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Oct 3, 2005

fixing a hole

remember the days of phoebe cates? all be it, i was probably one years old when she broke onto the scene, but i've become very well aware of phoebe cates' charm after all these years. and it's not like i want the phoebe cates to make a comeback; the fact that she left the biz is what made her a legend or a key individual in many a man's puberty. we're in debt to kevin kline. yet, here's the problem, where is this generation's phoebe cates? you know, phoebe cates had that ever so precious the girl next door vibe, but at the same time, she would do nudity in a film if the part would call for it, not to mention, the whole being a key figure in the puberty of an entire generation. maybe cause i wasn't fully functional at the time, but i want to assume that phoebe cates wasn't all in our faces dropping horrible pop records inbetween making movies and stumbling out of clubs drunk next to some weirdo guy who looks he's from the allman brothers band, but he's like 20, so he probably has extensions cause he's only been into southern rock for like six months, but that's beside the point. the point is, where are the phoebe cates of today? where are the young starlets are going to say, "eh, i'm doing the movie, private school and they want me to be topless and they're offering me extra money to do it." okay, actresses of today, if you have the offer to do nudity in a film, you know that extra 100 grand could make for an awfully nice down payment on a house.

is it me or am i picking up a very desperately seeking susan vibe here? can't you just hear 'into the groove' blasting in the background and probably somebody is in the bathroom using the hand dryer to do their hair. and i'd say some other stuff, but that's all i remember of that movie or maybe since it's hipsters, maybe, its like that tilly & the wall song that references 'into the groove'.

anybody else watch the trailer for the new woody allen film, match point and say any of the following things: a) i thought that was the movie closer was supposed to be and b) are you sure this is a woody allen movie cause the music cues are a tad over done, but it still looks good, like crimes & misdemeanors

i finally took my g5 into the shop the other day. i figure that it shouldn't be making the same noises that the plane on "lost" did as it crashed onto that wacky island. and what a surprise, i had a problem with something, specifically, the whole concept of the apple store. i like my apple products and what not, but the whole concept of 'the genius bar' just rubs me the wrong way. whatever happened to just telling the tech guy that your computer is sick and it makes weird noises and that you have apple care, then you left the thing with the guy to fix and they would call you when its done? that seemed like a solid game plan. you know, it was a first come, first serve basis. but with the genius bar, you have to make an appointment to see a genius. okay, its nice that apple wants to give its employees 'cool, fun, zany' titles, but they're not geniuses, they're tech guys. and from what i saw as i waited for my name to called as if i was waiting at the post office, all they did was look at peoples' ipods, then put them into boxes to be sent somewhere else to be fixed. and its such a hassle to bring anything into the apple store because they are located at awkward spots in the mall. so i had to lug the computer from the parking structure all way to the mall and just sit there while some dink tried to get his ipod fixed. then when its your turn to get it fixed, the dude isn't really paying attention to you and you have to basically yell over the way too loud itunes and girls complaining about the computer shut down on them while they're using myspace and like kids asking to get ipods. it's just like, what happened to the days where you'd just go to a computer store and there'll be weirdo guys who smell like bath towels that haven't been washed in a few weeks buying external hard drives.

and for those keeping score, i'll be without my g5 for 5 to 7 business days and they said that i'll most likely lose all thats on my hard drive. so good bye to most of the first season of "zoey 101" i had saved.

i don't know why i keep on doing it to myself, but for some reason, i keep on watch "snl" each week with hopes that it'll be funny. but it never is funny. its just awkward and uncomfortable. i believe the way i react to new episodes of saturday night live is the same way people who don't get "c.y.e." must feel. did anybody else suffer from the muck of an episode on saturday night? why did they get steve carrell to host in the first place if they're not going to write skits featuring him? you know, i just don't get it and i just don't understand how after what like 6 or 7 seasons, horatio sanz still has no concept of comedic timing as he stumbled through weekend update. uf.

finally, while it's great to see that the angels have home field advantage in the playoffs, it won't be so great on the way home on wednesday as i sit there just stuck in traffic on wednesday night.


At 12:56 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

Best parts of this post: referring to Phobe Cates as "the Phoebe Cates" and the title.


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