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Sep 9, 2005

sailin' on

i think i'm starting a one man campagin against these stuff magazine parties because every time, i see the 'celebs' at their functions, i start to wonder, is it really a party? i mean honestly, who would you rather party with?

a washed up musician who'll keep chattin' in your ear about his band just made the heaviest fucking album of all time and how mainstream radio and mtv is just affraid to touch because you know, it's so heavy and too intense for trl.


a bunch of teens who are probably skipping out on college or at least the first two years of college to give the acting thing, 'the old college try,' if you will. yet, we all know that these kids will probably be on the third season of bravo's battle of the network reality stars or making out with david spade after he just got dissed by courtney semel at the spider club at like one in the morning.

i bounced once at a party, it wasn't too bad. all be it, i just kicked out chubby girls who were probably 14 and smoked alot of cigarettes and when things got rough, i hid behind a giant green fence and said, we're closing shop and the cops are apparently on their way. i mean, stuff magazine, if you guys don't want the likes of fred durst there, give me the job to kick him out. i'll just tell him that morrisey is in the back alley and would love to have a conversation with him, then once fred durst is outside, we hit him with waterballons with pee. that'll totally ruin his night and he'll wanna take the bus home, cause i heard he had to sell all his cars and he's rollin' rollin' rollin' quarters for bus fare.

and if you wanna kick out l.c. out of your party, just tell her that stephen is outside and he wants to talk to her even though, he really wants to talk with kristin.

a thing that has been urking me as of late has been these weiner kids flooding the itunes imix section with their redonklicous mixes shouting: "we want the beatles on itunes". umm, yeah, so does apple, but it's not their decision. do you honestly picture the itunes guys sitting around saying to each other, "yeah, we have the rights to sell the beatles catalog on line, but we're gonna totally keep it for ourselves and our special nano-nano ipods that are 100gb and play movies." of course, apple wants to sell the world's most popular band, but it's not their issue. if anything, flood paul and ringo with emails asking for their stuff to be on itunes. i mean, there's like a million things in this world i want, but you don't seem make utterly stupid and patheic imixes about it. sure, i want to a lee's sandwiches shop across the street from me, but i don't think i create a playlist that screams "WE WANT MORE LEE'S SANDWICHES" and it's just a bunch of le tigre and bloc party songs. that's not going to do anything. you know, i want to see an episode of "laguna beach," where alex h finally admints her undying love for kristin and they totally make out and it's either shot like andrew blake steez with "only this moment" by royskopp playing or eon mckai steez with bad brains' "sailin' on" playing, but you know, i don't think a simple two song playlist is going to rally up the moral support i need for my campagin. i sorta hope that apple goes the other way and refuses to add the beatles catalog to spite those weiner kids.

although, it should be noted that i've become the ulimate cynic because i recently went into the store, build a bear workshop and my cold, cold, heart could not be melted by all of the whimscal elements in the store. in fact, i'm surprised that they didn't ask me to leave the store. yet at the same time, you have to wonder about the people who work there because they have to be so on and so upbeat and so charming and make kids smile that they themselves have to reach some boiling point and just snap and become more jade than myself. i wonder for my own well being, that if this is a sign, that i couldn't crack a smile in build a bear workshop, that maybe, i have no soul whatsoever. i've been having trouble activing those hand motion sinks at school the past couple of days. and is this a sign of things to come or am i just trying too hard to be like larry david. well, actually, the only time i cracked a smile there at build a bear was when i thought, what happened if larry david went to build a bear.

speaking of kids, well cause kids are supposed to enjoy build a bear, but anyways, the kids today, well at least the kids in my town definately run the spectrum of cool. there's that one kid whose probably in the 5th grade already going through his smiths phase and then, there are the square kids. think about though, being square and prim & proper is a new form of rebellion. i've said it countless times, what once was counter culture and rebellion are now marketing tools and basically at hot topic, you can pick up a lil' rebel kit which includes the crass bum flag for 14.99. so in a way, to be rebelious, you gotta act straight and play tag with your friends while the boombox is blasting out billy joel's "piano man". tucked in shirts with khakis are the new mohawks and talking about how you're not allowed to hit girls is the new middle finger. and sometimes, these street toughs play frampton comes alive while riding around on bikes.

