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Sep 28, 2005

rue the weekend

just a heads up to all southern californian people....

the southbound hollywood freeway (the 101; the one you use to go to amoeba music) will be closed from this friday night at 10pm to monday oct 3 at 6am.

there were a bunch of alter routes list in the paper about the closure, but i fully don't understand them, but just in case you're out hollywood way this weekend, you may want to get alt directions miminzing your 101 usage.

and yeah, "lost" was good, but it wasn't 'dude, i have to wake you up at 8 in the morning to talk about it' good.

and for those who've been scoring, i'm finally gonna watch an episode of "veronica mars". i just hope it isn't like the time i watched "gilmore girls" cause i watched it for 15 minutes and there was some asian girl trapped in a closet (and not kells steez either) and i was just utterly confused.


At 11:13 PM , Blogger Dan said...

I feel you, but it's gonna be an Angels-Indians ALCS. Cuz your Angels take the White Sox, and the Indians beat the Yanks. But I hear you, the Angels have not had much success against the BoSox(my fathers team). But anyway, we'll see...
And I wish I had more hip hop tracks right now, but I'm fresh out and I'm a HUGE baseball dork, so you know how it goes.

At 11:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been nagging you about veronica mars (aka "she mars"), so this is good news for me. i'd recommend that you check out the first episode of the first season though, unless you really don't care about plot. the first season actually wrapped up all its plot lines, and the resolution to all of them is very obvious from what happens in the new stuff.

go (red) sox!


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