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Sep 12, 2005

light sleeper

ah, umm, new york won. there wasn't a contest or anything this past weekend, but for whatever as well as all intensive purposes, new york won something. where else are you gonna see outta hand hot girls spitting free becks beer all over the place? at a deltas keggers in topenka? hell no unless the girl was sick or something. i mean, it's official, new york won. frankly, we all should quit what we're doing and move there immediately. i know that apartments are hard to find, but you know, if we all throw in together, we could find a place with a nice view and a decent co-op board

this is not mischa barton

and this will only be an okay movie; technicaly, breathetaking, but acting wise, um, not so much; i just don't see nor do i want to accept di caprio as the new de niro. i finally watched the avaitor a month ago and the film is extremely well made; beautifully shot and amazing production design, but a wee bit too long and the best performance was by alan alada and he was barely in the damn thing. i guess, its good for a director to have some consistence with his actors, but i'm just asking for a little space between scorsese and di caprio. take a picture off or something. mr. scorsese, i heard ed norton is a very good actor and he might be in need of some quality work.

anybody else getting kinda bum about the new cameron crowe film elizabethtown after reading jeffrey wells' review of it? i love cameron crowe's work so much, but to hear, that he's scrambling to recut less than a month before its release, i don't know, i'm worried. i'm jus wondering what exactly happened to the cameron crowe who right around the release of almost famous said to charlie rose that william miller was his antoine doinel and he wanted to do another movie about william miller further along in his life? what happened to that idea? i sat through vanilla sky and i'll go see elizabethtown, but when's the next william miller movie coming along?

its really weird because as of late, i've been flying under the radar at school because i've been wearing shorts and not the goofy scenester shorts that look like golf pants, but just plain old regular shorts. and you know wearing a shorts and a regular old t-shirt has allowed me to sneak into this group called, 'regular guys' where nobody assumes anything out of you. you don't have to be up on your shit in any way, shape or form; it's just assumed that you have a passing knowledge of things and ocassionally, people will ask you questions. i like being a regular dude, but at the same time, there are some pressures or at least pressures i assume to being a regular dude. first off, you can't have panic attacks as a regular dude; just gotta let shit roll over off your back like water off of a duck, so there i'm already in trouble and secondly, i think you have to care about football. dudes, i don't care about football. sure, i'll watch the post season stuff because it's interesting, but getting all excited about it, right now? it can't be done. not even for college football, i can't get excited for. maybe, cause my school doesn't have a team, but even during, baseball season, i couldn't get excited for baseball and we're like one of the top 5 baseball schools in the nation. i just don't get the appeal of football, for me, in the beginning of the season, football is very much like soccer. a bunch of people running around a field, some people score and like four hours later, the thing is finally over. so i'm saying that i think i'm going to be kick out of the world of 'regular dudes' and i was wondering if there's still a spot for me in the world of fringe scene kids; we're chubby, but we try to wear the tight jeans.


At 4:01 PM , Anonymous mark said...

Totally with you on elizabethtown. more i see more it looks like crowe trying to make a film to fit into the new indie scene he helped create.

Maybe you should try a new scene like the stoners or video gamers. just a thought.

At 6:16 PM , Blogger justin said...

i hardly ever side with wells's opinion. but this will hurt if he's right.


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