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Sep 21, 2005

let's get known

anybody else wonder what sexy thing mischa b just told rachel b? probably involves mischa b dancin' in some underoos, cammy d steez lip syncing that new ashlee simpson and fed exing the video over to adam brody, cause you know mischa b didn't steal anybody's girlfriend. by the by, you know me and rachel b, but i have to say, that was not a good dress for her.

i have to ask how many people actually watched "my name is earl" last night? honestly, how could nobody know about this show being on last night? from the beyond awful 'phoney' anti morning zoo morning zoo radio banter comercials to the infamous talking ad in entertainment weekly. i honestly thought that nbc would reach beyond the desperation with promoting this thing that i'd hear jason lee say, "my name is earl," every time i left up the toliet seat. now, i have to ask, did anybody watch and more importantly, did anybody laugh? i know that pilot episodes are pretty rough when it comes to yokes cause they're too busy establishing the characters and the world of the show, but at least there could've been a decent one liner here or there. earl was not funny, but it was really weird seeing dan the del taco guy playing a gay character.

side note: one of the happiest days of my life was when i witnessed the filming of a del taco commercial at one of my area's five del taco (for every starbucks we have, we at least one del taco) and i got see to dan running around. it was weird cause i was going to in-n-out and on my way to in-n-out, i saw the whole thing going on, so i call robin brown and break the news. and he was like, dude, i know. i'm at the wendy's across the way. okay, maybe it wasn't weird for you, but it was weird for me because one of the few people i'd call about such a matter (although, with this incident, i called everybody i knew at the time) and for that person to be basically across the street from said thing. its sorta trippy.

and i'm probably in the minority with this because the america "office" was amazing last night. yeah, its not going to be as good as the uk version, but i think the show is going to establish its own office with the next couple of episodes.

another side note, my homework yesterday was to watch "extras" and i realize my life isn't so bad after all.

tarantino spills the bean on his team up flick with rodriguez, grindhouse; rodriguez is doing a zombie movie and it seems like tarantino is doing a retread on carpenter's christine, but at least tarantino is making something

like some of the time, i really don't think about the photo i'm picking to do a caption on. you know, it's i got a good joke idea and maybe it'll work for a caption and i just run with it, without really think if it'll hurt anybody. then you see girls like this, then you're like, um, i think they'd probably forget my name even if i tatattoo it to their right arm, cause you know, they have better places to go and hotter people to hang out with. ever run into a person like that at a party? they're so put off to be at the party and you're start to rap with them, but then you really can't hang cause they're smoking and they're talking about lame everybody is and like right after you leave, they're gonna talk about how lame you are, don't you hate that? well, most people that i run who are like that don't look as good as these girls, so they've sorta earned the right to be put off. or some random dude just came up and scream or said something to them and they went, 'okay,' and that dude's best friend is laughins his ass off in the corner, saying, "i can't believe he did that. he's got balls, dude, balls"

okay, i'm a day behind on things, so bear with me. okay, first off, "arrested development" on monday night was brills as was suspected, yet, i wasn't too impressed with the divo on "my super sweet 16" nor the throwdown in cabo wabo on "laguna beach. now if the red rocker, sammy hagar made a cameo on "laguna beach" and screamed something about not being able to rock at 55, then i would've been holy shit, best shit ever, fuck you very much cox for fucking my whole shit cause i don't have either a vcr or dvr to capture that moment forever and ever. maybe it was the mood i was in (full blown meltdown), but you know the scripted excitement of mtv reality was not doing it for me that night.

then you look at real world: austin, which basically has become real world san diego minus the definative outta controlness of one jamie chung, the drunken charm of b.rad and the ran man, the goofy green jeans of jacquesse and the ball punching of cameron. did the producers say to the real world kids, yeah, you're season is boring, like hanging out with a married couple while sober at a raging christmas party boring, so spice things up and get arrested, then like the two most drunken, stereotypical american males try to get arrested and be with the other one while in jail. its ridicilously uninteresting as well as uninspired. and i've been back and forth with this season for two reasons, there's a girl in a class of mine that sorta looks like melinda and it sorta weirds me out because i start to wonder does the girl who looks like melinda act like melinda in real life? then there's johanna. i've been on both sides of the fence with johanna; she's been hot, then she's not hot and now, i just came to the conclusion, she's just a kooky dresser. look at me, i wear leg warmers and my parka hood when i'm at resturant cause i'm so unique and different. if anything, johanna is basically the manager of an urban outfitters minus the shelve of tats.

then there's mtv's reality show where we the viewers get to pick the next great reality show. okay, a premise that sounds like great chicken salad, but what it has become nothing more than chicken shit. we watch mtv reality shows because they're phoney and they're scripted and they're carefully choregraphed and the best part about it, is that we don't have to decide who we are going to follow, the leg work has done by people who dress like assholes and ask you if you want to be on their lame dating shows. even if one of these potential shows seem interesting (nick roses, cause dude is named nick roses and that miss teen usa cause she's not quite outta control, but she's a little more than outta hand, if anything, she's a sticky situation) gets choosen, it's going to be boring after a single episode. and the rest of the potential shows are just utterly stupid: some guido whose allerigic to shelves gives advice to his nephew; i'm a ditzy young married woman like jessica simpson who lives in a funueral home like "six feet under," you know, i'm making myself mental over this. and andy dick is involved with this show and i'm just wondering, why no "the assitant" season 2? that was hiliarious. now i have to deal with the nasaly, pat o'brienish voice of dan levy who wears pee stained jeans way too much.

i know it's a bit adult contemporay, but how good is the song, "my name is love" by rob dickinson? when the podcast first started to download onto my itunes, i thought it was the guy from iron maiden, then i listened to it and i was like, oh wait, this was the music i had on when i was on hold with tech support the other day, it sorta mellowed me out.

a general heads up for the rain season or for any season if you live in washington state (haha), driving in the rain and sigur ros go hand in hand with each other. take it from me as i drove home the other night in the freak thunderstorm we had out here the other day.

if anybody is going to the palm springs film festival on thursday, september 21st, please check out colter freeman's, facility 4. now my opinion may be a bisased towards this film since i worked on (if you call eating red starbursts and ocassionally moving an apple box around, work), but seriously, its a really great film; really well made and what not.

and finally, back to the show, "laguna beach," over the past month or so, we've been learning more and more details about the new girl on the block, casey. you know, the goofy blonde with fake hair. its been revealed that me and her share a last name, but yesterday, i learned that casey reinhardt also has a brother, whose name happens to be doug as well. so please, let me put this out there, i am in no way related to casey reinhardt from the television program, "laguna beach". yes, she probably has an older brother named doug reinhardt, but believe me, kids, i'm not releated to her at all. i mean, check the technique, he goes by doug where as i'm douglas. although, if you know on a one on one level, you'd end up calling me doug and frankly, it doesn't matter too much unless its not written correctly on a paycheck.

and for christmas, i want to learn how to proof read.


At 1:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

we watch mtv reality shows because they're phoney and they're scripted and they're carefully choregraphed and the best part about it, is that we don't have to decide who we are going to follow, the leg work has done by people who dress like assholes and ask you if you want to be on their lame dating shows.

this shit keeps me coming back every day. good job.

At 2:14 PM , Blogger justin said...

Seeing Telly from Kids on "Earl" was pretty strange.

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