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Sep 2, 2005

saeglopur (shout out to sigur ros)

i'm not even gonna talk about the awkward vibe that is rather outta hand in this photo. i can't even begin to imagine all the forced group shots one has to do as a celebrity. i guess, it sorta falls under their rule of : "i famous, you're famous, so we're automatically bffs," but i mean the convo between those two has be so awful to easedrop. "so how was rehab? (sniffles)" "it was...umm...okay, you know." but thats not even why i'm bringing this picture to you, i bring it to your attention because of the dude in the stripped shirt over mischa b's shoulder. stripes look the jerk face vibe of every guy in a bar or a resturant that poses in the background of your group shot. you know that guy and frankly, at one point or another, we've been that guy as well. but when regular folks do things of this nature, we make goofy faces, but dude is on some next level, i gotta suck in the cheek bones cause that might get into ok people in touch with us star life & style weekly magazine. or the dude is just tossed, i mean like really tossed and doesn't know what's going on and was distracted by the bright shiny light.

i had a weird encounter the other day while getting lunch at chipotle, i saw one of my high school pe teachers in line as well. i texted robin brown about the situation and he asked if it was the pe teacher who ran off with his students after she graduated, it wasn't that guy. but it was the guy who married a real young woman, then i realize that alot of the guys who were involved with the athletic program at the high school were really fucked up. that whole rememberance of that sorta crushed the whole 'oh wow, it's a high school teacher out of his element and oh my gosh, he wears polo shirts and hilifinger shorts and he's into over priced burritos as well. wacky!'

with all of these lamey exercises and fitness centers out there, it makes perfect sense as to why i don't excerise. from jazzercise to yoga to pilates to those places where they blast out awful, awful house (you know, people always say daft punk makes house music, but whenever i hear house djs, they never ever play daft punk). now it came to me and for most people, this exercise plan may not work for you because it's too extreme or loud, but frankly, if the band, lightning bolt opened up a gym, i'd probably be skinny for once in my life. wouldn't it be amazing if a class was like a cycling class, but you had to keep up with the beat of the drumming of brian chippendale for the whole session. do you know how much water weight you'd lose in a single session? it'd be insane. seriously, if the new album doesn't work out for them, they should seriously consider this whole gym thing. i'd probably move to be close by.

i know that most people come here for a quick little joke about reality tv or to check out my thoughts as well as dan from mental sword fighting's on rap music or for the latest hipster hotties (wuchaka and kaboomba and finally, ah snaps) [although, jay, cobrasnake cameos aren't that cool or maybe, i'm still mad at jay for leaving memp bleek in his will and that memp bleek, one of the world's worst rappers will always be paid in full] or to hear ultra discrete as well extremely vauge descriptions of girls from school as well as tidbits from my life story like the two week period in the spring of 2002 where i acted like denzel washington in training day. yet, it just seems sorta hard to laugh at anything right now with what's happening in new oreleans and the damage done by the hurricane. it just really dwarfs all the problems you have right now. it doesn't matter that i can't load film into an ariflex camera because i'm still here and i'm living my life. i can't complain about anything because i don't have the right to. well, i can complain about how george w bush hasn't gotten off his ass yet and sent aid into the areas where it needs it most and instead of spending money on a useless war every single day. that, i can complain about, but anything else in my life, i can't.

so, i'm just saying, over this labor day weekend, take time to apperciate all that you got. call the friend you haven't spoke to in a couple of months because you thought he took your jacket when you really left at chili's that one night. and you know, if you got some money to spare, then donate to a charity and help some people. i'm just saying, let's apperciate life and be happy with what we got.


At 7:10 AM , Blogger Dan said...

So true, so true. It really is hard to be depressed about anything, whether its your incredibly boring ass temp job (like me) or schoolwork or anything else, because at least you're not "living like an animal" in a place where all semblance of civilization has disappeared in the span of a week. Seriously, I can't watch CNN anymore, because it just seems like a bad Hollywood movie about what happens when society breaks down and complete and total anarchy runs free. It's shocking, its disgusting, it's insane... and I completely agree about W. His idiocy is mindnumbing sometimes-- it's really sad that I'm no longer surprised by his stupidity and callousness. Truly sad.

And hey, thanks for the plug once again. It is greatly appreciated.


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