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Sep 6, 2005

in search of...

i should admint that i spent a good part of the holiday in front of my tv, watching the "saved by the bell" marathon. i caught most of the miss bliss era episodes and wonder why or how t.k. carter got on the show? i know he was in john carpenter's the thing and "punky brewster," but you know, how do you end up on a show like "good morning, miss bliss"?

then i got to wondering, where is he now? then basically, i thought, man, i should try to write something to put him in, then i thought, i don't know if i could afford him for a student film. i mean, shit, i can barely afford film stock its self, so how am i going to get the guy who was in a john carpenter movie? then i talked about with mark and we just came to the conclusion that the script we're currently working on together, we'll just write a part for t.k. carter in there. may not be a big part and frankly, the script may not even be one that sells, but where ever you are, t.k. carter, just know that there's a part out for you in basically anything that i make. post film school, cause i can't even afford actors to work for starbucks gift cards.

and, hilary duff is beginning to look like cheryl david. so either we could cast hills as a young cheryl in a "curb" flashback moment or as a long lost daugther. also, we could cast cheryl david as hills' mom in some movie nobody but a bunch of tweens will watch, although, i did see the lizzie mcguire movie in theaters. or we could just cast them in the movie we want to see, they could both play that monster at the end of evil dead 2, you know the one that says, "i'll swallow your soul!"


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