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Oct 28, 2005

dwight karate punches michael

building perfection. okay, take this model, then for some reason throw in, my dvr's description of next week's "the office, 'dwight karate-punches michael,' then like for the soundtrack, the "get 'em daddy" remix (them shits was scooby snacks) [remix via dipset fans]. can it get any better? well if you also throw in the alan braxe & fred falke remix of dfa79's "black history month," which is my vote for remix of the year, by the way.

speaking of dfa79, much like bloc party, they're releasing a remix album in a few weeks ("romance bloody romance"). but here's the thing, it's a bit too soon. yeah, the remixes are really good and the bonus tracks are super nice, but most nerds already have as well as the remixes. most people wait until they have a few albums under the belt before the remix album comes out, you know. i mean, we got three different remixes of one song on the album. just wait, vice, you'll still make that hipster cash if you wait for the new album to come out. on the positive side, at least none of these remix albums are as awful as that faint remix album from a few years back. for some reason, that album made me hate the faint and no longer be interested in their music.

m night shamaylan is railing against the idea of movies going directly to dvd and cable and into the theaters on the same day because, well, it lose the magic or something. here's the obvious criticism of his compliant from an arm chair director, make a fucking decent movie first and formost, m night shamaylan. signs was an utter borefest and well, the village was as roger ebert said, "a colossal miscalculation, a movie based on a premise that cannot support it, a premise so transparent it would be laughable were the movie not so deadly solemn. it's a flimsy excuse for a plot, with characters who move below the one-dimensional and enter flatland." so let's just think about that first, mr chubby checker of movies. quality will bring people to the movies first and formost or at least 90 minutes of johnny knoxville and that dude from american pie goin' off dirt jumps will put butts into the seats. but has m night shamaylan actually gone to the movies, like a real movie theater recently? probably not. has had to sit there while two stupid women in their late 30s whisper to each all through out broken flowers? was he there when i saw in america and this senior citizen yells out racial slurs during the movie? did he have some woman stand up during a topless scene in sin city and block the entire screen for the duration of that shot? did night have the pre show entertainment start to play at the same time during the new stars wars movie? no, of course not. chubby checker gets private screenings and shit. i love going to the movies, and frankly, if the studios want to destroy the distrubtion window so they could make more money on dvd sales, then i'm all for it because it means less people at the movies to ruin it for me. i mean, the only problem that would come out of that situation is when you're sitting in the theater all by yourself and like five minutes before the movie starts, some guy who smells like moldly towels sits next to you or fairly close. if jane who fails to turn off her cell phone or at least put it onto silent, has the option to catch that new tom cruise flick on cable whenever she wants to or driving out to the theater to catch it, she's gonna go with in demand. the shattering of the distrubtion window is a win-win situation. the nerds get to keep the cinemas for themselves and average joes will kick back at home with their lovely full screen copies of movies.

the most important that needs to be fixed about the movies, is the dude who programmed the flashback features at the local cinemas. how you could do revival screenings during the month of october and not show one single scary movie? i'm not asking for black christmas or the greatest film ever made, dario argento's opera, but you know, hook the kids with at least one of the evil dead movies. i think i'm bringing more traditional hellaween films over to a friend's party this weekend to show during the party; they probably won't get played cause they're too gorey and a 13 year old asia argento may make some people uncomfortable, but you know, the thought is there, man.

i'm sure tracking down and securing prints is a pain in the ass, but i could probably program a better slate of films in my sleep for the flashback features.

further related, if you're having a hellaween party and you're show scary movies during it, without the sound on, you know just background and what not, may i suggest fulci's city of the living dead or his masterpiece, the beyond

new eon mckai movie for y'all into the indie, bunuel esque, alt porn thing and of course, it's nsfw.

anybody else ever get bored in an editing lab and start to goofing around on soundtrack pro and try to make beats out of all the gun sound effects (shout out to terror danjah)? i'd use garage band, but it's too hard to figure out. soundtrack pro is just drop and drag clips into a timeline, so easy. i'm just wondering if i could make like a podcast there. although, it would be one of those podcasts where i'd talk about stuff, i'd just play songs, you know like feist and i'd throw in explosion sound effects and i'd shout my name during the song with lots and lots of echo, naturally.

and finally, big ups to harriet miers for withdrawing from the supreme court nomination process. my only worry is that bush will either nominate judge judy or one of his daugthers (i'd still holla at that one who looks like an aprochable version of kate beckinsale) or somebody so crazy that it'll make us wish it was still miers.

oh yeah, did you hear the good news? the rentals are back. your humble narrator prefers the works of matt sharp over rivers in a post 'pinkerton' world.


At 1:00 AM , Blogger Rogue2020 said...

Dude, GarageBand is drag-n-drop too, right? I haven't used it in about a year, but it was super easy when I did. During fall break last year I made a bunch of Beverly Hills Cop beats and had my weightlifter roommate read passages from Nietzche and Robert Anton Wilson all dramatic like over it while we drank local microbrews and lit up the room with a bunch of candles. Wow, how gay was that sentence? Anyway, I still have that stuff, and I love putting it on occasionally for other people.

Seacrest out.


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