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Oct 10, 2005

my aim is true

the other day, i was watching reruns of "degrassi junior high" on the n (what, i just got digital cable) and i saw this weird video for a group called the veronicas. well, take that back, it wasn't a group, as much as it was two girls that dress like avril lavigknee from three years ago. now, i'm not going to say a bunch of junk about mall punk or bubble gum punk, because, that's what this current crop of pop stars that want to look like rockers, but are so straved for attention, they have to be pop stars, but anyways, it's just weird because, here are twin sisters singing bad songs or at least from my perspective, bad song, probably the target audience for groups like this would like 'em, you know the a typical viewer of the n, but anyways, here are these twins, presented in a sort of sexized manner and i dunno, its sorta creepy to force the 'ooooh, twins,' sexual fantasy to a 12 year olds watching degrassi. i mean, isn't that a lil' too young to pushing that marketing campagin? let alone naming a pop group, the veronicas? can anybody actually say 'veronica' in a normal tone? cause i know, when i say 'veronica,' i say it elvis costellio style.

i partially understand the whole twins thing, but at the same time, doesn't it creep you out? basically, we're fantasying over incest. and that time, i checked, that's very gross.

i need to learn how to pick and choose my battles or at least the most important ones like starting that rumour about major league baseball announcer tim macraver being involved with the axis of evil and how north korean dictator kim jong il is on his buddy list and like getting manoxeric actors topher grace & adam brody to come to tommy's and eating triple chilli cheseburgers. not to mention, my ongoing feud with the writing staff of "the oc". now, i have to add another battle to that list, dudes, its me vs esquire magazine. now, it's pretty much assumed that things like "sexiest such and such alive" is entirely subjective, but still the person has to be a gimme, like i said earlier. now if jessica biel truly is the sexiest woman alive, then why was she the second guest on conan o'brien last friday night? she was behind napoleon dynamite and the whole interview was about a movie that came out a year and half ago. now, if she was the sexiest woman alive, she'd the first guest and there wouldn't be a recoil effect when you see her on conan cause her make up artist is done by some 13 year old goth girl. yes, jessica biel is attractive, but she's nowhere near the sexiest woman alive. that's like say, brit brit and k-fed are gonna be the kind of parents you'd see in an norman rockwell painting.

and another battle, i'm taking on, is the major league conspiracy known as the yankees. yes, perhaps i'm bitter about sunday's lost and i'm going to bitter about the traffic i'm going to sit through tonight due to game 5 being at angels stadium, but, i'm sorry, major league baseball has fixed this series in favor of the yankees. we live in a world where sports live or die on their ratings and quite frankly (stephen a smith steez), a world series between the chi tea sox and the cards will do about as well as upn's tuesday night line up. where as the yankees bring in the viewers, and looking at who is left, they're the only big market team. sure, the angels claim to be l.a., but we're still in very large blue shadows. you know for some reason much like the dallas cowboys and l.a. lakers, the yankees' is america's team. they're the team that everybody loves because alot of people are unorignial and love a winner and they're the team that everybody loves to hate, so apparently, we watch to see them lose. look at the tv coverage for the baseball playoffs so far, was there ever a cardinals game on fox? the two games i caught were on the deuce; the cards, even though they had the best record, weren't even good enough for regular old espn, but look at the fact, that a majority of the yankees games have been fox. so you have to think that mlb is doing whatever they can to keep the yankees in it and if it means, canceling a game after the yankees were taken out like a teenage girl in a argento film. from what i saw on the bronx on saturday, it looked okay to play baseball in. it didn't seem that bad; looked as bad as it did on friday night. but no, no, no, no, we need to call it and play on sunday so we can give our golden cash cows an extra day to prepare. its bad enough that mlb keeps tim macraver employeed, now, these jokers fix games.

but, i'm more frustrated that i'll have to sit stadium related traffic on the drive home and its not one of those situations where i could hang out after class and chit chat with peeps cause its a test and right after, tests, everybody is like, seeyalaterbye.

