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Sep 19, 2005

good things & bad things

um, this should be pretty self explanatory. it's a list of good things and bad things, so happy rachel bilson equals good times where as mad rachel bilson equals bad times.

good things:
-mike mills' thumbsucker; don't take your time, we need another film from you, mike mills as soon as humanly possible and when are we gonna get a director's label dvd of your shorts and videos and how does one get an internship at the director's bureau?
-the idea of mariska hargitay playing janine lindemulder in a movie.
-the korean bell of friendship in san pedro. it's a sketchy drive, but the view is amazing. so you know if you're in the area and it's the weekend and its good weather. grab a couple of sandwiches and a blanket and just sorta vibe out. but don't be weird and like take off your shirt and make phone calls using your speaker phone, so everybody has to hear about how excited you are about your new job.
-latino 96.3, which i believe is southern california's first all or at least mostly reggaeton radio station.
-"across 110th street" by bobby womack
-these girls
-paul epworth remixes
-all dip set related records as of late; from juelz & cam's "murda murda" ('some good coke dawg/go get your base pipe/put on my laker jersey/and go rape white (number 8)') to the hell rell mix tape; it's strictly redicly from those dudes.
-new episodes of the best show ever, "arrested development" start at 8pm. don't forget. hopefully y'all set your dvrs up, i would set up my dvr, but cox communications sucks and this is exactly why i wanted to get a dvr in the first place, to record "arrested development" but i can't, oh well. tell a friend with a ratings box cause that would be amazing.
-conversations in parking lots late at night; doesn't it seem like the most meaningful conversations you have with people are at right after you say you have to take off but somebody brings up something and you keep on talking until there's no cars left in the parking lot and its really cold?
-doing a solid; whether it be flashing your brights to help a lost kitty kat find its way in the night or driving a friend to the dealership to pick up their car; its good karma. and you know, they owe you a solid back.
-tommy's mega combos (triple chilli cheeseburger, chilli fries and a 44 oz drink, if you go to one where you can sit down; if you go to the original location, its a 20oz drink)
-these girls, again

bad things:
-terri hatcher; what the heck happened to the girl who once told the world: "they're real and they're spectular" and nowadays, she looks as if she's been running from johnny law with doc gooden
-first celebrity sighting since june of this year, if you even want to call it a celeb sighting. i was at the angels game on sunday afternoon and guess who sits in my section? shavonda from the real world: philly. so yeah for like an inning or two, i was distracted by the question, is it the girl from real world or not. and you know, it's one of thos situations where i can yell out the person's name to see if they turn around. the one time i did that, me and this guy thought we saw rob halford at a faint show and we just yelled "halford" a bunch of times, then ran away cause it was a show and you know, how many old bald dudes in leather are there at faint shows (bear in mind, i haven't been to a faint show in two years, so i'm not up to snuff). so i wasn't in a situation where i could yell out, "shavonda" then duck and ask some body if she looked in my general direction. then at the same time, it's like why am i getting so worked up over a girl who was on a season of the real world that was absolutely the pits? but if anybody cares, she came late and left early.
-if the degree of my celeb sighting wasn't bad enough, angels stadium ran out of dippin' dots. the whole reason why i wanted to go to the game was to get some dippin' dots. i could care less if the angels won, i just wanted some mint cholocate dots. dippin' dots are sold at the most randomest places like only at county fairs and water parks, which are only open during the summer, which in a way, makes sense because dippin dots make for the ideal summer treat, but this is southern california and most of the time, the weather is right for dippin' dots, so why not create a more permanent home in the ice cream world? also, i'm looking at the people who order food for angels stadium; how do you run out of stuff at a stadium that big? i was never an economics major, but i have a vague understanding of supply & demand (i have no understanding of correct spelling, though). clearly, there's a demand for ice cream of the future beyond the third inning of a baseball game, so why not stock enough to last a whole game?
-cox cable..yadda yadda fuckers said it would be easy to install, but after the inital instillation process, i'm watching dvds in my kitchen.
-the carver from "nip/tuck". i've never watched a single episode of this show and probably never will, but like the one time i flip by, i catch the carver about to carve somebody right before i go to bed. so i gotta walk down a darken hallway with images of the carver floating around my mind.
-whatever awards "arrested development" lost to "everybody loves raymond". i only watched that show two times and it was the same episode each time, so i have no understanding as to why this show is so beloved. i think that's why i'm having problems in my sitcom class because i don't watch most sitcoms. i didn't watch raymond, i don't watch two and half men, and i'm going to write a spec script for "extras". i'm a comedy outcast in this class.
-the thought that i ran over a squirel the other night with my car while listening to a song with lyrics like "we don't want to kill"


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