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Sep 14, 2005

long distance lovers make long distance calls

to whom ever the over anixous sales guy that conn'ed me into getting a dvr cable reciever with your statements of: "its easier to set up than a vcr," fuck you. no seriously, fuck you. and to cox cable as a whole, fuck you as well cept for the dude in tech support who said, "sched" and said that their customer service blows; he's cool but as for the rest of you, nah, you all suck. honestly, i don't know what it is, but for some reason, modern technologic breakthroughs and advancements, just don't seem to get along. first, there's the g5 problems, then there's the networking fiasco and now this dvr reciever business. perhaps this is a sign that maybe i'm meant to go the way of the unabomber. i'm meant to live in the backwoods with my books, the only true art form man has ever created and my typewriter, so i can write cranky old guy letters to big business and evil coroprations about how much they suck and stuff.

i can set up a vcr and i can even program it, so what kind of moron does it make me because i can't set up a dvr reciever without cutting myself? (and a blister, too).

even ashlee simpson can set up a dvr reciever, but not little old me. and it's pretty shitters because i can't get a cable guy to come out until like friday morning of next week. that's how awful cox cable is. for the absolute worse in cable, call up cox cable.

side note: is it me or is ashlee simpson trying to be like kate hudson these days? i wouldn't be surprised if she's dating one of the dudes from kings of leon in like three years from now or whatever the most black crowes esque band out there these days.

i sorta hope that the cobrasnake comes back to la pretty soon because its more fun to write about hot girls from out here as opposed to new york city. yeah, they won, but it's not as fun as talk about how much you'd love to see this girl in a bath tub of dippin' dots and how much even more fun it would be to eat all those dippin dots with her while she's in the tub. i mean, yeah, the chances of ever running into the person are pretty slim to nill, which for some, i guess is a good thing. but i dunno, i like that added rush of running into somebody you wrote a caption about while at amoeba and wondering if they read it (probaby not)

i don't watch "entourage" and probably will never ever watch "entourage," so to me, seeing jeremy piven not at john cusack's side is sorta sketchy. dare i even say, a bit creepy. i feel that he's up to something and frankly, when all is said and done, nothing good is going to come out of it. like some poor girl whose been living in either la or nyc for a few months, will do the walk of shame but with like tears running down her face and like a ripped top; well actually, it'll look like that part in the commercial for that movie, the excorism of emily rose where that girl is crying, running around in the rain and everybody's face turns into demons or something like that; yeah, that's what i imagine will happen after jeremy piven is done for the evening. some poor defenseless girl will be infected by devils. that and jeremy piven with his hair plugs looks like fabain from "flithy rich: cattle drive"'s older brother

this week, a couple of albums came out by some local all girl groups; one by go betty go and the other by the like. completely different styles of music, you know go betty go is that mid 90s feel good punk sound like save ferriss minus the ska; where as the like is like the diet cola version of rilo kiley. and it's weird how each group is presented or at least photographed; looking at the like, these are the girls who are going to be on an episode of "my super sweet 16,"; these are the popular girls in school who'll never give you the time of day and if they do give you the time of day, you end up talking about politics or really boring books. yet, with go betty go, they seem like a bunch of cool girls who'll tell that alan moore's "the watchmen" is probably the best comic book ever, but you should really check out love & rockets and then they'll also tell you about some crazy sandwich shop. but, this stuck up rich girls who rock, which is sorta half true about the like, doesn't really fit them. i heard the like's interview with nic hardcourt the other day and they said only one of them can drive on the freeways.

okay, i thought that i had a point, but clearly i don't. i'll just say this about the like and i'll shut up; their album artwork makes them seem really stuck up and their album while being pretty good is a tad over produced, but then again, i was in a bad mood while listening to it. not a them issue, but more of a me situation.

has anybody been able to find the neon blonde album yet? i know it just came out yesterday and all, but you know with dim mak; it's all about the promotion but getting those records on store shelves is another situation.


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At 6:42 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Cox Communications is the fucking devil. God I hate them....


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