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Oct 21, 2005

carmel corn part 2

well, there's this thing, the rumor circulating about that rachel b is hooking up wtih zach b. [via goldenfiddle aka cnn] are true, then zach braff needs to write a book. he needs to explain how he successfully went from natalie portman to mandy moore to kirsten dunst back to mandy moore to rachel bilson all in the span of what seems like two years. you know, is the secret to getting into the super expensive designer of young starlets to make a movie that's an only okay riff on the work of hal ashby with an soundtrack thats in every room of all the cute girls on myspace?

the same thing goes for that fez dude. i think me and you know that the fez dude is the next erik estrada (can't wait for the informericals pushing horrible time share condos near lake tahoe) and frankly, once, that 70s show over, where is he gonna find any work? so the dude should write some wilt the slit style book about how he moved from jennifer love hewitt to mandy moore to lindsay lohan to ashlee simpson to jamie pressly and anybody else in between.

and back to the new killer bs, rachel b & zach b, what's the deal with her only dating dudes with the same last name inital as her? why can't she 'bottle rocket' her ship up and holla at some r's or you know, whatevs.

and if anybody from american apparel is reading this, speed up my hoodie order, please.


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