another thing, its not a battle or cause i'm taking up, it's just mere frustration. okay, who else waste storage space on their tvios/dvrs with ashlee simpson not fucking up on snl? i mean how disapointing was that? sure, that episode of snl was beyond awful and the buried the best sketch (the fake comercial about the black eyed peas during your corporate parties), but that was expected. yet, ashlee simpson comes out and doesn't lip sync? what gives? what am i supposed to make fun of? oh wow, she's not a good singer and she's got yarn extensions in her hair, big whoop. and i'm not even asking for a lip sync, i'm just asking for her to do something shocking; like ripping a picture of nick lachey and calling him the devil or something interesting. sure, she got computers putin' cause everybody was bored by her.

now, i know that everybody or at least alot of dudes have been enjoying the anne hathaway nsfw action; it's good, but here's the thing, like the company my father works helped get that movie off the ground; it was before he got there, but in some way, he's sorta responsible.

dudes, here is your chance to watch one of the best films of the year and i'm not saying that because i know the director; colter freeman's facility 4 is screening this saturday, october 15 at noon during the la screamfest at universal city walk. seriously, this movie is amazing and i'm gonna try to make it up there myself. for more info on facility 4, click here.

and finally, now you know that if i don't make in the business of show or as a writer, i most likely want to be in the food business. not cooking or anything, but managing resturants. my dream or at least one of them, is to open a roscoe's house of chicken and waffles in orange county; located near the bars of newport beach, but closer to costa mesa, so i have street cred. so you know how places like starbucks are built to be hang around in and well, basically be the home for the unemployeed and struggling writers, but you go into jamba juice and it's get in and get out or at least, get in, wait 5 minutes, then get out. you rarely see people being slothful in a jamba; jamba people are on the go. so why not a drive-thru jamba? how easy would it make your life if you could just pull up and get your ahola pineapple without getting out of your car? you just finished a work out, but don't want to get out of your car? just pull through and get it at the end of the line. now, the jamba process is a bit slow, but here's the thng, hire more kids. just imagine a drive thru jamba juice, then we'll be living in the future.


At 10:33 AM , Anonymous Gary Pettis said...

Okay, we have our differences (Red Sox-Angels), but you are dead-on about the Yankees, FOX, and MLB. They will do everything possible to swing this New York's way. The Yankees have spent the last week bitching about every possible facet of this series, so I'm sure behind the scenes they're already scrambling to appease George and his crew of brownshirts.

Good luck getting through them. If it takes cutting the network feed so the game is delayed for two hours while A-Rod re-applies his blue lipstick and the Angels' starter goes cold, then so be it. You will need the help of the gods.

The only reason the Sox got past New York last year was thanks to plate umpire Joe West (who is completely insane, has no idea of the stakes, and craves the spotlight -- look Joe, I'm mentioning you now). Reversing those calls in Game 6 in New York -- which was the right thing to do -- last year gave the Sox the victory. Any other ump would have folded -- just like Tim Tschida did in 1999 in the first Sox-Yankees ALCS.

I do have to say, though, that there's no way they could have played the game on Saturday. I live in the Bronx -- we had pretty heavy winds from about 8 pm on, with gusts of torrential rain coming and going.

Good luck, dude. Here's hoping O-Cab hits a walk-off off Rivera.

At 4:12 PM , Blogger Mick said...

mmm, drive through jamba...mmm, yankees blowing game 5...mmm, rivera accidentally getting shipped to japan instead of anaheim...okay, now i'm dreaming.

At 7:46 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Thanks fore the shout out Doug.

At 7:48 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

More on the sexiest woman in the world. What about Lucy Liu or Zwang Ziyi or Devon Aoki? But of course you knew I was partial to Asian women.

Or the non-celebrity woman who wins hands down, Amy from Morton's.


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