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Sep 6, 2005

how to use hardbody in a sentence

i've sorta lay lowed on this particular subject matter, but now i must say something. for a while, i honestly believe people have been ripping me off, not in the blogosphere, cause, well, we're all guilty of ripping somebody else off in this little world. but, other forms of media, case in point, the latest issue of people magazine, i'm sorry, but frankly, i want to believe that i was the first to write about america's favorite new couple, the killer bees. i'm not asking for any money, but you know, a correction or an acknowledgement that they stole the story from me. i don't mean sound like howard stern or like glen close, fatal attraction steez, but you know, i'd like a simple shout out.

i know that everybody or at least most of everybody speaks less than favorablely about bottle blondes, but what about bottle redheads? how killer are they? they make the conscious decision to be the most depised hair color in the whole world, freak dance to elliott smith and will tell you that a tribe called quest is the most overrated rap group of all time and you'll just stand at the end of the night, dumbfounded and mumbling, "good bye my love" as they leave your life forever and ever.

and if i've said that before, i'm sorry. i can't keep track all of the things i've said in the past. much like the babe of the week, it's hard to keep track of what has been said or done already. let alone come up with stuff to say. to quote my man, cheester cheetah, it aint easy being cheesey.

keira knightley and like late 90s/early 2000s jennifer aniston hair don't go together. either chalk it up to my anticaption to see her in domino , but keira seems to be better suit for short hair; it's sorta like winona ryder with blonde hair. you know, it's natural, but it's still weird.

did i space out, but it seems like they took out ma$e's verse on '300 shots' on the new g unit mixtape. i heard his verse on the copy of it taken off sirius radio and it makes sense that they removed mase's verse because 1, it was horrible and b, it was the phoniest shit since burt reynolds' hair piece. basically, mase is michael caine in jaws: the revenge; mase's wife has been nagging him to remodel the bathroom, so here he is trying to rap again and picking fights with people who can't really rap that well. first, there's g.o.b.iddy, who probably hasn't written a rhyme since, well, i don't think ever, so there's no struggle there and he's picking a fight with jim jones. while i do love the dip set's fonzarelli, jim jones can't really rap that well. so, it's not really that great of a beef all together. you have marble mouth mase and jim jones, boring.

as for that mixtape, m.o.p. gets the shaft again. we get like eighty five awful tony yayo tracks and a bunch of lame young buck freestyles over kanye beats (although, young buck is nice on 300 shots) and two m.o.p tracks that are maybe a minute and half each. it doesn't matter if the brownsville bullies cameo in the g-unit videos, their album will probably be pushed again and again and again, until their scary manager lady beats up 50. if anybody can take on 50, physcialy, it's definately her. and on the real, "don't body yourself" by nas is the best diss track out all of this mess.

as i was driving around over this extended, trying to make less than half a gallon last for a few more days, i saw this guy in one of those gigantic trucks with tires bigger than toddlers driving out of his way to avoid going through a little puddle. you know, just a little spill off from sprinklers. yet, this guy in his truck surved out of his lane to avoid getting a little splash on his truck. as the day went on, i noticed more and more weiner dudes in their trucks that were spotless and shiny. i'm sorry, but did i miss the point of having a truck? isn't a truck supposed to be used to carry heavy things and go off roading in? so why are these dudes taking such good care of their trucks? geez, i've seen 16 year old girls with dirtier trucks than these lameys. you have a truck, it doesn't matter if it has a fucking hemi or not, you have an official license to get your shirt dirty and get away with it. me and my car, i can't get away with dirt on it, but you guys, hell yeah. i mean, what is this, queer eye for the truck guy? frankly, a dirty truck tells people that you've been places and probably have alot of fun on the weekend where as if your truck is really clean, it probably means you're in the middle of a mid life crisis and without the aid of a couple of phone books, you can't see over the steering wheel.

