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Sep 7, 2005

taradise lost

it's really weird these days or at least this week and please before i go along any further, break out your teeny tiny violins to play while you read this, but it's like my whole schedule is thrown off for this week. i had a 5 day holiday weekend, starting last friday and ending yesterday (no classes on fridays, natch, and on tuesday as well) and like my first class for today has been canceled, so i'm just sorta confused right now. do i go to campus early and take a few practice rounds at loading the old 16mm camera.

so i feel so out of the loop because, it's like do i go to school now and deal with parking or just leave a bit later and deal with traffic.

i know, y'all wish you had the same problem as me.

you know on american's funniest home videos, there'd the video with a bird who had gotten into the house and start to slam into the windows as it was trying to get out. okay, who has the time to say, "oh snaps, there's a bird in my house, better get the camcorder cause nobody will believe me when i tell this story" i had a bird flew into my house this morning and the first thought was, how do i get this thing out of my house, then secondly, why didn't my dog try to attack this thing and thirdly, where did this thing take a shit in my house. oddly, the concept of videotaping never came up. sure, maybe taking a photo came up, but not the video camera. the situation with the bird is a win-win because as much as you want it out of the house, it wants out of the house equally as much as well.

a note to the people who do the road rules/real world challenges, you guys should stop producing them because you don't know what you're doing. the people who produced "the 70s house" should do because it would be actually interesting and for once, entertaining. i dunno, how many of you caught the finale of "the 70s house" but it had to be one of the funniest things i'd see in a long time because it was so anti climatic. it was pretty much perfect.

and frankly, jay leno should just quit today because he's the world's worst inteviewer. the dude had on rachel bilson and just stared at his note cards waiting for her to stop talking, then he'd ask some lame question. everything just felt really awkward and uncomfortable. that and samuel l jackson was hearing panjama pants next to her.


At 5:51 PM , Blogger Lauren said...

I love reading Skeet. :)


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