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Sep 13, 2005

nobody likes a neck beard

supposedly, this is a photo of ashanti (awww, baby) performing somewhere, but frankly, i just think its a canid snap of shanti and her party crew dancing to kris kross' "jump, jump." i remember at my class's 5th grade christmas party dancing to that song, but like when the janitor walked by, for some reason, i stopped dancing.

if its not one thing with my schedule, its another thing. all of last week, i was in a funk because i had a five day weekend, now i'm sorta inbetween power naps or at least something like that for past five days as well. up early to beat traffic one day. up early the next day to go down to the school to pick up equipment and early again, to shoot stuff with the equipment a day later and yesterday, up early again to return the equipment and to kill time before class starts, i figure out how i could get to disneyland from my school (i think its only like a 20 minute drive). and you know, this extremely sexy body clock of mine is tuned to go to bed by 1 and be up by 9. not in bed by 11 and up by 7; well, i just feel extremely tired coupled in with the anixety of using the school's equipment.

honestly, i do not know how i continue to survive in today's world with my overwhelming fear that i'm gonna break something one of these days. i guess i don't have a delicate touch and the equipment i'm using from the school has been around since the stone age and i just worried that i'm going to tap something and it'll fall apart and i'm out three grand or something like that. let alone the stress that comes from the issues surrounding, did i load the camera correctly; was the film exposed properly; was everything in focus when it needed to be; where do i keep my exposed film. in a weird way, i'm learning that cinematography, is not for me.

i don't know if its the sleep deprevation or the bad beard i'm trying to grow, but have you ever had one of those moments where you felt somebody was just staring at you for no reason whatsoever? perhaps it was a bit of revenge from all the girls i stared at, but you know, it's rather uncomfortable and frankly, to any girl, i creeped over the years, i must aplogozie. i try, key word, try to lead a low key existence where nobody notices me and i don't bother anybody, but its just weird to look over in a direction and see some one looking right back at you. and its not a fun awkward situation like when the girl you recently accused of having fake breasts almost sits next to you in class.

so the new devendra banhart album is out today and from what i've heard of it, i've liked. yet, it also worries me. i worry that devenbra banhart has created a cult and he and his followers might end up on the news some time real soon. it just scares me a little, that's all. also, to me, devendra banhart seems like the kinda guy who'd never ever have a tv in his house; you know he could give some half way decent bullshirt about television is a tool of the devil (along with various other tips towards enligthenment in his pamphlet), yet i heard he watched some movie as inspiration for a song on the new album. now, i'm not saying that the dude isn't allowed to watch movies, but i mean, where would he watch it? does he have like a rinky dinky 13 inch tv hooked up to an old vcr or does he have like a plasma screen and the full fledge home theater experince? these are things that i'm interested in learning about musicians or famous people; i don't care about their latest project or their craft unless like they're pt anderson or dario argento. i want to know if devendra banhart ever had dippin dots and what he thought of 'em, if he did.

question, who all saw probably the best episode of the second season of "laguna beach" last night? the only thing that really stuck out to me was how tall alex h is. does anybody know if all of that overdrive mumbo jumbo on mtv.com will work on macs yet or is it still real media and pc format?

and can anybody explain why on "my super sweet 16" last night there was a midget freaking dancing on the stage?


At 10:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the new LB is on the tivo. good to hear it's not just more bitching.


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