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Sep 23, 2005

neva eva

dude, they should've never gave me a working dvr cause i'm affraid that i'll never leave my house again. just push a few buttons and magically the whole season of "arrested development" is being recorded. its amazing. oh, you want to record the whole season of "lost," just press this button. how amazing is it.

to make matters worse, they gave me digital cable too. so now or at least for a few months, i have forty five versions of hbo and they were showing career oppurtunities on one of them and i was like, dude if i had know, i would've totally watched, but i'm busy watching napoleon dynmaite and not laughing at all.

and this is a sticky situation


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At 6:12 PM , Blogger Dan said...

Yo, you heard the new Ghostface, "Be Easy"? Holla fuck, shit is incredible.


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