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Oct 19, 2005

mixing up the mix!

i wish all the teenage girls that are getting eating disorders because of models could see this photo. here's the thing, models are boring people, too. they're nothing to sweat the small stuff over. they're just genetic freaks who are talking about how much "desperate housewives" sucks this season(they shouldn't have resolved all of their secrets last season) and how they kinda like that new madonna tune.

i was at the movies the other day and the trailer for the new usher film, in the mix was on. but the best part about it, there was no sound. so instead of some lamey usher music and phoned in performances, i got to listen to two guys talk about how hot the girl in the movie was and lame one guy was because he's too busy watching goodfellas to watch "the soporanos". and the thing is, i think that dialogue had more sparkle than anything that'll come out of usher's mouth. although, the greatest moment i had in sound going out during a movie history had to have been during bird on a wire and there was a shot of goldie hawn screaming and some dude filled in her for, and i think that got a bigger laugh than the movie its self did; also, i don't think anybody got out of their seat to complain about the sound.

i really, really, really, really wanted to like the squid and the whale, but it just didn't click with me. its not that its a bad film, but not it's a good film either. its just okay with a few laughs here and there. jeff daniels does a good job being an asshole as does every other actor in the film; the constant criticism of the film obviously is the development of characters because they're razor thin and wear out their welcome in about 10 minutes. not to mention, the film just sorta ends aburptly, broken flowers steez. it just felt like wes anderson ran out of money or something because honestly there has to be more to the story than the 80 or so minutes we see of them. the film feels like a bigger story and we're just seeing a chunk of it. one day, we'll see the squid & the whale 2: whale harder where it'll start right where the first film ended, sorta like halloween 2. the use of music for risky business was pretty fun.


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