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Oct 4, 2005

forgot me now

is it me or has tv been like at like its funniest the past couple of weeks? like sunday night, monday night, and tuesday night have been full of laughs. and i just wonder how much longer can it last? how many more weeks are we going to have night after night after night of smart, solid comedy where some one overweight guy isn't married to some knockout of a wife. who do i owe for this great gift of laugther i'm getting? do they want a mixtape? i can't do that right now because i'm in the process of losing all the bob dylan stuff i just downloaded on my g5, but anyways. not to mention, the number of comedic geniuses working back to back. first, we have larry david & ricky gervais on sunday, then "arrested development," and to top it off the american verion of "the office" to end this three dog night of comedy. am i the only one freaking out about how good we have it right now? i feel like i'm the only one watching these in my class about sitcoms. so everybody, watch these amazing shows and tell your friends to watch these shows or at least tivo these shows to save for a rainy day. it'll make your dvr smile if you fill it up with larry david.

who saw "laguna beach" last night? holy moly and by holy moly, i'm talking about alex m or h, but you know, kristin's friend, alex. the girl took it to whole other level with her backyard fiesta, then her monologue about how she hates waves, brills murray, dude, brills murray. i think i have to claim alex as my favorite laguna beach-er. she's way cooler than lo and for some reason, she seems like the only person on that show who would be pretty cool or at least half way decent if you met them in person. like if you saw alex or lc in a bar, which would be the one you're gonna buy a drink for? alex because she look like she wants to have fun all the time and she'll tell weird stories about the show was bullshit and about her little dog where as l.c. will just talk about fashion and how much the show has hurt. you know, i should really read that article about the show in rolling stone, but you know, i haven't been interested in an issue of rolling stone since i was in the 11th grade. so the l.b. is definately picking up steam in its home stretch where as "my super sweet 16" is sorta played out. frankly, it's been played out since that jazmin girl. everybody after her, has been exactly like everybody else. so i think its time to officially call that show, 'donzo'.

seriously, i thought i was going to escape the next couple of weeks without having to step into a record store, but sadly, i'm probably gonna have to. first and formost, new my morning jacket album, and new broken social scene and new ladytron featuring the criminally underapperciated single, "destroy everything you touch". so, yeah, how does your george w bush expect to live in this america with these high gas prices and film fees and all this good music coming out? not even talking about dvds and such.

isn't there something more the president can do about these gas prices and the whole gas situation other than telling people, don't drive unless you have to. can he intervive and say like, 'this is redonklicous, dudes. everybody has charge 2 bucks' isn't there more he can do or at least a better form of advice or guidance he can give other than, don't drive unless you have to. thats the type of advice i'd expect out of the finacial advier lady on npr's "day to day," not out of the president. can't he just pop up and say, "all right, people, i've been fucking up the past five years, so to say, sorry, everybody gets free gas for the rest of my term." if bush is looking for a way to improve his approval ratings, give away free gas. its the same thing morning zoos do whne they're desperate for ratings. i bet you dollars to donuts, if nbc could figure out way for a successful exchange of gas cards for people who actually sit through monday night line up of shows, they would so do that.

this is the face of the man who's preempting all of your favorite shows on fox for the next month or so. sure, the angels are in the playoffs and it'll make missing "reunion" seem a bit okay if they go far in the playoffs, but if it's joe buck's favorite two teams of all time, the yankees & the red sox, then i'm gonna throw up and protest and write angry letters to my local fox station. while i grew up with the greatest of homer broadcasters: chick hern & vin scully and its all fine and well, when its a local broadcast, but when it's a network game, joe buck, you have to remove the genitals of the new york yankees from your mouth in order to properly call a game. i just don't understand the discard most of the sports writers have the other teams in the playoff mix outside of the yankees & red sox. it's not a great rivalary, it's shitty. it's boring. it's predictable. its the same thing each year, red sox buy some player, yankees buy even better players in a move out of the cold war. then it's neck and neck race, with usually the yankees coming out victorious. i'm done with it. i don't need to see it. you know, they made a movie about the red sox and guess what, nobody fucking saw it. you can buy it at your local super market for 10 bucks. unless, you're a baseball nerd, nobody knows anything about the other teams in the playoffs. well, i take that back, they know that roger clemens pitches for the 'stros and how amazing he is. but that's all anybody ever seems to talk about. i don't care. and then you have the brain surgeron, tim macraver working along joe buck. i think they pulled a couple of kids fresh out of the maternity ward, they'd make more insightful comments than tim macraver.

there are four things that have ruined baseball: the new york yankees, joe buck, boston red sox and tim macraver. fuck your steroids. i'll glandly take a bunch of juiced players over joe buck ruining a game. joe buck should stick to yucking it up with troy aikman on sunday afternoons. and heaven help us, if fox ever gets nba games.

and on the positive side, that dj shadow public works mix cd is very nice. very nice. if you don't want to drop 35 bucks on a shirt, it's out there.


At 6:46 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Being a certified baseball nerd, I posted my playoff predictions on my blog (I'm rooting for your Angels, but not hopeful). Tim McCarver used to be good, when he was the Mets local announcer (the fact that I was 8 or so might have also had something to do with it), but you're right, he's awful, and pairing him with Buck just doubles up on the awfulness. Be that as it may... I only started watching Arrested Development, due to the tremendous buzz and my roommmate, but my lord, last night was hiliarious! And how did I not hear anything about this DJ Shadow box set? Not that I really care cuz I'm not about to spend $170 on some T-shirts, limited edition or not (Can we just get a new Shadow album and be done with it!?!), but still, you made the first mention of it I've heard. And oh btw, finally copped Got it 4 Cheap, haven't listened yet but I'm expecting big things.

At 8:07 AM , Blogger Rob I said...

Tim McCarver makes being a Yankees fan quite difficult.

At 8:19 AM , Anonymous Gary Pettis said...

Don't forget how the Sox put a hurt on your team last year, bub.

Oh, and in 1986, too.

When the California/Anaheim/LA/Name of the Week Angels can get past the "baseball-ruining" Sox, then we'll talk about who's ruining and who's saving baseball.

At 9:12 AM , Anonymous c&cmusicfactoryrulez said...

Hey, have you ever seen Breaking Bonaduce on VH1? Now that's a real trainwreck....

At 10:08 AM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

Yeah, 'Breaking Bonaduce' is great. The guys behind that show are geniuses.

They were able to predict the exact 3-month period in his life when his marriage starts to fall apart, he tries fake-steriods for the first time, he starts going to counesling, he starts training a porn star, etc.

At 1:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

tim mccarver seems to have everyone except the cardinals. douche.


At 5:51 PM , Blogger Dan said...

Just downloaded that Ladytron song, that is a really, really good song. Good lookin' out.

At 12:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a little bit off...Joe Buck's two favorite teams are the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Yankees and Red Sox round out the top five after one more vote for the Cards.


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