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Sep 28, 2005

rue the day

you know how paul wall is always talking about the girls from houston, you know, boppers. do you think he means these girls cause i never really thought much of them texas girls. you know everything's big in texas: big hair and big fake boobs is what i assumed. then you got texas girls like jessica simpson who has an ass chin and is super annoyning, but if like most texas girls are like this, then i'm looking for summer internships out there

as some may know about my obessesion with mtv's quest for us, the viewers to pick the next great reality show. you know, the show that we're gonna all write about how amazing it is and buy the dvd of and have viewing parties, but here's the problem, none, well i shouldn't say, but most of them are extremely boring. that miss teen usa is interesting cause she's hot or at least in her mini episodes, she's hot cause she has good hair and, we all know that nick roses is the clear winner out of all these shows. cause, dude is nick roses. like i remember there was a guy at my high school with a really cool name and i used to say it alot because, you know it was one of those great movie character names that only people in movies should have and that's what nick roses is; he's just a character from some movie we haven't seen yet. he may not be a main character, he may even be a super villian, but what ever version we got of it now, we should latch onto and watch until, well it gets canceled.

and it doesn't seem like very much effort is being put into making these mini episodes. it just feels as if raw footage was given to a junior high video production class and was instructed to go nuts with adobe premiere or like imovie. and just the show ideas seem horrible, example, the show about the girl living with her new husband above a funueral home. you know what it reminds me of a bad freddie prinze jr movie. when did anybody ever go watch a freddie prinze jr movie? well, okay, she's all that was all right, but it was only because of that scene on the beach where there's a guy playing frisbe with his german shepard and the dog won't give the frisbe back and like the part where that culkin kid yells 'sega!' cause when was that movie made? what like 1993? but that movie aside, when did you actively seek out the prinze man? never. so why would you want to watch a reality tv show about a sorta cute girl living in a bad sitcom idea. even when mtv tries to phoney up these shows with their horriblely looped lines, it still doesn't work. mtv, listen to me, we, the people can't pick a quality reality show because you gave us nothing but chicken shit to choose from.

now why can't one of the reality choices be a show like "transgeneration"? now that show is weird, but weird in a good way. half the people on the show look like the dude from le tigre. its awkward and uncomfortable, but its still compelling tv. as opposed to some hippie hanging out in nothern california telling me how i'm destroying the environment every time i drive my car.

for those keeping score, i went to the valley yesterday. i survived. i lived and oddly no panic attacks, but alot of sweaty palms though. as for the fate of the fudruckers, well that project became teen cop, a story of a 15 year old, jet clownkicker who is an undercover police officer working on a major drug ring at his high school. so if anybody wants to make a movie about a kid detective and a pesky news reporter (summer verano) and her loyal camera man (clinton arbuckle) who are always trying to bust teen cop's chops, then give me a call.

the only thing i'll say about the valley, is this, cause i went way into the valley, it's like the 2 freeway or whatever its called, begs to be speeded upon. like when you finally get onto the 2 after being in a crush of big rigs and trucks on the 5, it's like awaking heaven when you get there because there are four completely empty lanes or at least those who are in the lanes are moving at a decent speed. so you just zoom along and you're kicking yourself because you're in la county and most of the freeways and streets of la county are so fucked up that you honestly can't believe they got something right for once.

but you see, once again, for those keeping score, i went down to universal city and that whole area around the hollywood bowl and it just kicked ass, artie fufkin style. i'm getting a little better as a driver each day, but that whole area just sent me into a shame spiral, that i had to high tailed it back to the orange curtain. i just don't get the narrow two lane roads of la.

did anybody catch the american office last night? i know everybody hates nbc, mainly because of their horrible phoney radio show ad campagins as of late, but seriously, the american office has to be like the third funniest show on television right now. but back to those commercials? are they working on anybody? is anybody convienced that they gotta tuned into "surface" cause three stereotypical un morning zoo morning zoo jocks were talking like they were your friend? is it supposed to have that effect? not only is making me not want to watch these shows, but it's driving me to the point where i may have to take it out on jason lee, if i ever see him in person.

and now that the angels won the west, we have to play the no whammies game with boston. yes, red sox suck, but can you let slide missing a bunch of your shows to watch a lamey like manny ramierz run around the field like a kid who just took a dump in pants in october? no, i don't think so. boo red sox, yeah everybody else.


At 1:20 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The dude from le tigre." Ha!

At 6:52 AM , Blogger Dan said...

You'd rather have the Yankees? FUCK THAT (and I'm from NY, keepin mind)!

At 3:31 PM , Blogger Mark Haslam said...

Leave those smelly northern california hippies to me...

and you are ruining the environment.

At 7:15 PM , Anonymous pony said...

A "bopper", Mr. Reinhardt, is one who "bops"/sucks/slobs on gangsta peen.

That's why Quddus laughed uncomfortably when Mr. Wall used it on TRL. In fact, he might have even called the audience boppers as a kind of inside-joke-via-inappropriately-used-gangsta-term-thing.

At 6:21 AM , Blogger Ken said...

yeah mang, that Orlando Bloom looking guy in Le Tigre is a she.

At 7:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Texas girls really do like that...

At 8:08 PM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

Did I not read correctly or are you developing Teen Cop for real??? If this is true you must let me in on the process.


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