if anybody has myspace'd me in the past couple of days, you'd have better luck reaching me if you just email me directly. i've sorta quit myspace cold turkey and i'm loving not having to worry about it. so maybe like in another week or two, i'll be back, but i dunno.

now, i know some people are expecting some big thing about last night's season premiere of "the oc," but honestly, i didn't think much of it. it was what it was. it wasn't awful, but it wasn't good either. it was just sorta there with some bizzare editing in the begnning and during the beach super terrific calm before the shitstorm montage. you know, it's just sorta eh. but i can say this, i can't stand adam brody. my level of dislike for him is on par with my disliking of the governator and slow drivers in the fast lane.

i dug "reunion". the characters are pretty standard, but there's just something compelling about this show. i don't know why but i really got into it and got upset at characters. on the surface, "reunion" is pretty bad; it feels awkward and forced but i think that's the charm of the show. to believe amanda righetti, all be it in flash backs as a high school student is a great leap, but it's like, i guess it works for the show's design. get some actors who can play the older stuff really well and some youngsters to do the young stuff really well; chyler leigh is the only one who can actually pull both looks and do it well. although, there's a great deal of annoyance with the show and i believe it'll be there for a well as the detective will undoubtledly refer to the murder victim not by their name, but by "your friend" every single time and that'll drive me batty.

that bloc party remix album gets the thumbs up from me. its the complete opposite of that awful faint remix ablum, which i want to place the blame on for me not being a fan of the faint anymore. that jason clark remix of "positive tension" as well as his remix on the neon blonde ep; if anybody knows jason clark, can you please get him to remix my life because it might sound good for once.

and finally, dudes, i think i may have bitten more off than i can chew this semester at school. its only 4 classes, but for some reason, i think it's gonna be one helluva of a test, "across 110th street" style. a lot of work is ahead of me in the coming weeks and i have this built in pressure, all put on by myself to do as well as i did in the spring time and if i don't do as well, i'm not going to be satifished or happy with myself. so, if updates just stop coming even at a every other day pace, don't worry, it's just that classes are really crazy right now and i'll be back as soon as i can. this is the only thing that is keeping me sane and i'll definately be going crazy. so i'm giving an advance warning that maybe a month or two from now that things may slow down a bit and don't worry there won't be any guest writers; if i can't update, then there will be no updates. so hold tight and you know, after a thing like this, i'll probably be back to cranking five days worth of material next week. so you never know.

well wait, does anybody know anybody whose looking to invest some money in the resturant biz? i keeping have a vision of a roscoe's house of chicken & waffles openning somewhere in costa mesa and it being a grand success. serious, if the oc needs anything, it's a roscoe's and frankly, money peeps, let's get rich.


At 12:25 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm waching blogs all day long and I found yours which is really nice :)


At 6:28 AM , Blogger Dan said...

My roommate sucked me into the OC last night, having never watched it before. I agree with you-- it was OK. I kinda thought they'd drag out the whole murder/who's going to jail thing for at least a few more episodes, but whatevs. And I also kinda dug Reunion (even if I was only watching it during commercial breaks of the football game).

The Bloc Party album is dope. I really, really dig it, which is great, because most remix albums suck balls. I really like the Banquet remix (even though it's been out for a long time now) as well as This Modern Love. Hell, just about every one of those remixes is pretty slamming, except for like Blue Light and She's Hearing Voices. Anywho...

At 12:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. this was a fine, fine post.
2. the O.C. premiere was feh. i've basically abandoned that show for the ridiculously good veronica mars. it's still on the tivo, though.
3. i think you're basically right about your theory of counterculture -- i've long been arguing that the true counterculture of the last decade is evangelical christianity. hopefully, being a square will displace it and be slightly less annoying.


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