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Sep 30, 2005

like a rolling stone

while i didn't fully understand all of the little moments and most likely resolution from the previous season, i must say that i've become hooked on the show, "veronica mars". so are you happy, e!'s kristin veitch, that i'm finally watching your favorite show. will you please leave me alone kevin smith & joss whedon because while i'll probably skip out on your latest releases (i mean, has kevin smith made anything decent since chasing amy?), but i'll watch what you consider to be the best show on television. i can honestly say that i had no clue what was going for a majority of the show, but the ending of the season premiere, i have to come back for more. literally, what a cliff hanger. sure, the show had smart writing, solid acting, cameos by steven flippin guttenberg and a outta control charisma carpenter, but what i liked the most about the show, is the fact that they actually shot exteriors in san diego. what a fucking concept. a show that takes place in suburban san diego actually shoots in san diego when they have to do big scenes in san diego. you look at the way a show like "the oc" treats location shoots, let alone, company moves, and it would seem like its the plague. making the 45 minutes to hour long drive from la down to newport beach isn't so awful and i don't think it would be that expensive either.

look at "veronica mars," a upn show, probably with no budget and is forced to hire past contentests from "america's next top model" in a bit of network syngery (how awkward was namia's performance and she was a favorite of mine), yet it manages to make the 90 minute journey down to hell diego for exteriors. dude, they even bring the gutte down to s.diego, how killer is that? the chances of like driving around newport and spotting the oh so bushy eye borrows of pete gallagher as he films a scene? probably never.

i think that remains to be my main problem with "the oc". sure, i could forgive the horrible storylines, if they just came down to orange county for a day, even with a skeleton crew and shot actual exteriors from orange county. you can't shoot the del amo fashion center and tell me it's south coast plaza; that's like saying all rap music is the same, it's like telling me its raining when really, you just have the sprinklers on. honestly, is it a matter of not getting the necessary permints to film in the orange curtain? dude, the film comission office is based out of my school or at least gets their mail there, so i can put in a good word or two when i'm there today.

for as beautiful as manhattan beach is, its nots as beautiful as newport; think about that, josh schwartz.

i got an email the other day from mikel p from most people are djs (check out the one called "half a life") and asked me about the lack of reviews for this season of "the oc". i mean, i have been vocal about the show being extremely boring this season. for example, last week, i checked out during most of the episode cause busy philipps was the one who replaced shannen doherty on some sitcom and she had dark hair, which was even weirder. then we had thursday's episode, the one where marissa enters public school. allow be the first or at least third to say, that the orange county public school system isn't as terrible as the show made it out to be. you're reading the work of a product of the system and minus a few spelling errors and run on sentences here and there, i turned out pretty okay. once in the school, marissa meets the girl gang, who come off as an after school version of jack hill's classic switchblade sisters. first off, if we're gonna have a gang, especially a girl gang and we're in the oc, why not make a mexican girls gang? and i'm not suggesting this because i would like to see an actual hispanic actresses portray a hispanic character (holla at theresa), but instead, it would be more interesting to see a mexican girl gang on tv instead of a bunch of chubby white chicks in black t-shirts. yes, they are a gang, but can't the costume department be a little more creative than "ummm, we'll just put them in a bunch of black shirts". here's the thing, if you see a bunch of people who flash mean mugs and wear pink shirts, you're gonna be more scared than you were in the first place cause those guys don't need scary colors to be scary, they can make up beat, reese witherspoon movie colors into something you see in your nightmares. so first and formost, let's just step out of the box a little bit more when it comes to costuming.

while at public school, marissa also meets up with the bizzaros. yes, people, its only the fourth episode of the third season and we're already meeting the bizzaro seth, the bizzaro summer and the bizzaro ryan. i mean we didn't meet bizzaro jerry until like the second to last season of "seinfeld" and larry david had left already by then. are these guys so out of story ideas that they're already bringing bizzaros? and it's not like these bizzaros are funny like on "sealab", they just only enchance why you hate the orignials in the first place. take that back, it just makes me hate seth cohen even more.

then the big twist that jeri ryan is a grifter, trying to scam kirsten out of some money. boring. is jeri ryan gonna run a flim flam job on julia pompernickel bread next week as well? how are you writers running out of things to do each week? do you guys spend all your time using the lot's super cool super fast wifi connection to download bob dylan albums onto your nanopods and when it comes time for a table read, all of you just pound something out as if you've just had the greatest party ever and your parents about to show up at the front doorstep? is it like that? seriously, guys, steal stuff from these guys. they're probably onto something a little more brills than what ever you got cooked from the rest of the season.

but i have to admint, the only positive about this season remains to be the performance of rachel bilson. say what you will, but she's the only one getting some what decent material on the show, and god bless her, she's actually acting her little heart out; although she could stand to eat a few sandwiches from lee's every now and then.

mark haslam told me to check out wolf parade and went on to talk about its modest mouse vibe and what have you nots. when i hear things like 'modest mouse'ish, i head to the hills. modest mouse is just a band i associate with jock guys who think they're cool jocks because they listen to modest mouse and wear hemp necklaces. i remember there used to be this weiner kid on kuci who had a show and he'd have 'mandatory modest mouse' where he'd play some song from them and that just struck me as really pretenious because what has modest mouse done to achieve mandatory marley @ 4:20 status other than having the double m's? but i'm getting away from my point about wolf parade, you see i thought i wasn't going to like them because there was a modest mouse connection, but the record while a smidge over hyped is still a good solid listen. now, i just worry that i may actually like modest mouse and soon after, i'll be wearing hemp necklaces and flip flops.