also, i've been dodging myspace lately. not because i want to get over my space addiction, it's because i got a message and i don't know how to respond to it. and it's one of those situations where i need female advice, but the females i talk with, we just end up talking about curb your enthusansim and how much they hate their job. so it's like, maybe i should delete my account all together, so i don't have to deal with a potential awkward situation. honestly, that's how i get out of most situations, just delete an account and start fresh again; it's that witness protection program mantality.

so who's seen the new show, "prison break"? it's pretty okay, right now. it has its moments, but it also has alot of cringe worth elements. first and formost, and for those who didn't see last night's episode yet, sorry for the spoiler, you may just want to move along, but anyways, the set backs that happen to our hero as he struggles to get out of the prison is all too convient; oh, the new cellmate, yeah, he's got a problem, he can't sleep at all, ever, so that sets the hero back even further. i understand its a tv series, but at the same time, that's alot of bullshit to handle. in a way, it's the reverse compliant about most tv shows, where most of the good that happens is all to convient; alll of the bad is way too scripted and not organic to the storyline; it feels very, very forced. also, i feel the producers or casting directors missed the boat when they cast the southern gay white power guy; johnny knoxville would've been a million times better in that role. when that breakdown came across your desk, how could you not think of johnny knoxville? sure, he's on amphetamines, but it doesn't mean he can't bring the funny as a prison convinct. and perhaps the most thing about the show, aside the icky feeling you get after seeing "executive producer: brett ratner", is the little interstital bumpers before the commercial break. how repeative and annoyning are those? we get it, it's a jail break show, so don't shove it down our throat every 12 minutes or so.

although, i'm pretty much in for the rest of this season because i've already invested three hours of my time, but see ya later on season two.

while on tv shows, okay, who else was really happy that jason & jessica finally broke up on last week's episode of "laguna beach"? i know i was. they were destroying the show, but what happened on last night's episode, jessica still ruins the show with her moping all around about jason and how she's still about jason. it's like they never broke up in the first place because we all know that jason was hooking up with alex on the side before hand, but now it's just official and there's a label on their situation. good gosh almighty, why can't we focus in on interesting things like what exactly did l.c. do the whole time she was in mamoth? was she really howard hughes steez or did she and her buddy have random dudes cruise and you know, party however people in cold environments party. i know the show is on the same level of phoneness as ma$e is, but come on, flying stephen down just for a few hours to goat along the kirsting & stephen love line. lame. why not focus in on alex h's undying crush for kirstin and how can she stay so skinny or at least she's really into baggy sweat pants.

and dude, it should be known since about mid august, i had ended my campagin of disdain against san diego and turned it towards the city of irvine. it had been an unsuccessful 4 year campagin where i did not stop tourism and on rare moments, had a good time there, like the time as the casbah, at the first ever postal service show where jenny lewis sorta stood near me and robin brown, looking at us like she wanted to talk, but we didn't know what to say cause it was jenny lewis and frankly, what do you say to jenny lewis other than you write amazing songs. and well, at the time, i was just upset at irvine because i wanted to go to the movies and get a sandwich from lee's that one day and i couldn't cause all these uci weiners took up the good spots. since then, i've been to lee's and had my sandwich, in other words, me and irvine squashed our beef. but now, after last night's "my super sweet 16" and the ltd crew, my disdain for s.diego has returned in large heaping amounts. perhaps the girl from last week's episode put a majority of the nails in the coffin for me and the show, but the ltd crew just slammed the last one in there without any real care in the world. uf.

does anybody know how to set up a home network using linksys equipment on a mac or am i just fucked from the getting go?


At 9:14 AM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Here's a suggestion to your myspace dilemma; just think what would Tom Leykis do and then follow his wisdom.

At 11:56 AM , Blogger jake said...

Are you saying you wanna use a Linksys card in your mac, or you want to connect to a Linksys router with your Mac? The former I assume is not impossible, but the latter is pretty easy, just need to fiddle with the settings.


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