the backlash is going full steam ahead; talk about boring and uninteresting. frankly, its going to be a sad day on campus as our golden graduate, marc cherry struck out and struck out hard. its like him and the dude who co wrote pirates of the caribbean gave our school some cred, but now, i dunno, if we have any more cred and frankly, i'm not the one to bring any school cred, i just bring the sports teams bad luck. sorry charlie.

although, it should be noted: that the paradoy of "the oc" on "the simpsons" was the only funny thing on that whole show; i really wish they, being the oc kids would go to knotts on an episode. and much like the musicial montage on "the oc," the 'like the time, i...' bit on "family guy" is getting a bit worn out or they just over did it to make fum of themselves, either way, need to cut back a bit.

does anybody else feel like they have to either buy or watch the bob dylan/scorsese documentary, no direction home? for like cred reasons or simply for the fact, that you want to seem either cool or intelligent. the bob dylan documentary would make for sharper (if that's even a word) dinner party conversation as opposed your theory about the secret life of the featured extras on "saved by the bell". i was going to buy the dvd the other day, but then i saw a copy of zardoz for like ten bucks, so i was like, this movie is far moore goofy and weirdly, charolette rampling looks hot in it. and it's like, yeah, i like bob dylan, but i only own one album ("blonde on blonde") and like my favorite song of his is "like a rolling stone," so maybe it's not a smart idea to invest three hours of me and my dvr's time on this documentary or wait until christmas break (sadly, i'm already counting down the days until the semester is over), listen to more bob records, then watch the documentary.

of course, we've all seen the video for dre & snoop's way beyond classic, "nuthin' but a g thang", right? okay, remember that girl in the video that shows up to the basement party and they pour all that liquor all over her? doesn't this girl remind you of that girl? if like some young enterprising rock band was clever and did a paradoy of that dre video, they should hire this girl to be in it

yeah, "we got it 4 cheap volume 2" is nice, but when pharrell comes on over the "elevators" beat, the whole thing looses grinds to a complete hault. i like clipse. i like the re-up gang. i don't like to hear raps about how your favorite bands is the white stripes & r kelly or stupid chains or fucking models or skateboarding. thats the only thing i don't understand about pharrell or should i say, skateboard p; he complains about how nobody played anything from the last n.e.r.d record, maybe its cause half of the album was about skateboarding. why is he so obessesed with skateboarding? yes, we all have our obessession and frankly, its what got us our shine, but skateboarding, come on? i mean, how old is pharrell? like 30? unless he's a pro or is the manager of a skate shop, i don't understand the obessession. was he picked upon in high school for being a skater in high school? isn't this the same guy who wrote a verse or two on "rump shaker" while he was in high school? so why is he still reliving high school fantasies? i've heard a bit of his solo single with gwen stepahnie, it's pretty blah; is the rest of the album any good or is it gonna be the soundtrack for the next commercial from the sk8 park of nebraska?

okay, now this was a while back, but did anybody see that episode of "taraside lost" where she went to italy with her parents and they're making pizza at some traditional italian pizza place? okay, so remember the part where tara, her mother and her father are walking out of the resturant with their pizzas in hand and all of sudden, her father yells, "ah, you stupid jerk" (mind in you, in a bad italian accent)? let's be honest, you thought he was calling his daugther a stupid jerk and not the thing he ran into. there has to be some point in being the father of tara reid where you're embarrassed by what she has done with her career. there has to be a point where he has to have said, "where did i go wrong?" after he saw her with those gigantic basketballs inserted into her chest. or do you just let shit slide and hope maybe she'll get on a series that'll get pick up and there'll be a new house in it for you some where down the road?

well, this certainly puts a dent in my proposed spring break script, the fudruckers, a collection of rag tagged kids who wear alot of hawaiin shirts and have to travel back in time for some reason to save spring break; cause now the ying yang twins are making a spring break movie. i mean, what would you rather see 86 minutes of dudes making camel noises or 89 minutes of a chubby kid in a hawaiian shirt talking to himself(but from 5 days into the past version of himself) about not bombing some test cause it'll ruin the fudruckers' spring break.

the new mandy moore or at least mandy moore's new look or mandy moore's return to her old look or however my main man, billy bush spins it, is sorta like when you see your high school's female p.e. teacher at like taco loco with her partner. yeah, it makes sense, but its still a little weird. to me, the blonde strikes me as an act of desperation, then again, mandy moore always seemed desperate to me; like she'd call people up and ask them to go to her new movie and how much it'd mean to her and probably how she'll make you some cookies if you did. i bet you mandy moore has said, "but, i'll be your best friend," way too many times in her lifetime.

that or maybe zach braff makes chicks weird. after they break up, mandy moore will show up to premieres wearing an army jacket and grateful dead shirts.

i briefly watched the show, "extreme make over: home edition" the other night, and the show made me feel bad about myself. bad because here i am complaining and bitching about how i have to drive out to the valley later this week for a school project where as there's this guy who lost his leg in the iraq war and he's not complaining about anything. that guy has the right to complain anything and everything, yet there he is, living his life to the fullest. sure, i don't want to waste the gas on a trip out to the valley, but then again, i had steak & lobster for dinner the other night and an outta control latina was my waitress; i can't complain. wow, i have to go the valley and take pictures of movie props where are they are people right behind working a boring job or doing even more awful things. and i have to watch a ricky gervais show for homework as well as study larry david cause he's a central figure in my spec script.


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I think Amy liked the suit and tie look on you.


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