dude, what exactly happened to brooke burns? first, everybody confused with m.i.t's finest science project, brooke burke, then she hosted some lamey reality show, then she dyed her hair and dated bruce willis, then she was on "the oc: hawaiian style" then got canceled in two months and now, she just looks like felicity huffman from "desperate housewives" not actually like felicity huffman, but like the character she plays on that show; you know, always at home with the kids, driving her bonkers and she's constantly popping pills to keep it together and now she has like her daugther style her hair cause its quality mommy and me time and she goes to hiliary duff parties cause her kids would just die for an autograph from haylee (they love napoleon dnyamite).

dunno what's hotter: this girl or a kool g rap album produced entirely by dj shadow and by dj shadow, i mean, like unkle/"entroducing..." era dj shadow, none of this post "the private press" drum & bass lovin' dj shadow business; and it's not a situation where you can say, well they're both hot, you have to pick one. me? i'm just like you; it's like picking a favorite child

has anybody ever seen the rakes and art brut in the same building before? cause i think they're the same band or at least the same guys are both in bands but they muck up the line up a bit and the art brut drummer sings in the rakes cause basically, they're the same bands, right? art brut made a better album, but "strasbourg" is a great single. never the less, i don't understand the rakes' hype. steve aoki, you need to send the memo out again.

can somebody please explain to why am i not hearing "destroy everything you touch" by ladytron all over the radio, on tv and, in movie trailers? that tune is amazing and i think everybody would dig upon it; just don't use it on "the biggest loser" or any gym commercials.

okay, either remember back to school or just relate this to one of your current classes, know that guy in class who is always talking and raising his/her hand and what not and as you sit in the back of the class, you just hate on that dude from taking up the professor time, thus making you get out of class later than you would've normally? i think we can all say that we've had that guy in a class, but here's the thing, i think i've become the guy in the class who won't shut up. i always have something to say or some little comment to throw in and frankly, i'm sorta hating on myself for always been talkative. you know, i wonder if i didn't say anything, would the class go by a lot faster or would it grind to a complete hault? and i try to be quiet. i try real hard, but you know, i just feel compell to say something because nobody is talking. i also wonder, does everybody in the class hate my guts because i'm talking too much or what? occassionally, i got punchlines, but still, i dunno, if everybody else wants to hear about me talk the marriage of violence & comedy in the films of tarantino or like talking about the diplomats and how with the right marketing and single, cam can be as big as jay-z.

it should be noted, that i get star struck very easily and by the stupidest things as well. the other day, i saw 'the chainsaw' from a texas chainsaw massacre film and i was sorta speechless. i saw a bunch of guns that were probably used in mr & mrs smith, a film i never saw, yet i was still star struck by these objects. one time, i got star struck over somebody being a photojournal of the band, hellogoodbye (this was way before, they were talked about on the real world); like i knew the person for a few weeks before i realize that she was on the photojournal, then everything sorta changed or at least for half an hour, things were different. you know, i thought i was in the midst of an internet celebrity. although, over time, the star struckness fizzled out and frankly, i don't even talk to that person anymore. yet, here's my thing, if i want to work in the industry of celebrity and i get star struck by prop masters, how am i ever going to be successful? "oh man, you worked on harold & kumar? that's so cool. i never saw it, but still, very cool" everybody likes a lil' car washing now and then, but i don't think it'll give me the legs to stand. if i were to ever pitch a reality show about me, it'd basically be the orignial pitch for "seinfeld," a show about how a comedian gets his material. see that would be my show too, cept throw in random celebrity interviews. but i dunno, if i could do that. chris farley pretty much wrote the book on star struck interviews.


At 6:37 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Dude, don't you mean hasn't Kevin Smith done anything decent since Mallrats? Because while Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back had it's moments, Chasiny Amy was awful (i mean, the first half is pretty good, but then it just falls way the fuck off). By the way, when I first saw that pic of Brooke Burns, I thought you were posting a pic of Brianna Banks for some reason (not that there is in any way something wrong with that).
And you're right about Cam being as big as Jigga, but who knows if he's gonna get that kinda push from either Koch or Asylum? Especially like when he makes statements about doing rap cuz he's nice and that there's no money in it, rather than for the love or out of a desire to be the God-MC like Jigga did.

At 6:43 AM , Blogger Dan said...

And btw, a G Rap/Shadow album would rule the fucking planet, especially if you laced a few choice Raekwon cameos in there. If Shadow and G Rap couldn't be the ones to finally get Raekwon back to Cuban Linx era greatness, no one can.

At 7:37 AM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Actually, it would take less time to drive from Los Angeles to Newport Beach because they could car pool on the 405.

The Navigator

At 10:00 AM , Anonymous pony said...

We got reviews of each epi.

At 8:08 PM , Blogger Mike P said...

Thanks for the mention -- I haven't seen the latest OC yet (I tape them) -- I enjoyed your review.
Veronica Mars is the best show on TV!

At 2:20 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you are watching veronica mars now then I DECLARE VICTORY OVER THIS WEBLOG.

honestly though i'm just hoping that kristen bell will own more people so i have some company, because man, it's not pretty how good I think that show is.

i accidentally saw that new joss whedon movie tonight, having not watched the show and expecting it to suck, but it's actually pretty entertaining, although it bogs down until the end.


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