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Oct 21, 2005

carmel corn

sure, we'll suffering through new episodes of "arrested development" withdrawals, but is anybody getting the rachel b shakes? seems like ages and ages since she's on the tv. for those who've been missing, rachel bilson (dot) com has some video from a maxim photo shoot many moons ago. it's pretty killer and there might be some filler, but what are you gonna do? make them start the world series last night, so they could be done by next friday?

firt there was the single and now, the "do they know it's hallowe'en?" music video; kinda wish they went the we are the world route though. it would've made things like nine times funnier, you know like david cross haming it up with the one headphone on the ear and yadda yadda.

is it me, or has this week been pretty slow, boring, and just overall, uninteresting? or at least, preoccupied with other things? you know, oh wow, some titalating photos from la fashion week here and here and here and here (nsfw), i can check out those out while i'm perfecting my impression of rev. run's daugther from "run's house," which basically amounts to doing the most manest voice ever and say, 'i'm angela simons.' then pink is taking a break, and it's like, whoa nelly, pink's on a break; hope that the dude comes back soon. then, it's like, all the movies you've been dying to see all year long are finally out, and guess what, they're not very good. you know, what are we supposed to do? go and watch doom, trick please. i sincerely hope that nobody has the best week ever this week on "best week ever" because what happened to be excited about this week? like that fleeting half hour where i was a college professor was pretty interesting and those fleeting moments before i took a sip of that dolce de leche i got at coffee bean and how excited i was to have another because the first one i had was so good, and to be disapointed that the second time i had it, it was only okay. not to mention, all the good shows will either not be on or it'll be a rerun next week and it'll be that way for the next week or two. so i must say, sorry if the updates were lacking after my brief break. it's just, nothing interesting happened and for once, i left my house other than to go to school or lee's sandwiches.


At 9:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen Capote??

If not, go.

At 12:13 PM , Blogger Derek said...

That video is rad. Matt should make his movie like that.


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