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Sep 23, 2005

we want in

first and formost, does anybody in the greater la area who works in the film industry know of a decent costume shop as well as prop house that is open on the weekends? i have a project due next week and from my research, all of the prop houses are only open during the work week and that only leaves me like a day to get down to the valley and find props & costumes for my phoney movie, fuddruckers (no relation to the resturant of the same name) which is either about and depending on the time of you ask me about it, it's either a movie about a group of crazy friends named 'the fuddruckers' who have to travel back in time to save spring break or its about a group of wacky friends named 'the fuddruckers' who try to save spring break, but a dario argento film breaks out in the process or its about a rag tagged, scrappy 5th graders who play soccer and their lovable loser of a coach; but i think mostly it's a movie about kids who have to travel back in time for some reason to save spring break and basically, the only props & costuming stuff i'd need (i'm just asking for like a photo, a business card from the establishment and like rental rates): a hawaiin shirt, some parachute pants, a keg, an apple 2 e, and a 80s style toaster (the time machine would be the computer, which the fudds would spend half their time playing "oregon trail" on and like the toaster hooked up to the floopy disk drive). so if you know of anyway, i can get a hold of these things from a legit prop house this weekend, i'd be your best friend and buy you two sandwiches of your choice from lee's

speaking of movies that don't make any sense, howard stern, the other day was talking about jon heder being in that new reese witherspoon and how nobody cares about him being in, then stern went off about how heder should just keep on making napoleon dynamite movies, like you know napoleon VS the terminator. okay, now as we all know hated napoleon, but frankly, i'd love to see napoleon VS the terminator movie. do you know how funny that would be? and from a governator prespective, doing a film like that, could be a great way to win back voters. or at least, make up some crazy back end deal like nicholson did with batman and pump the money back into the schools. just imagine teachers rallying around movie that will most certainly be consider one of the final pieces in the decline of the western civilazation, but you know, it'll help out the kids.

simple record reviews:
-the new ladytron album, "witching hour," oddly compelling. alot better than i thought it was going to be.
-the new franz ferninand album is only okay; the only interesting song is the last one cause it doesn't sound too poppy.

when i haven't been bugging mark haslam of hella awful about watching the "lost" season openner, i busy bugging him about the success of the new term, 'sticky situation'. he said that it needed some sorta visual defination of it, but frankly, defining a stick situation is rather hard because it's a bit more outta hand than 'outta hand' is its self but nowhere as outta control as 'outta control' is. you know, like a sticky situation is something that has got a little past outta hand, now its become a situation, and frankly, i dunno about you, but situations, especially the sticky kind can get way outta control. so like, sticky situation is the middle ground between outta hand & outta control or should it be somewhere else? i dunno. this however is a sticky situation because i think they're about 11teen and that jock guy behind them in the ugly shirt is about to hit on them

um, here are my trademark statements about last night's episode of "the oc" sucked; well it didn't really suck, it was just really boring; the only interesting thing is pending storyline about taylor tompkins (whose last name seems to change each time its mentioned) and the dean of discpline porkin'. as for everything else, it seems boring. and why can't marissa get jumped by a mexican girl gang at her new school, instead of a bunch of burn out white girls and a dude with shaggy hair? that seems infintely more believable than that. i mean, if the show is gonna take the marissa character to a sketchy school, then its probably in some place like garden grove or santa ana and a tall white girl would get jump all the time, unless she assimilated really quickly. that would be better tv. and can we please get a trial seperation from the musicial montages on this show? every three scenes, its another montage set to death cab or some other sleepy tyme tea rock act. yes, we all know the power of music, but you know what else doing a musicial montage means? lazy writing or you don't know how to convey the emotion you want to get across without using somebody's else words. sure, scorsese does it alot, but he earned that right. so when you guys making something that surpasses the brilliance of goodfellas knock yourself the fork out.

and no matter how good the beat for "ligthers up" is, let's keep lil' kim locked up forever and ever.


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At 10:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm usually right in line with your plot assessments, but the taylor/dean storyline sucks in a big way. the characters are both far shallower than the show used to traffic in, and the plotline is completely cliched. this show is deep in the toilet.

i think i need a pseudonymous identity. i post every freaking day.


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