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Sep 27, 2005

for british eyes only

as of this post. i've already watched last night's episode of "arrested development" two times already. god bless mitchell hurwitz and god bless the man who invented the dvr.

yet, the problem or at least the problems i'm running into living this dvr/digital cable lifestyle. now the whole concept behind a dvr is to watch tv on your schedule, not theirs. but when coupled in with digital cable and the extremely unnecessary 12 different hbos (i just need the one that plays c.y.e. and "extras" [although, why is hbo airing extras out of order because i wrote a paper on the show based upon the orignial bbc airing schedule and this'll probably cause some sorta confusion for the instructor grading my paper, but oh well]), basically, i'm never going to leave the house since the dvr has freed me to watch other shows. i got "prison break" on my hard drive, so i can goof off and watch something on ifc or like g4 tech tv or something else that is completely stupid. i swear that the dvr and digital cable is going to be the second cause of obesntiy in america right behind video games. why get up when you can watch troy followed by the butterfly and inbetween those two, you could catch a couple minutes of you got served. those are horrible movies that i'd probably never ever spend my time on in my life, but hey, i'm recording "laguna beach," so maybe i can afford to finally see you got served and folks, i was floored by that movie. not by how awful it was, well actually, yeah, but, i mean, like the basic editing structure of that film or at least the twenty minutes i hung around for, it was music cue of a popular song that went on for way too long. usually, a music cue should either carry one out of a scene or into a scene, like 15 to 30 seconds tops unless it's like "the oc" or something stupid. but like you got served played that ludacris song, "stand up," well i think they played the whole song and it went over at least three different scenes and it wasn't even cut like a montage or anything, it just seemed like the editor or somebody really dug that song and they had just left it in from an assembly cut of the film. but then you watch a little more of the movie and it just basically follows that formula. one or two scenes of dialogue, a bunch of shots of characters talking with some song playing in the background. and this level of filmmaking is something on par with like high school kids, yet, it's on skinamax and i have yet set up to notify me when its on again.

you know, i've been living in an hbo, skinamax free world. i miss flipping around and hearing people say, 'fuck' or the random set of fake boobies from a movie called, emmanuelle vs dracula and frankly, i think i may never leave my house again.

well, actually, i will because outside of like hbo and ifc, what else is there with digital cable? fuse? that channel never plays videos or at least they play videos, but there's shows and stupid lists built around the videos they show and the thing about the fuse network is that they relish in the whole mid 90s mtv vj with only a first name thing. "hey, it's dylan with ya on the f-list". its pretty douchey, but then again, carson daly ruined the coolness of vjs in the first place. and like none of the movie channels show the movies letterboxed; its always full frame and you know, thats not really watching the movie.

um, okay, the big fight between alex h and casey reinhardt (no, we're not related) on "laguna beach" was so lackluster; i think its pretty safe to assume we all always thought that alex h was not properly groomed, so i mean, its not big deal to get all in my pseduo sister's grill. and how sad was stephen last night? like, i felt bad for the dude cause he kept on trying and trying and trying to win over, but its a lost cause. i'm just surprised that they didn't play beck's "lost cause," cause thats the official theme song of anybody whose down in the dumps.

like for me, when i'm down in the dumps, for some reason, that song always starts to play in my head or at least after all of these years of mtv reality shows, i've been trained after years and years of corny music cues and faux drama, that when i'm sad, i need to listen to "lost cause" by beck. why can't mtv help create another association songs for me and my life? like i was playing "rudie can't fail" by the clash all day yesterday because i felt like i was gonna throw up half the day and i was worried that i insisted some form of toxic after briefly placing a piece of packing tape in my mouth and i thought i was gonna be susan on "seinfeld" status. but i'm not sure thats the right exact from that moment in my life. i mean, can't the mtv people make like wes in a fit of anger over johana, like eat duct tape and get sick from it, so when the editors slide in the music for those scenes, i'll know what songs to play on my ipod when i'm having similar feelings.

and "my super sweet 16" was just weird; like homeless guy coming out of a taping of "politically incorrect with bill maher" weird; like seeing bill maher in real life weird. its hard to explain, but for some reason, i'm gonna have nightmares because of that one.

and finally, with everybody out there looking to save gas and finacial experts and car guys are talking about the best way to save gas is to slow down. it makes sense to slow down and i'm wondering with escalating gas prices, is it possible for the speed limit to go from 65 back to 55 and more importantly, will sammy hagar return with another heater of a single entitled, "i still can't drive 55" or will the red rocker pen another tune about how all we should drive 55 because we only got one earth, brother and some how there'd be a reference to tequilla in there, i'm not sure how it would work out, but you catch my drift.


At 12:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know that xochielt chick is a internet teen pornstar named trixie teen right ?


you probably did, if you didn't i can't help but think i just made your day.

At 3:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Sammy Haggar paragraph was nasal milk-eruption funny.

At 12:56 PM , Blogger Dan said...

Still haven't copped We Got it 4 Cheap vol. 2 yet, furiously trying to download it from Soulseek. But hey, I got a question for you: Am I really supposed to give a shit about the re-united Fugees? I mean, aside from "Ready Or Not" and that chinese food-kung fu skit, I didn't really give a shit avout The Score. And it's not like the solo offerings of Wyclef or L Boogie (not even gonna get into Pras) have made me care all that much more. So basically, who's waited 9 years with bated breathe for new Fugees records? Cuz uh, not me. Just sayin'...

At 6:12 PM , Blogger Dan said...

I totally agree about it not being a Jigga record without a Premo beat on their. I had heard that he wasn't feeling Primo's shit anymore, that's why he wasn't on the black album-- how can you not be feeling Primo!?! I mean, he made Biggie sound down right thunderous, and he's produced so many just murderous records... I definitely remember those times when the Neptunes and Primo were on the same level. Where the Hell has Dude gone?

At 5:47 PM , Blogger Lauren said...

I think it was Alex M and Casey that had the fight. Alex H is the one that's BFF with Kristin.


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